Behind Bars: Rookie Year: Respect (Season 1) | A&E

Behind Bars: Rookie Year: Respect (Season 1) | A&E

[music playing] All I ask is that you just
keep my [beep] hallway clear. Is that hard? Yeah, I’m the next man in A,
T, and Z. I’m a real dope boy. Over at a level– Hey, hey, hey. We live, baby. You know what time it is. Clear it out. I’m gonna snatch
this [beep] up. I already got approval
to lock all these [beep] doors down if we don’t
clear this [beep] hallway. Clear it out. They’re supposed to be
out of the hallways. You’re not supposed to be
out talking, other than using the restrooms, taking a shower. You’ll be able to see it on TV. You know the rules, dude. Clear the hallway. Clear the [beep] hallway. I asked you nicely twice. After that, I’m gonna
[beep] raise my voice. [beep] So get the [beep] out of here. [beep] you. You ain’t hard, [bleep]. Don’t bow up. He’s just upset because I
call him out, yelled at him. I probably embarrassed me from
his peers, but this is prison. There’s rules that
need to be followed. Take off the badge. You have– let’s go. Let’s go talk.
– I’m on the phone. – Get off your phone call.
– I’m on the phone. Get off your phone call. [beep] Get off your phone call. [beep] This is your list– this is your first lawful order. Second lawful order. Third lawful order. Don’t hang up my phone. Get off your phone. – [beep]
– Get off your phone. I swear to god, you hang
up my [bleep] phone call, and it’s gonna be on. What are you going to do? [bleep] Let’s go. Get you to get off
your [bleep] phone. [beep] Get off your phone. Get off your phone. Get off your [bleep] phone. Get off your [bleep] phone. Get off your [beep] phone. Let’s go. Outside, right now. Let’s go outside.
Let’s go outside. Let’s go talk.
Let’s go. Go outside, now. Let’s go outside. Go outside. Go outside right now. Chill out. Chill out. I’ve talked to
you several times. [beep] I’ve talked to
you several times. I’m talking to you. You chill out. He’s in my face, disrespects me. I show you guys nothing
but almost [beep] respect. You guys never had
a problem with me, and when he’s trying to talk
to me like I’m [beep] child. When I got to tell you– [beep] the phone. I’m not talking
to you like that. Call me and see what [beep]
about, they’ll tell you, you know what I’m saying? I don’t matter, dude. I told him to come
talk to me, man. It don’t matter. That’s his family on
the phone he’s talking to. We pay for that [bleep] Well, that sucks. Let’s clear it out. [beep] you. What? [beep] you, come on out here. People. You want respect,
give us respect. You’re a rookie. I talk to people with respect. I’m waiting for you. Finish up. Finish up. The guy, I mean,
I don’t know if he’s just doing this
for fun, or trying to make a career out of it. If he’s trying to make
a career out of it, it’s going down the
drain immediately. You obviously have no skills
whatsoever in handling inmates. I’m going to talk
to your superior. I don’t have to talk to you.
I know. Yeah, you do. I’ve been doing
this for six years. I know.
– Hey. clear the hallway! This guy, he’s got everybody
all worked up for nothing. For nothing.
All that is– Because I’m
doing my job, dude? If someone’s being
disrespectful to you, how many times are
you going to take it? Exactly. I’m giving you guys,
like, three or four. It was wrong of me for
cussing, I’ll admit that. But you know what? I’m sorry that I’m
not on these officers that you’re just going
to punk and talk to. I am not. You got the wrong guy. So where are we going
with this whole thing? Look, all I’m saying is, be
a little bit more respectful. Granted that he’s new, or
he’s been here 20 years. To them respect is
a different thing. They want someone
to kiss their butt. And that’s just not me. I’m just trying to keep
the hallways clear, man, and like well you need [beep]
know how to talk to people, and I was like, dude,
I’m going to talk to you nicely three or four times. After that, I’m going
to get pissed off. Certain things that
we can’t do here. We just have to kind of
watch what we’re saying. They think that you don’t
know what you’re doing, and all it is is because
they see you as new. Mhm. They don’t like the
fact that you’re more authoritative than your–
and you’re doing your job. They don’t like that. Well, that’s because
they’re not used to it, man. Exactly.
That’s what I’m saying. Take a step back and. Be a little bit more respectful. Yes, sir. Lieutenant Rodriguez did
tell me that I was a little aggressive with the inmates. So I’ll make a
couple of changes. [bleep]

80 thoughts on “Behind Bars: Rookie Year: Respect (Season 1) | A&E

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  2. Everyone seem to be on the inmates’ side. But hey, those f**kers are inmates. They lost their rights and respect once they broke the law.

  3. I would go crazy having to deal with people the don’t have any type of brain. These inmates are something else. Those officers must endure a lot.

    Smh, none of those inmates legitimately have any idea how to properly think.

  4. Yo. Just chill. It's Jail/prison. Just Stay inside your room and talk nice. Then call for backup if they get crazy,. Just remember we are all Grown ups in that place

  5. Gard is the one trying to show off,,,, did you notice he never had the balls to hang up the phone? Garda a dumbass

  6. You never hang the phone up while a man is talking to family. That'll get you killed faster then a fat man ordering a big mac

  7. Since when being a prisoner is honored , gtfo the phone you have to listen when you became an inmate you lost all your rights honestly

  8. Disrespect. What a joke. These morons don't understand the word respect. I don't and will never respect an inmate or a gang banger. Respect is an earned trait, not entitled. If you a loser, you deserve zero respect.

  9. yeah the co was doing the absolute most inmates have to pay for phone calls and not everyone gets calls so please pipe down trying to show off for the camera the man was not disrespecting u in anyway that badge will get snatched tf off by an inmate try it 💀

  10. Co needs to work on his communication skills quick smart or he be a, big target in there. Hope the senior co, s help him deal with situations better than that.

  11. These security guys need to take lessons in knowing how to talk to people. There would be less of the these confrontations in prison.

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