Behind Bars: Rookie Year: Gang Member Goes 0 to 100 (Season 2) | A&E

Behind Bars: Rookie Year: Gang Member Goes 0 to 100 (Season 2) | A&E

[music playing] COHEN MANGIN: When
you walk him out, you can feel he’s trying to
walk real fast to pull you. He’s tensing up. Those are all things that we
were taught in our academy, that when an inmate does that–
[snaps] –you nip it in
the bud right away. Hey, let me talk to
you guys real quick. Front door. [inaudible] COHEN MANGIN: Yeah. COHEN MANGIN: Yeah, I know. That’s why I pulled him back. I was like, hey. COHEN MANGIN: [inaudible]. Any time, when you’re
escorting an inmate from point A to point B, and this inmate
is pushing you, pulling you, being verbally defiant
towards you, that right there for a state
correctional officer is a huge, huge indicator that
something is about to pop off. That inmate could be
reaching his boiling point. No sudden aggressive
movements, [inaudible].. Don’t even look at me, dude. You have to keep
your composure. You have to let the inmate
know who’s in charge. It’s huge for a rookie
officer, regardless if you’re scared, not to show it. [inaudible]. Anytime an inmate goes
to one of those committees, he can lose commissary. He can lose his visits. He can lose his phone calls,
his recreation privileges. What’s going on? You tell me. You’re the one
who has a problem, obviously, with these officers. Well, that’s why
I’m asking you. That’s why you’re here right
now, so we can talk about it. So what’s your problem? So what was said this morning? What happened? Discussion? Or was it an argument? Were you being threatening? What was going on? Did you threaten a
staff member today? What did you say? That’s the thing is
you’re not complying. She’s told you–
I’m talking to you. You can talk after. I told you last time. So the thing about it, no,
you’re not going to go to yard. Especially when you’re
being threatening, you’re not going to. I’m not going to
jeopardize anybody’s safety because of you. So your call. Well, then that
doesn’t matter to us. We’ll let you know when
we’re done with you. You understand that? You don’t run. We tell you what to do. You don’t tell us what to do. [bleep] Don’t be turning to me, man. [bleep] Don’t move. [bleeps] [dramatic music] [bleep] Stop right now. Do you understand? Stop right now. [inaudible] Stand here. [interposing voices] No sudden movements. Don’t turn towards any officer
and follow every direction. Do you understand? Do you understand? [inaudible] Let’s go. ANDREW CORDOVA: I can’t
really say I was thinking. I just kind of acted. I just reacted to the situation. Hold him. Things like that go from
zero to 100 right away. We moved this inmate
out of our pod because it’s a conflict
of interest with us three having an incident with him. So we moved him out
of the incident area and put him in another
unit with other officers. Over here at level six, if
we have to use force, we do. But we don’t like to. COHEN MANGIN: That one
inmate, when he tells you he’s going to do something,
he’s going to do it. So you got to always be
ready to go at any time. If you’re not ready to
go, then you’re going to get your jaw knocked in. That’s just the way it goes.

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  2. Yes the poor little innocent inmate! When he's cranky they should just rub his little head and tickle him until he burps. Then they can live happily ever after.

  3. Wendy Perez used to be the warden's mistress and went from case manager to unit manager without getting fired! But has booty fa sho!

  4. You know like when ever the cops like take the inmates down on the the ground. What if one of the cops started tickling his sides ?

  5. Wow yall police do to much hes handcuffed and there was no reason r treath to trow him like that or even peperspray him. He was just talking what words are going to do freedom of speach smh

  6. Wait I thought the prison system was suppose to filled with blacks! I’m I missing something from the mainstream media because all I see is Mexicans and Mexican guards!

  7. Those committee members seem like they have their own issues and they take it out on the inmates. They gave him attitude from the beginning.

  8. Equal Rights?Affirmative Action turned 50+% COs-LEOs into welfare &?dowry's.
    FYI: "every now and then even a blind?squirrel finds a acorn(enforces a law)."

  9. They better treat people better because all they have to do is tell somebody to kill him or his family members on the street

  10. Those cops made it go to 100. I understand they said to not turn around and dont stand, but he was pretty chill for the most part. But you have to make an example, so its understandable.

  11. That officer Cordova is gonna get assaulted pretty soon, HE has a face u just wanna punch. It seems he likes to pick at the inmates, those officers dont last in our line of work.

  12. Every one asks why are taxes so high to keep these clowns ? in free lunch 24/7 because they can’t make a living like all rest .

  13. Describing the inmate like a dog and thats how all these white police officers see us as dogs and they got us brainwashed

  14. Explain this to me how can a private citizen that works for a private prison extend a sentence assign or execute punishments on inmates that are not passed down through a court or a judge how can a private citizen who is a hired employee for a company extend somebody's prison stay how can they put somebody in solitary how can they dish out any punishments they are not a judge Magistrate they're a private citizen that works for a private company yet they can extended you were sentence should not all be done through a judge got a private citizen working for a private company and how is it legal for a jail to be a private company

  15. Oh yes everyone else would've been so patient with him you guys have never dealt with people fro.the street things get tense with them it's the way it goes.

  16. Inmate needed a blood choke. He's not superman. A few shakes and he'd be down for the count. Glad no officers were harmed.

  17. Can tell the difference between king pin arguments for exercise or meals and coke smugglers he just has blurry point of time to get even because he had dope skills when needed.

  18. The way these people talk down on other humans like no wonder he got upset dude no one would like being talked to like that just be stern and say what needs to be said all that extra commentary isn’t necessary

  19. They are yet to see an ACTUAL 0-100 then…
    Cops and that bicth was on 10 from the beginning, the man in cuffs was jumped by 4 of these muppets after he turned his neck!!
    That's 0-0.1 morons!

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