81 thoughts on “Behind Bars: Rookie Year: Inmate Fails Drug Test (Season 2) | A&E

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  2. Dude your a guard in New Mexico, wtf is the sky hat for… and put on a thicker winter coat. Anything to make yourself look bigger right?

  3. Seen them do the test and it indicate but whinges they took him back to early, what did he want to do, hang out, grab a movie maybe….

  4. I thought when testing for Suboxone they tests how it metabolizes in the body. Meaning you can't just add it to a test to make it test positive.

  5. Hm. I don't know because there is over 50+ opioids that can be taken that produce metabolites. Suboxone is one of them. In order for it to show up on a test. It requires the metabolites which in this case would be "norbuprenorphine".. Under normal circumstances if you dissolved a Suboxone tablet/film into the urine/water or so on… you would not end up with the metabolite "norbuprenorphine" which would be needed to produce the accurate drug test.

  6. Theres 3 ways drugs get into the prison system. Visitors and correctional officers. Corrupt prisons officials, never heard of that before lol.

  7. Tested positive for suboxone but it’s a drug used to relieve oxycodone withdrawals for drug users trying to curb massive side effects… even if they wanted to testify against him in court should he be punished or receive the proper treatment… A&E tryna make folks look bad that need legitimate resolutions.

  8. For those who dont know suboxone is a strip that helps dope heads stay off heroin but most just end up doing drugs anyways for the extra kick.

  9. You would think they would have real drug tests and not a bunch of dumbasses huddled around a 10 dollar home test that is statistically proven to be inaccurate lol wtf

  10. Our system is so broke. Its stupid. An officer putting drugs in your cup. Lol. All that officer is worried about is lunch.

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