Best Friend – Animation Short Film 2018 – GOBELINS

Best Friend – Animation Short Film 2018 – GOBELINS

[Music] [Applause] what are you looking at come on make a wish oh sorry okay okay thank you guys that’s amazing Thank You Kimmy you’re so silly were your friends and that’s what friends are for right you can all [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] down when hope is lost we will be the blue Tilly [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] hey Arthur is it everything about it okay are you still looking for a better friend now we can give you the best the frenemy you can see best friend never be alone [Music] we just need to wait Dendi but would you like me I need another machine coming sure follow me [Music] hey Arthur daddy Oh got your back what come on I’m not going where we are your friends and that’s what friends are for right she’s fine Hey hey Arthur [Music]

100 thoughts on “Best Friend – Animation Short Film 2018 – GOBELINS

  1. I thought that there would be a lesson in all this, like that there would be another girl that never had the “friends” thing and then Arther and her would become friends. I thought there was a moral! But I guess these types of things don’t have morals. They are just about lonely, crazy people who have imaginary friends.

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  3. They should have had the friend girl talk before he closed the cabinet at the end, it would have given us the impression he recovered, then by showing us he just got another one it could have been a bigger impact. Still loved it though.

  4. El chico que daba miedo tania heridas en su cabeza como la que tiene el chico al final, a él le quitaron a muchos "amigos"

  5. He literally could have just said "here have this drop" instead having to go through that sequence (not hating,this is legitimately good)

  6. I like the animation and the meaning. But that attacking scene with the guy holding the piece of broken glass is so scary. And the ending is just sad.

  7. I think it's over looked how expensive this addiction is. Every pack is 60 dollars, and Aurthur had like 4 packs in that one night.

  8. I’ve never been much for social media. I only go on Facebook about twice a year and only keep it up for the messenger app (my friend’s phone has an issue with texting.) Ironically one of the reasons I never got caught up with the craze was because I wanted to AVOID some people from my past. The only other social media app that I can really think of is instagram which I use as a place to post my nature pictures from my photography hobby. Besides posting pictures, I don’t use the app for much else and someone yesterday showed me that the app could be used to send private messages to other people. Despite us all being connected, we are also extremely isolated. I can’t help but feel for the protagonist in the animation

  9. As a lucid dreamer and a kid treated differently I am glad to have seen this as reminder to myself that life in the present is not about the horrors of reality but the beauty of your dream.

  10. Lol this guy saw what he could become if he continues this shit and he gets another implant. Damn and kids who think they have depression think they have it rough.

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