53 thoughts on “Behind Bars: Rookie Year: Disruptive Inmates (Season 1) | A&E

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  2. Just like kids, can't behave you take their stuff off them……should be punished for the foul language as well…

  3. Interesting how a guard says hope he doesn't do anything stupid because guards do care for inmates I guess? Or not all guards are bad guys

  4. Will there EVER be a title of BEST INMATES? Isn’t “Disruptive Inmates” is kinda of A THING in prison ….

  5. lmaoooo people really out here like "tReAt ThEm BeTeR aNd ThEy'Ll aCt BeTtEr"
    its jail
    smh they're there for a reason

  6. That’s pretty stupid they can’t have coffee. I understand they are criminals but it’s in humane to take their water away

  7. Kid with the shotgun thinks he's a sniper lmaooo, probably would hit the CO rather than the inmate if anything would happen

  8. I understand that they are not the pinnacle of society, but how inhumane was that threat "Keep it up, and they'll turn off the water." Do what we say, or we'll take away all your human rights…scary thing

  9. Dude gets mad: whole police force straps up scared about getting shot lol. Waiting for officers to be men again and treat people like humans

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