this is all about family watch this after family time hey come on u ready to open some gifts? what is going on guys we are back. and today is actually christmas day Before we go open any presents i just wanted to tell u guys that a year ago today was my first vlog ever i made one video before that and it was like a very frequently asked question off Instagram but a year ago today was my first vlog ever and i started out with 0 subscribers and here we are so its crazy how we have loat milliona of subs in 1 year and today is gonna be a really fun day we’re gonna open presents. We are gonna see family and i will try making it a good vlog yeah lets go i should probably bring my stuff downstairs after the bathtub video i have about the same enthusiasm as last year.(tristan laughs in the back round ) finally got the presents under the tree, like a day ago. and we are going to open the presents here and then we are going to my dad and grandpa`s we are going to open the go to the front Roooooose there we go oh she’s in the front Rose! huh. There you are, you go potty? and you’re going to join us ok let’s go I’m sure there’s going to be a gift for you oh yeah we just rolled out the rug she’s not used to the road we see differently you like the rug you match the road Merry Christmas bite thank you bad now we gotta wait a little bit yeah this is Rose’s gift didn’t like it stalking and hold calendar looked at mine from last year once yeah i got you a very special in this year oh yeah i actually like justin bieber i mean this this might be something that wouldn’t be on my wall but i just thought you know everything it up so I hear what I was saying thank you is that mine yeah the tile thing I’ve wanted a title thingy for so long yeah and then you go on the half right there’s a big when you put your wallet and a smaller put on your key i literally lose my key chain worn every other day that this is for your macbook and yeah thank you not to it wow yeah forgot you have a macbook by the way table I didn’t get you anything for christmas i kinda by you that a month ago so i’m so happy that required overnight shipping programs thank you what road maybe she doesn’t want me talking joke relax would you get taco bell gift card i have gift cards already have talked about gift card so thank you mom putting this back oh this is tristan on it goodbye rose you’re too loud this good lighting off the prison girl years ago I don’t think you going anyway do I get to keep this one yeah I know you’re extremely picky anything exchangeable okay we’re gonna this is the adidas things i was talking about these in champs yeah I’m thank you what you get Taylor crappiest wrapping paper ever because it doesn’t use to go it’s sparkly though who gets the big one in the back to be true that’s dumb ok just a hoodie hoodie that goes with it i was guessing thank you fam those gucci flip-flops them dance one can guess what this is but you don’t know what it is poster is a positive manner this isn’t Kate Upton moving record mom this man as you want time I i know it good it’s Ariana Grande what you know but I didn’t know you want to see I said you even you said you know overstep do you know where all right we’ll all course the huh okay i don’t think this is a poster not read the fine print not let the top guns n roses in st. Louis Lewis one is it in July it’s a long so far away but three days after your 17th birthday true Julie 27 cool mark thank you or speak this time well we already went against the roses once but I want to go again because last time I recorded too much and then didn’t experience it also if you guys ever go to a concert set your phone down for your camera honestly because you’re never gonna look back at the footage ever so yeah that’s true in SD card oh yeah youtuber now you quit using line play this is my big gift it’s heavy for a small little thing oh I feel like it might know what I have no idea what this is I’m scared mom got you want to go first try was there you know I know that’s better than mine all thing like yeah ballhead this was a really fancy now you can quit using both of mine I’m gonna give you that camera too well if you Christmas already your YouTube this looks like it’s from Apple do it yes I was not why is this thing so long four and a half of why you could have got this for me when I was still in public school so I could see it on my test oh my gosh I’ve wanted one forever there this looks beautiful it’s so long now I i can be stylish I think this thing’s awesome just like the sport kind or whatever it’s waterproof now I can finally shower look at my watch I think it’s dead dead well I found on my wrist now I can dab and hit on my forehead and break it thank you you’re welcome i love the all-black your lap hey wine shit i have a feeling I know what that is if the you to play but not that that should be my Christmas present from YouTube oh yeah you ask dad if he got these know I might end up with anybody in the rose gold beats yeah hello three wireless there’s a third one I thought you said solo to your ring light buddy now you can quit your mind gets them it just came right back i’m gonna have to pull a Quentin pile drive this one open i was this further watch you just plug it into your computer and then set the watch on top screen protector look good i need to look cool on airplanes because i will use the little iphone one this is a great start to Christmas I’m happy right now anyone notice rose quit barking and mom come here yea Lou since you were in the mall shopping for ya she gave me two ideas what was in the mall and you’re watching my videos yeah but i have wanted one of these forever and I don’t know when you got yeah i mean literally 10 years i want i just got the most expensive one oh yeah if you wanted to return to just toured the label oh yes I’m not returning just gotta leave it to you do that for why I was like please leave in a dark place yeah that’s what I told him thank ya love it that late from them too but they did nothing they didn’t go get it or pay but I good enough and you know I don’t think you have enough jewelry still all these everything hanging on the side of my freaking out no okay thank you even though you use it all the time already there you go thank you guys check this out we’ll go into my messy basement with my wallet and we will not look and we will check it no no it’s lost over to my phone going to the apps use wallet it’s connecting Oh would you look at that it’s like whenever you lose your phone and you have your friends call it but this one never has its ringer off so it will always be able to be found okay we’re leaving now to go to our dads house sorry mom we’re leaving you alone on Christmas guys should be snowing but it’s just windy and it was raining earlier there’s gonna be a tornado ever this morning I said yesterday is p.o box opening i would put this on my keychain and I did Merry Christmas channel Christmas Foley good thing we ever to treat minor the green ones interested 360 noscope shit about tripods are going to set it up remember last year the fisheye and then there can see everyone yeah to use that we goin yeah yeah you know me so well then we might have went to the mall and botanist hey this matches almost matches the one I want the same thing but different color burgundy I don’t have any burgundy yet hey hey hey diamond this is click make sure basically I wear this under my click the jacket with likely to basically means it’s really bright and colorful two people click on diamond and quickly these socks are amazing this cat’s giving everyone the business and then these are like the coolest diamond Sox thank you i now have cats on my feet I so we’re heading to my grandpa’s right now and then we’re gonna go to my grandmas after that and I’m gonna have to stop for gas but i just realized I didn’t want my Christmas sweater what am I thinking like it’s too late now we already left but i’m an idiot huh does is ok hello yeah finally now i can listen to the arc in my track yeah thank you guys I didn’t even see the talk about gift card this is the family 15 pounds mercy ball thank you merry christmas merry christmas advise everyone be careful will lose hey it stopped raining wow it’s a nice sunny day now we’re off to my grandparents and I needed a video it’s been a while guys yeah they’re standing at attention grandma’s house put your hands right it’s him check it Oh grandfather even well sharks starting line did you do that no you yeah you did no that’s how you do it when you get kristen of La Habra a scene when I just get it because you’re returning all there we go thank you yeah this is the 1i Tristan this is for you oh I might end up with anybody in there mom that she had been haha me not like 11 of the only bad thing about YouTube is even on days like Christmas gotta upload so you get to ignore your whole family going to separate room and edit all right that’s all done but now there’s about to be a big storm and I gotta head home to output the video so I’ll see you later Merry Christmas and thank you oh let me to look at this storm wow that’s right there so maybe around using storm chasers episode one day later Joker well guys I would say that’s a pretty successful Christmas probably my favorite holiday and it’s always a lot of fun and it’s really about the storm so i’m gonna go ahead and head home then probably gonna help because I’ve got a bunch of gift cards but yeah we just had a lot of stuff going on lately january’s gonna be super busy as i said in my last video we’re going to be trying to move into a house as soon as we can but i hope you guys had a merry christmas and again thank you guys so much for sticking around and watching my videos that is basically for this video I hope you guys enjoyed it don’t forget to leave a like insurance friends if you enjoyed it subscribe to new and also he has an excellent piece out all i crack it ain’t my fault if I die you came and looked like that you just maybe six guys this is gonna be so cool ready

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