95 thoughts on “Behind Bars: Rookie Year: Joke’s on You (Season 2) | A&E

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  2. He’s not going to make it. Too passive to have the prisoner remove his sock… when he clearly heard sock… unless the inmates are paying him to look the other way…

  3. I never liked this CO. In other episodes he States that he trains in BJJ and is just looking for a fight and craves action blah blah blah.. he's gonna hurt somebody really bad and get in trouble or get hurt trying chase action. If he wants to fight he should've joined the army or get in the cage for UFC.

  4. You can get paid hella to let the smallest thing slide….. plus you become "cool" and they watch out for you. Well until you are no use to em tho… haha

  5. He freaking annoys me like I get their in jail but he’s got to calm down he’s not proving anything… he’s picking fighting constantly 🤦🏽‍♀️

  6. Starting off to become a CO in Texas already on my 4th week and this is all real when we did our tours at the units. We were talking about the con games and everything in this video is so real and straight from the book

  7. I don't understand if they're in prison for doing something wrong then why are they allowed to have all that stuff they shouldn't have nothing but a cot and a sheet they shouldn't be allowed to have pencils and paper and books and all that stuff to me you're wasting my tax money on them prisoners are in prison for doing something wrong mention have nothing

  8. Dude the con heard left sock and immediately wanted to dip out. This dude is clueless lmao. Or maybe he’s in on the cons pay list

  9. I can tell he a rookie he waste too much time searching dumb places 💯 you got to listen too he could’ve got stabbed not knowing it’s in his sock wtf

  10. It's sad to be like 45 years old and act like your in 2nd grade making fun of the officer like hes a teacher

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