100 thoughts on “Behind Bars: Rookie Year: Quiet Officer Finds Her Voice (Officer Stories Pt. 5 – Lilly) | A&E

  1. She is so sweet and cute. She makes me want to let her do her thing but still be there to protect her. Whether inmate or co-worker….she would have my back ? ?

  2. I hope she knows some sort of martial art. It'll give her enough of an edge to handle at least one man. If she does that, she'll scare the rest of them into thinking twice

  3. I think she will be a tiny ninja, I believe in you Lily! Do not listen to the naysayers, you can be a beast at 2 feet tall. There are professional assassins around the world of all genders, sizes, and races.

  4. She should really take up boxing or MMA if she wants to prove herself, not over see rapists, gang members, and criminals.

  5. She's a liability to her team… unless she's trained in martial arts like that girl in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. A bad event waiting to happen.

  6. All you guys in the comment sections wow just wow. So what she’s 5ft that doesn’t mean she won’t be able to do her job? It doesn’t matter if your 6ft if you don’t know how to cuff someone your screwed. Size doesn’t matter as lo as you can do it.

  7. OMG she’s so cute.. I admire that girl. Aside from being incredibly gorgeous she’s so sweet and cute. But I agree that she has balls to go into this field but that is to say this girl has more heart than anyone I know. Mad props chica you go baby

  8. I don't really feel that they should put her there with all those men she goes missing don't think they will find her

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  9. i feel like they should have gloves on touching the mail like if that was fentanyl in that mail them touching it could be very dangerous to them

  10. It’s lowkey rude how people are judging her and saying she can’t do the job because of her size. Who are you again? Last time I checked, as long as you can do the job, size and gender really has no role.

  11. All women cops and guards should be fired and never allowed to work in a prison for men. 90% of all escapes and contraband are brought in by women who fall for a male inmate. Women are to weak and unstable to be guards or cops

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