Best Apple Black Friday Deals of 2018 (Macbook, iPhone, iPad’s)

Best Apple Black Friday Deals of 2018 (Macbook, iPhone, iPad’s)

– I have the top Apple
deals, this Black Friday, 2018, from the iPhone
deals for Black Friday, the iPad, Beats by Dre,
Powerbeats wireleess, and more. Plus, if you want a MacBook,
I’ll show you who has the lowest price. (upbeat music) Plus, I’m giving away any
Apple product of your choice or any other Black Friday deal as we save serious cash together. Hi, I’m the YouTube
deal guy, Matt Granite. I hunt down the biggest
deals on the planet. It’s the subscribers of
this channel that keep me not only happy, but you’ve
given my life purpose, and I love you, you’ve
been with me through the birth of my daughter and
all these other fun things going on in my life, so I
want to make your life better this holiday season and
hunt down the deals for you. I’m also gonna break down how
to score the lowest prices on the iPhone deals this Black
Friday and Cyber Monday, 2018 to what you probably shouldn’t
buy from one retailer. We’re gonna get to that. Let’s start with the best Apple Watch deal this Black Friday, 2018, and
Meijer, that superstore chain is the 100 dollar off
discount top offering in the Apple Watch category. If you don’t want to shop with
them or they’re not near you, it’s too complicated, Best Buy
has that at 80 dollars off. When it comes to Best Buy, I wouldn’t buy the iPhone or any of the
new iPhones from them, and I’m gonna talk in a moment
about how I am giving one of these away fro free in
a moment to a subscriber. But Walmart still has the best deal. If you’re buying the
iPhone XR, the iPhone XS, the iPhone X, you’ll get
300 dollars in gift cards from Walmart if you activate
a new iPhone with them, so that is something to keep in mind as we make our way toward the iPad. The Apple iPad at 250 dollars, which is an 80 dollar reduction
this Black Friday, 2018. It is available at Walmart,
Costco, and Target. So if you are looking for
the iPad, not the iPad Pro, that is a great deal
within the iPad category. I should also mention the iPad Mini 4, the 128 gigabyte version is 250 dollars, that’s a savings of 150, and the top deal for that
offering is at Best Buy. Also at Best Buy, for Black
Friday as a door buster, the older MacBook Air at 799. Now technically, that’s
a 300 dollar discount or 200 dollar discount
depending on how you look at it, but with the release
of the new MacBook Air, just released for 2018, I
don’t think I would buy that. Also, not announced
yet, but I expect to see some really good MacBook Pro reductions of 150 to 300 dollars on Best Buy and on Black Friday, 2018. Apple, in the past,
and the Apple retailer stores, have not really recognized Black Friday. They celebrate all of these
other overseas Asian holidays, but they’ve turned their back
on Black Friday in the past. Only the last couple
of years did they start offering gift cards and
some other incentives and reductions, and Apple
will do the same this year so it’s worth keeping an eye on them. They’ll at least match
many of the offerings from many of the other
big box retail stores when it comes to Apple products. If you are looking for the
Powerbeats wireless headphones this holiday season, 89
dollars and 99 cents, down from 130 is what you
will find is the top deal. That’s at Best Buy. So these are on the wireless headphones. There are also some great Beats
by Dre wireless headphones on the larger version. It’s not the EP, actually, I should say, this is tied to a giveaway that I’m doing, I’m jut holding this up as a prop, but those best prices are
also available at Best Buy. If you are looking for some
great add-on accessories for Black Friday, keep
an eye on They haven’t done anything
crazy with their iPad discounts, but once in a while, they’ll crank out some really good deals that
you just don’t find replicated at a lot of the other retailers. There will be some third
party resale offerings, and if you are looking for
refurbished or you want to try a manufacturer’s
certified refurbished deal this holiday season, I have a link to some really unique iPad
deals and some MacBook deals that you probably won’t see anywhere else, so that’s worth a grab. If you expand the video
description box right under me, you will find the link
to all of the deals. Now, when it comes, oh,
and by the way, sorry, the Apple AirPods are 139 dollars at some of the top retail offerings, but if you want something,
which I’m pretty sure is made in the exact same
factory, extremely well rated on Amazon and a fraction of the price at under 60 bucks, there’s
another link located right under this video screen of an
Apple AirPod alternative. Now this Apple AirPod
alternative is really worth a look if yo can handle not paying for the exact Apple made
direct factory item. I’ve been using the alternate, the knockoff for several
months now, and it’s awesome. Okay, (claps) now if you want
to score any of the items that I’ve showed you as a free
giveaway, very easy to do. That includes the new iPhone. I will totally hookup
subscribers for this channel. If you leave a comment or you’ve commented within the last six months
and you are subscribed to this channel or you become
a new subscriber right now, you’re gonna have the option
to win any of the items I feature on all of my holiday
deal lists at any point. The draw will happen
between now and the days that follow Cyber Monday, and I promise, I’ll do the live giveaways. My random selection tool
that I use requires a comment just to show that you are
an active human being. It doesn’t need to be
a substantial comment, you don’t even need to
say give you a freebie, whatever it is, you could
just write have a nice day, and there you go, you’re eligible. I will be treating at least
a couple of subscribers from this channel, and you
guys will look at the number, you’re like wow, there’s actually quite a lot of subscribers,
I have terrible odds. Well, it doesn’t hurt to
subscribe ’cause you’ll get to save money on so many other things. I do this everyday, not
just for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but you could win, we’ve had a lot of winners in the past, and it gets me really excited. So if you are not yet subscribed, this is what you need to do. Just click on my head right here, that will subscribe you to this channel. If you need help turning
on your notifications or leaving a comment, click here, and that last big roundup of
deals I did, it’s over here.

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