Bars, Clubs and Nightlife Guide to Playa Del Carmen

Bars, Clubs and Nightlife Guide to Playa Del Carmen

So this is 12th Street in Playa Del Carmen.
This is the nightclub center and bar entertainment center of Playa Del Carmen. Tonight we are
going to show you some of the clubs in Playa, where to go out and what is good here. Playa
Del Carmen is world class when it comes to bars and clubs. We are going to show you the
best places to go out when you are here in town. This is Abolengo Bar right on 1st. Avenue
and 12th Street right in the center all the bars and clubs in Playa Del Carmen. So Abolengo
is like a cantina, a Mexican style bar but it is very modern, it is open air. This is
a great place to go if you want to start out your evening, have drinks, maybe a little
food or if you are winding down your evening and you want to go here, this is the place
to go. It is really good after 10:00pm at night and goes to about 3 or on the weekend
it goes to about 5am. So be ready when you come to Playa Del Carmen. Abolengo is a great
place to sit and just watch all the people getting ready to go out for the evening. You
never know what is going to go by. MOst nightclubs open at about 11pm and go until about 4-6
in the morning. La Vaquita is a younger style club. This is right on 12th Street and it
is open air, it faces the street. It is a great place if you want to come here with
your friends, there are two levels and it is a great place just to have a drink. Right
across the street from La Vaquita are a couple of small bars.These are great local bars,
Mezcalinna, The Hidden Bar, and Dolares Yucabar. This is Mandala. This is a popular club right
on 12th Street. It always has good dance music going and it is always crowded. One great
things about all the clubs in Playa is usually they have a VIP area so if you want a little
extra service, maybe bottle service, check with the door and see if you can get in. Coco
Bongo is a whole other type of place. This is described as a sho and disco. Here they
have a Vegas style show where there is imitations of famous musicians and acrobats and dancers.
You will be entertained from 11:00 until 3:15 in the morning. After the show is over ths
club becomes more of a dance club and it goes until about 6:00 in the morning. This is Palazzo
Disco, This it right next to Coco Bongo on 12th Street. This place dosn’t get started
until about 12:00 at night. It is a good place to go out dancing and have some drinks with
your frineds. Also check out their Facebook page or website for special events like the
shows in the middle of the night. This has been just a few bars and clubs in Playa Del
Carmen. For a complete list of all of them, check out our website. We hope you enjoyed
looking at a couple clubs in Playa Del Carmen. For more information check out our website.
We have a Bar Guide and a Club Guide for Playa Del Carmen so you can enjoy your time here.

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  3. Americans are lucky i suppose. its pretty cheap for them to come here and go to popular night clubs. for us locals its a bit different, but, Hey! you are totally welcome!

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