55 thoughts on “Becky & Cookie Have A Slumber Party | Season 6 Ep. 1 | EMPIRE

  1. Im just still tryna figure out why empire get a full season and star dont or put star in empire in one on the empire series meaning combine the 2 shows

  2. I really love cookie !! Why are you ending it 😭🤧 but shout out to the people who worked on this show to make it happen

  3. I wish that smolet did not do what he did . its going to be weird to not see jamal because jamal and cookie have this amzaing relationship that i love and what i think most people love too

  4. I wonder how they are going to cut out Jessie from the final season? Maybe they’ll have Jamal go somewhere to be a “nobody” like he was trying to do in earlier seasons. Or maybe they’ll have him staying in London with his husband? 🤔 All i know is, this BFF sleepover looks weird without Jamal. 😞

  5. Like really. This is the last season, and Jamal can't be in it. But, Woody Allen can marry his 14 years old adopted daughter, and still make movies? Then, we wonder why we failing as a community. A bunch of white supremacists, who claim to not watch this show, sure had alot of input and opinions about this show. Hollywood is just slaving for the master for real, for real. Jussie was proven innocent and deserves his job back.

  6. Did y'all catch it? " I need something new something fresh" – Cook she's gonna leave Empire and start her own thing, or leave town to start a life without the line life. ( My thoughts)

  7. When you have to work because of contractual obligations – HAHAHHAAH lawd- they should have game Empire a 2 3 hour Movie and Star the SERIES

  8. Everything is gonna be different without Jamal. The show will ne re be the same, now this is the final season. Get Jamal back on the show

  9. one of the main reasons i started watching this show is bc of Jamal.. i'm only on season 3. & i shouldn't have watched this + read the comment bc now, i don't want to watch it anymore :/

    it's not gonna be the same. i love his & cookies relationship. they always had each other's back in the end. he's so talented as well.

    the show would've been sooo much better w him in the last season.

    the characters are constantly going through hardships against and w each other. i just wanted so see them win. sigh.

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