100 thoughts on “Bars And Melody – Teenage Romance ft. Mike Singer

  1. I think leo should cut down his hair into medium length and start getting into GYM .
    leo please don't get offended, and fans too..
    Although music video was great. love this song
    Lots of love from INDIA ?❤

  2. Alter Mike killt alles ? er ist so unnormal hübsch und kann so gut singen das nicht mehr normal ? @mikesinger #teamsinger

  3. “Pale Skin” … really? great job being exclusive to all fans. fucking gross and disappointing hearing lyrics like that. and the first guys hair … so bad ?

  4. I love your music I have watched u grow I am proud of both of y’all and I am glad Simone gave u the golden buzzer keep up the good work

  5. I hope they realize that their views, likes and just people listening to them in general has went down so so so much… since they started making music like this… most people preferred it when the music was giving off more positive energy and making people feel better about themselves… I’m not hating on them or anything I’ve always been a fan I’m just pointing this out… I know that their older now and this type of music is “cooler” for people around their age but personally i think that their old music was more loving and inspiring to people

  6. They were christians and so innocent when they were younger but now its just sad what Hollywood does do kids like these ?

  7. Mike mach Mal öfter was mit den beiden oder generell was auf Englisch.
    Boys really cool song often does something with Mike Singer.
    Love you ❤

  8. I so wish they would come to uncasville and play at Mohegan sun since all their concerts are so far away from where I live

  9. Za poważna no błagam gdzie jest dawny leo i charlie w hopefull ale i tak mi sie podoba. I gonna cry Leo and charlie is men no boys ??

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