Beats Studio Wireless Headphones ♫ Black Friday Deals 2016

Beats Studio Wireless Headphones ♫ Black Friday Deals 2016

– I have your cheap wireless
Beats Black Friday prices and an amazing giveaway, coming right up. (bell ringing) (instrumental music) Hi, I’m the YouTube
deal guy, Matt Granite. I’m here for you every
day to save you more money than anyone else in the country, and I follow up on all of our
amazing subscriber requests to hunt down the items
you want to save money on at prices no one has ever seen before. I test all the items, all the stores, everything is fully legit. Oh, and for those of
you that are subscribed, I give away every single
item you see right here for free, to you. We’ll talk about that huge
Beats Wireless giveaway at the end of this video. Now obviously Beats is not
paying me to talk about them. I don’t take a dime, a commission
off anything I show you. This is designed to save you money. I recently had a huge deal
on Beats Wireless speakers, the Beats Pill. Today, it’s all about the headphones. I also have a complete unboxing. For this particular deal,
which is located right under the video screen, I’m going to skip my inner audio prejudice and not tell you why I think Beats are
completely overpriced and maybe I’ll just
briefly allude to the fact I did find a really cool
wireless earbud deal at 80% off that is just as well-rated, but I’ve heard from so
many of you, you don’t care what I think, and you
want the over-the-ear wireless sound, in this
case, noise-cancellation at its finest. You want to stream your tunes. And rather than hear it
from me, I have coming up, an expert who’s worked in audio visual, as well as television
for my entire lifetime. The 31 years that I have been
alive, he has been testing audio products so you’ll
hear from the expert in a moment. Derek has just so much
great insight to share and he’s not alone. So this particular item,
and I just want to show you the price first, which is an
early Black Friday doorbuster, because I promised you every
Black Friday deal early is a $380 Beats Studio 2 Wireless over-the-ear headphones with a choice of colors
and special editions ready to go with dual-mode
adaptive noise cancellation, hands-free calling with a built-in mic and you can stream your
music up to 30 feet away. I absolutely love the color choice, I love the design of these,
even I will admit that, and while I would never
pay full price for this, the fact that you’re
saving $145 is just huge. So you’ve done all the Beats
testing on all the other Beats products that I’ve had. While we agree, it’s not worth full price (laughing), what do you take of thing? – This is the holy grail of sound. I mean, if you want the top
of the line, this is it. You want to make a statement, this is it. I can’t say anything else
other than you won’t find anybody’s like this is the
Maserati, Rolls Royce of sound. So yeah, this is the holy grail of sound. I like them a lot. These are awesome. (Matt laughing) These bring being in the audio
visual business for 31 years, these are nice, these are very nice. Marvelous, beautiful. – They’re really thick. You know so many of them just
have the metal bar across, they pull your hair, they pinch your head. Really quality. – So I got to try all of these headphones and hands down, 100% I would
always always get these Beats. I would even pay full price for these but because you found this
awesome deal, of course, these are the ones that I’m gonna get. – The lowest recorded
price ever, I found first. People are going to be lining
up for this on Black Friday but if you want to take a grab, just expand the video description box located right under this video window and this will hook you up. For all of the amazing subscribers
who know that I give away every single item at the end of my videos, today we’re doing it a
little bit different. In fact, since I’ve promised
you every doorbuster for free, if you are watching right
now and you want a free pair of Studio Wireless Beats and
you are not yet subscribed, subscribe. In the 48 hours that follow Cyber Monday or 72 hours, depending
on how the deals go, I’m gonna give away every
single item in front of me for free. If you happen to buy
the Beats Wireless deal, which is located right
under the video screen, and you want that item,
I will give you back cash for whatever you bought. Just show me your receipt,
so that way if you get a freebie and you’ve
already purchased the item, I will make sure you
are covered either way. I don’t want anyone to lose out. I want to also remind you
that the biggest doorbusters you will ever see in your life
are right around the corner so thank you for being here, thank you for watching, and if you want to make
sure you get hooked up, you could click somewhere
on my head right here to subscribe, to make sure you don’t miss one early doorbuster. If you’re looking for another great deal or another great way to save, just click somewhere over here. And if you need help turning
on your notifications, so you can make sure you know
when you’ve won a giveaway, and also not miss the huge deals, just click right here
and I will hook you up.

100 thoughts on “Beats Studio Wireless Headphones ♫ Black Friday Deals 2016

  1. Love this deal! honestly I would want this so bad on the giveaway it seems like a good product and something I could really use before my game days for football

  2. Love beats headphones. I have one but it is some cheap one I got for Christmas. They are great headphones for that price.

  3. Wow… I oly heard abt black Friday this year…. I didn't even know it exists wow….
    Hope I win something… I mean anything

  4. I'm a little behind on watching this video but glad I found it in your line up of videos, thanks so much Matt you do an amazing job for us all.

  5. You're Great!. I have a question for you. My youngest daughter is going to Akron U. Do you have any deals on something she could use for security on Campus?

  6. I have the black and red studio wireless and i have to admit the sound is impecable and design is sooo sexy. My only flaw with them is the durability of the earcups as the leather like plastic seem broke. A liitle glue and there ok but just as a sign of caution if you feel your going to get them

  7. Hey Brother,
    I am from Pakistan. I have just subscribed your channel and I love your videos.
    The energy and the style of verbal delivery supported by your body language make your videos worth watching. And never to forget the deals you give as well.
    Is there still any way to win this particular deal? I love the beats studio brand.

  8. I don't think I could justify purchasing them for the price tag. . . but I would love to try them. I think the Beats are a heavy bass sound but overall quality is supposed to be great! Thanks again Matt

  9. I know beats are not the best but I just want to hear my music with noise cancelled out for a good price. They also look so much better than Bose and Sonys. I mean 200 because I refuse to pay 400 bucks. Although I wish the beats studio wireless had less sound leakage

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