Best Pre-Black Friday Deal Round Up ● Black Friday 2016

Best Pre-Black Friday Deal Round Up ● Black Friday 2016

– Today – A sneak peek at every Black Friday deal. – Yes! Hi, I’m the YouTube deal guy Matt Granite. – And I’m intern Casey. – And if you haven’t found us
yet, I hunt down the biggest deals in the country, I
am here for you every day. – And I’m here for most of the videos too, make sure you’re subscribed
and we’ll hook you guys up with some awesome deals and giveaways. – Giveaways are on the way,
at the end of this video we are going to give away
two $100 Amazon gift cards, just randomly selected for
people that have subscribed. – Wow, hundred bucks each. – Yeah, I know.
– Wow. – Really steppin’ it up. I am so gonna go broke, but that’s okay, we are gonna save you
money while I go broke, buying the items, testing
them, and a reminder, we’re giving away every major doorbuster, that begins in the 48 hours
after Cyber Monday, every single doorbuster I have will get
given away to subscribers, we’re giving away dozens
upon dozens of items. So we’re giving you a chance
now for the free stuff, if you’re not yet subscribed,
make sure you are, turn your notifications on
so you never miss a giveaway. Casey, are you excited? – I would say yes, Matt. – Well you will find an
ongoing list of the early doorbusters located right
under the video screen, we’re also gonna make sure
you get a little bit more up close with some of the items that have a lot of you excited. – From smart watches to Fitbit
equivalents under 40 bucks, Matt’s got all these
great deals here for you. – Not just under 40, Casey,
what you’re holding is $33. – Oh really?
– Yeah it’s an amazing deal! And one of the most popular
Bluetooth wireless headsets that I think sold out
probably in about nine minutes the last time I featured,
this 80% off deal is back. – 80%, wow.
– Yep. – That’s a lot.
– I’m really excited, Casey. And I also wanna make sure
that you guys know that we are really just in it to help you save, I’m not making a dime of
commission on anything I feature, Casey is paid but not
for selling products. We’re also, as I’m sure
you guys can assume, nothing ever goes wrong
when we shoot a video, so there are bloopers
that will capture many of the special moments Casey
and I have shared recently as well as many of the
other faces on this channel. – Nothing ever goes wrong,
Matt, are you kidding? – No, it’s a really
professional operation. We are gonna get serious about
savings for a few minutes, I wanna just run through every big Black Friday product
that you are gonna find on this deal list, we have you covered. – This now brings us to one of our most popular requested deals ever. – Other than drones, I can’t
talk about drones anymore. Well, we have lots of drone deals. Let’s begin with what’s in Casey’s hands, the best headphone deal
of the holiday season. Under 40 bucks for something
that actually surpasses Beats quality, waterproof,
you get a built-in microphone for hands-free operation,
you do get a cool carry pouch if you’re into that type of thing. Nine hours of use. I’d like to thank my wife
for shooting this video. – [Wife] You’re welcome.
– As you can see, the headphones are soaking wet
but they’re still streaming music at a fraction of the price of Beats at better audio quality, I love this. (Jingle Bells) – I feel like I can take
them anywhere with me, the gym, the beach. – So as you can see,
mine aren’t falling out. This sold out in nine minutes,
I think in part fueled by the excitement over the
disappearing iPhone 7 ports. – I wouldn’t call it
excitement, more so panic. – I was excited, so it’s excitement. These are waterproof, grab that, they’re gonna go again,
you’ll see ’em again on Black Friday and Cyber
Monday, grab ’em now. If you are looking for Black
Friday’s best laptop deal, that’s also located right under
this video screen and I will give you a full unboxing
and speed demo in the next couple of days, but if you
need it, it’s here now. Also right under this video
screen, you’re gonna find the best iPhone and Android
power banks and accessories, some insane toy deals,
Beats, studio wireless, these just dropped along
all of these other crazy accessories like LED
projectors, Apple Watch, and iPhone chargers, LED speakers
that are also alarm clocks and nightlights, 70% off luggage deals and a reminder, I would
under no circumstances buy any Amazon-made items
right now, that includes the Amazon Echo, the
Tap, the Fire tablets, these will be at their
lowest recorded prices ever within the next four to five
days, if you are a subscriber, I will hook you up, we’re talking tablets for under 35 bucks,
unlocked smartphone deals. Wait, don’t buy these items now. – This Black Friday, Matt
has at least four great watch deals that work for all
different types of people. – And you’ve tested, I believe, probably two dozen
different smart watches? – I have, yeah.
– Good job, Casey. – You gave me enough
time to put on two on. – You did a fantastic job, there. Our favorite is this $30 fitness tracker, an early doorbuster that
really does everything the Fitbit does, got a really
nice display and design, it’ll count your footsteps, your calories, amazing battery life, we
are a big fan of this. The price drops are fantastic right now. Casey, where are they located? – Right underneath this video screen. – You’re so good at that. (laughs)
– Thank you. We have received so
many questions this year about home audio devices, which is strange because we haven’t received
much requests for TV. – Yeah, it is interesting,
usually Black Friday, which is synonymous with
the best TV deals ever, I don’t know if it’s just you
all bought TV deals last year or you’re waiting or you’re
not articulating your requests to the same degree, I’m
going to have TV deals, but the home audio
deals this year are more competitive than anything I’ve ever seen. Apex, Polk Audio, a lot
of those really big brands are deal drops that are already
available, many of which are already located right
under this video screen. – If you’re looking for
cookware, kitchen ware, or these knives that Matt was holding up to his head earlier,
we got you guys covered. – Yes. All you guyses. Casey’s lying, she says that a lot. – It’s a Midwest thing.
– It’s a great thing. – Thank you. – The knife deals are all
part of the Black Friday mix, there’s a few more models
that appear Cyber Monday, I will make sure that you are streamlined to enjoy all of the
savings, all right here. Now before we end off with
two $100 random Amazon gift card giveaways, we
would also like to tell you that there are some great
bloopers that we have to share. – Oh great, more bloopers. – Hi guys, I’m Matt Granite, the deal guy and today we have insane
doorbusters on Lego Watches. – I really do like Target and I think they have good deals this season. – Target is not paying
me to talk about them, but it sounds like they just paid Casey. And now for our winning subscriber dance. Woo! – Right up here, we’ll (stammers) – [Matt] It was going very well, there. – Five four three. (coughs) It’s getting really
bad, I’m not gonna lie. – [Matt] Good thing you
didn’t do that salt. – [Man] Yeah, don’t gargle,
definitely don’t gargle. – Why? That would have helped. – We are also giving away
two fitness bracelets and smart bracelets for…
I’m so sorry, you guys. We are also giving away
two fitness bracelets and smart bracelets to subscribers. Why are you laughing,
I’m trying to do it well. – You can’t get that line, it’s fine, we are also giving away. – No no, just notifications.
– No. – I’m just doing one.
– [Man] Just one? – Yep, mmhmm. Woo! Yes, congratulations. Casey you’re still, like I feel as though I’m more invested in this today. – I don’t want my dress to fly up. – You don’t want where? – I don’t want my dress to fly up. – Ah, okay. Casey’s just reminded me she’s in a dress and that’s why she’s not jumping, I totally didn’t even realize that, I’m in jeans, you just
stand, it’s all good. – Okay, here we go.
– I’ll just do this. I’m just fixing that. – Do you want me to play with my hair? – [Man] Yeah, play with
your hair too, that’s great. – Have you ever seen this curl he has? – [Man] Who, him? – Yeah, he gets this one
little curl in the front. – I have a back spot where
– And one back there too. – Woo, you won, you’re so good! – It’s kinda hard, I almost
just hit you in the face. – Can you keep up with me or
was that a little bit much? – It was kinda fast-paced
but I tried, I tried. – I know, I felt exhilarated, I felt like I was driving a sports car. – By the way, make sure
to subscribe down below and back to you. – Oh Casey, brings me back to all those great moments we’ve shared. – So embarrassing, why, why
do we have to show them? – Obviously, we are
also a very serious team where our integrity is
put on the line every day and we would never do
anything that in any ways compromise our professionalism. Which brings us to our giveaway dance. Are you ready, Casey? – I’m very ready. – Using Two Buddies random
selection tool to find a subscriber who’s commented
in the last six months and if you have your notifications on, you will know you’ve won, Faith! We love you, thank you
for the great comments, you just won a free $100 gift card. Aww yeah, this is one of my
favorite social media followers ever, both of you please contact me at [email protected],
just send me an email and I will hook you up with your freebie. You won! Congratulations! You’ve won! I threw money at you, Casey.
– Thank you. – But what you didn’t realize is in there were some Canadian currency enjoyment. And speaking of free
money, one of the biggest giveaways in YouTube
history is gonna take place on my channel right here next week, make sure you are subscribed
if you want to win the many doorbusters I am giving away. Simply click my oversized
large head face right here to subscribe and save, but that’s not all. – Yeah, if you wanna learn how to turn on your YouTube notifications properly, we got you hooked up right here. – That’ll make sure you get
emails and alerts, okay bye! – Bye!

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  1. good morning Matt and Casey! always enjoy watching and seeing whatever the offers are! whether or not I get anything…..ooooh looking for a tablet. ….yeah

  2. Matt love your videos! Do you know of anything (headphones. speakers, etc) that might help someone (who is having trouble hearing) hear tv better without blaring the rest of us out the house?


  4. great deals! I'm looking for some kind of headset/ear phones to help lightly hearing impaired– volume keeps getting louder on tv for husband and it's driving me crazy!! Any info/help appreciated!

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