Being Santa | JEFF DUNHAM

Being Santa | JEFF DUNHAM

(Christmas music) ♪ I’m so happy that Santa’s on his way, ♪ ♪ Been waiting all year
long for Christmas day. ♪ ♪ I feel alive when I look up to the sky ♪ – HO HO HO! (laughter) – So why is the camera here? – Well Jack and James are gonna be here. – Yeah – And I wanna practice how I talk to them as Santa Claus. This is gonna be fun. – For who? Isn’t this how Michael
Jackson got started. – This is the worst Santa costume ever! What moron would fall for this? – It’s Santa Claus! (laughter) – So Achmed, were you naughty this year? – Seriously? – José, what do you want for Christmas? – I cannot hold anything
so what’s the point? – What do you want for Christmas? – Want you to cut off that damn camera, that’s what I want. – A chance to meet the real Santa, because you just-sa suck-ka. – Oh I know what I want! – What? – I would like for Santa, to eat a tic-tac. – I would like some of
whatever Elon Musk is smoking. – I would like a silent night. – Well there you go, that’s the spirit. – No seriously, a silent night! I want everyone to shut the hell up. – I could use a sock to go with my shoe. Yeah that. – That could happen. – Oh a camouflage thong underwear. – For the wife. – Ha ha no. Uh, yeah. – I know what I want, I want a Peloton. – Oh, you’re gonna start working out! – No I want it for my wife,
cause she’s gotten fat! – Walter! – What? That’s what the commercial says, what the hell? – Tear ducts, spleen, ligaments you know the basics. – Yeah – Maybe a wiener. – Achmed. – Sorry. – Oh, you know a lot of
folks accuse me of missing a chromosome. – Really? – Yeah, so I’d like one
of those 22andMe kits. – I want to become Tik Tok famous in 2020. – What? – You should see my whoa. – What? – Whoa! – A sound machine to help me sleep, that plays waterfall noises
or impeachment hearings. – Adam Schiff’s eyedrops. – What? – He never blinks. Like me. – The congress to stop all this crap, and actually get to work! – A seat in the House of Representatives. – Achmed. – Oh come on, if Ilhan Omar can get one so can I! – For Christmas what I
really want is to know who killed Jeffery Epstein, because, you know, he was actually murd- (choking sound) – ♪ I’m dreaming of some white privilege ♪ – I think we’re done here. – I’m just kidding I’ll take the Peloton. – To finally be loved and understood – [Camera Crew] Aww. – Silence! I kill you! – Feliz navidad to all of Jewish. – Uh that would be Happy Hanukkah. – No I just can’t say Jew. Uh uh uh! Here the boys come. Fellas come here! Come here! – Why you got the outfit on? – Come here. – Uh oh hi there. (laughter) – What do you guys think? – Does your dad look like Santa Claus? – Yeah! (giggles) – Okay so what do you
guys want for Christmas? (gibberish) – I have no idea what you just said. – A police motorcycle that he drive on. – You understood that? – Yeah. – Oh wow you are like Santa Claus. And James what do you want for Christmas? – A firetruck! – A firetruck. – A firetruck? A real firetruck? Are you gonna put out fires? – No! – You’re not, if you’re fireman why are you not gonna – I’m gonna get, I’m
gonna get a toy firetruck. – A toy firetruck. (laughter) You all right? – Yes. – You’re good boys aren’t ya? – Yeah! – So the Christmas
spirit has won you over. – No no. Okay maybe. – Can you wish Walter a merry Christmas? – Merry Christmas! – Awe thanks fellas! – And a happy new year? – And a happy new year. – Happy new year to you too! – Thanks you guys. Oh I think I’m gonna cry. – Kinda sweet isn’t it? – Yeah whatever. Happy Holidays everybody. – Happy Holidays! All right guys one more thing! – What? We’re gonna wish everyone a Merry Christmas. – Ready guys? – Yeah! – Okay everybody! Merry… – Christmas! – Merry Christmas! Ha ha that’s great! You
didn’t talk at the same time! – [Achmed] Silence! I kill you! ♪ And a partridge in a pear tree ♪ Merry Christmas (beep) hole (Christmas music) ♪ Christmastime will soon be here ♪

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  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New year from the #NotificationSquad! Make sure to Subscribe and ring that bell so you never miss another video! My new years resolution is to figure out how to like this video more than once ?

  2. I died laughing when Walter said "The congress to stop all this crap, and actually get to work" while he ran towards the camera. That was priceless. Merry Christmas to you Jeff and to all your whole family.

  3. Merry Christmas to you Jeff, Peanut, José, Achmed, Walter, Babba J, Walter and all of your family all the way from Brighton, UK. I am huge fan and I hope you'll come to the UK to do a show one day 😀

  4. That was wholesome and funny at the same time also Merry Christmas to Jeff fa fa and crew and everybody here in the comments

  5. OH MY GOSH! Your boys are ADORABLE! So CUTE! But you already knew that. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and a healthy, prosperous and happy year going forward for you, your family and the Dunham entertainment team!

  6. I guess we'll have to wait another 10 years before Walter, Peanut, and the others is allowed to start swearing with Dunham's kids around.

  7. sorry, after your divorce, you're just not that funny nor entertaining…
    To dark and now you're just saying shit cause you already made it….

    i see and predict a fast descent if you don't seriously do something…

  8. Lol this was hilarious And so cute at the same time Your boys have gotten so big And they melted Walter's heart
    Merry Christmas ??????

  9. DUN HAM even your names offensive the other white meat, Merry Chistmas to all and to all ..oh crap I ran over your bike,,,,Merry Christmas and happy new years to you and yours Jeff and thanks for the years of many laughs and great comedy.

  10. That was awesome Mr. Dunham!!! Your boys are adorable!! May u an your family have a Merry Christmas too!! Luv ya n your channel

  11. “I wish for Santa to get a tic-tac.”
    “Seriously, I want a silent night. Everyone shut the hell up.”
    “For congress to stop all this crap and GET TO WORK!!”
    My God I love Walter. And Jeff is such an awesome Dad. Jack and James are very sweet boys. ☺️

  12. Priceless video! The twins are getting so big and just the sweetest little guys? Happy holidays to Dunham's, Walter, Peanut, Bubba J, Achmed and Jos'e. ?Of course to all the fans! Merry? Christmas everyone!!?

  13. Adam Schiff is A METH HEAD; Tied to Ed Buck, His Dealer~ it will be exposed as Impeachment Hearing thru Senate/Supreme Court EXPOSES His Criminal Treason!

  14. Hi Jeff you did a great job on this video and I have your little Jeff Dunham ventriloquist and my family will say this we thank you for everything you did to help me because you have inspired me to be like you. Love everyone and Jeff and his family and happy holidays everyone

  15. Great to hear you have visions of 2020 dancing in your head!!! Merry Christmas my friend. And a Happy New Year to you and yours!!!!!!!!!! Love ya dude!!!!!!! So much love!!!!!!! Glad to have a fellow deplorable on board in the mixed up crazy brainwashed world we all live in. Gives me great comfort. WWGOWGA!!!!!!!!!! Where We Go One, We Go All. We're all in this together, so keep your sticks high. Red Green reference. LOL Also 2020 vision.

  16. The twins are so cute and it's so funny love you Jeff Dunham and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year tell Audrey I said hi and Merry Christmas

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