Best 4K Drone Deal of Black Friday 2017 (GPS + Facial Recognition!)

What’s Black Friday’s best drone deal? I have it early, it has
a facial recognition and I also have your way to get hooked up with some awesome freebies. Hi, I’m the YouTube Deal Guy Matt Granite, welcome to your one-stop shop for savings. Every item you see in front of me is part of a huge giveaway. Free Nintendo Switches, the
PS4 Pro, the Xbox One X, which is impossible to even find in stock, just some of the items I’m giving away for free to subscribers. Now, we’ll talk about that giveaway more in-depth at the end of this video, but I also got so many
requests for high-end drones. Not those little dinky quadcopters that are basically helicopters
with a remote control. This is absolutely incredible. It has facial recognition,
an incredible camera, the ability to capture 4K visuals
like you wouldn’t believe, and even the carrying case, I mean, you just put this in and you are ready to go. One of my favorite ways to test drones, and I’ve tested a lot of drones, you’ve seen me in these videos, flying things into walls
and ceilings and people, I love this, is to give the drone to someone who’s never flown a drone before or someone who has very limited
drone flying experience, so that’s what I did. We have some mom testers on the channel, we have some teen testers and kid testers, and that’s what I did. I gave this 4K drone to someone who’s flown one drone in his life, just to see how easy this was for him to get off the ground. Before I show you the test and how easily this paired
with an iPhone or an Android, I wanna take you through the specs. Located right under the video screen, you can find your link to
one of my favorite drones and probably one of the
best ones I’ve ever tested. 4K HD video recording
that you can take pictures of with the resolution
up to 13 megapixels. It is super light, 273 grams. Since the drone has face recognition, it can follow you through
the sky and take selfies. This would be great for
all sorts of occasions, for groups of people, for shooting beautiful YouTube videos, even for company videos and professional videography. This thing’s awesome. With a built-in GPS, you get
high-speed shooting capability, but you also get trajectory planning. What does that mean? It means, when you’re flying this, even if you have no experience or the weather’s not great, or you have different obstructions between you and the quadcopter, you can get this off the ground and fly it beautifully. Let’s see how this worked out. Well, I think it’s awesome. Thank you for saying it, Matt. This thing flies like a pro. I really like the video and photos I took with this drone, they look really great. When I supervised our drone test, it was an extremely windy day and you know what? I was happy because I wanted
to see how this performed and it performed beautifully
from takeoff to landing, from maneuvering this through the sky, from the altitude climb to all of the stats
delivered to our smartphone, including a really long battery life. This is hands-down one of the best drones that I have tested, it is at its lowest recorded price, it’s still very expensive so this might not be
something you can afford, but that’s fine, if you made
it this far in the video, you don’t need any money to score any of the items in front of me and that’s the next thing
that I wanna discuss. So, yes, I’m gonna give one
of these drones away for free. Using TubeBuddy’s random selection tool, I’m gonna give away a free drone and I am also then going
to tell anyone subscribed to this channel how to
score a free Nintendo Switch or one of these other awesome items, or any doorbuster I feature. Okay, using TubeBuddy’s
random selection tool, the subscriber winner today is, oh, it’s a really weird name, but it’s great, Nice Soup. That’s awesome, he or she, or
they ’cause they’re a soup. So, they really want a Nintendo Switch, you got a drone, but
this is actually worth more than a Nintendo
Switch, so there you go. Well, depending on which model you pick. Alright, Nice Soup! Soup it up, soup is savings! There you go. Alright and by the way, guys, when you see names like this, everyone’s like, oh, yeah,
it’s not a real person, the giveaway is… That’s a real, that’s
what they subscribed as, you know, it’s their name. Alright, I don’t know if it says that on their bank statements
or their social security, it may be like Dr. Soup, but anyhow, okay. All of the items you see in front of me, if you are not yet subscribed, could be yours for free. If you are subscribed,
notifications turned on, all you need to do is leave a comment over the course of a six-month
period for eligibility, and if you’re not yet subscribed
and you’re watching this, well, I’m gonna hook you up. Just click on my head right here, that’ll subscribe you to this channel. If you need help turning
on your notifications or leaving a comment, just click here and that last big
roundup of deals I found, right over here.

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