Best Replays of the Week International Xmas

Best Replays of the Week International Xmas

Hello, I’m Luke Kneller and welcome
to Best Replays of the Week. The Festive Season is upon us, and we have some great games
to end the year with. In this week’s episode we have: a Fast and Furious E 50, a Maus
celebrating Ragnarök, and a Top Gun going on a festive slay-ride. Enjoy. We’ll start the festivities on an American server, with a Steel Wall featuring the Mighty Maus. Radsjet brings the super heavy tank into
a tier 10 encounter on Ensk. Instead of a Christmas cheer, the slogan scrawled across this tank’s
massive turret promises Ragnarök, the final battle, and the end of the world… The Maus rolls into town, and the jingle of bells turns into the thunder of guns. Most opponents are on the other side of the map, so Radsjet drives into the circle to lure them out. This doesn’t look good. Nobody is coming into gun range,
and the team is getting massacred. The Maus needs to go hunting. Here we go. The first opponent goes down,
but the numbers look grim. Radsjet struggles to engage
the enemies at range, and the last ally gives up the ghost. The Maus is alone, one against six. It’s time for Ragnarök. Radsjet knocks out a T69, and then a T-44. The flat-and-low tier X medium
is a serious threat, but Radsjet manages to break
its track in the melee. The opponents are dishing out
heavy damage, but the Object needs to go down. After its dead Radsjet can focus on the others. Out of the frying pan
and into the fire. The Maus gets sandwiched
between the Type and a T32, however angling the turret
parries most of the shots. Radsjet blows up the American, and swings the turret
back just in time. The Type 4 Heavy is built on
the same scale as the Maus, but Ragnarök pushes it back. The opponent keeps aiming
at the same spot, making it easy for Radsjet
to block the shots. One of the shells does punch through, but it’s too little and too late. There’s a Bulldog in the circle, but the rumble of approaching
tracks scares it off. Radsjet enters the base, l
ooks for a defensible position… and picks off the doggy
before it has time to fire. Nice work, Steel Wall. Apparently, Radsjet had a day of frustrating
games before this one, so carrying the day as a Steel Wall must have come as a welcome change of pace. Santa’s little helper for the day
is jaeckefa from the EU region, driving a Škoda T 50. The game is played on Fiery Salient, with the Škoda on top tier. The first shots tenderise an IS-3, and the last shell in the drum strikes a TVP. jaeckefa fires off the second drum,
and heads North-East. Hey look, it’s the same IS-3. Two more hits, then a Waffenträger
picks up the kill. Merry Christmas, friend! The next drum is served to a Chinese heavy tank. After the reload a T34/100
volunteers to be gift wrapped, and jaeckefa hands it over it to a Löwe. The WZ gets claimed as well, and jaeckefa starts working on winning the game. Picking off an un-eyed O-Ni is a good start. The next present is another IS-3, going once again to the Löwe. Isn’t it nice to see the big cat
getting several kills for once? The next gift goes to an SU-122-44,
who seems eager to claim it. The opponents seem a bit grumpy
about this gifting business, and a G.W. Tiger tries to put a stop to it. Things slow down for a while, and the next kill goes to jaeckefa. “Hello, big boy”. The ST-I disappears into cover, so jaeckefa hits the reload
and races back North. “Boo!” Two more shots punch into the Soviet heavy, and an SPG is happy to claim the present. jaeckefa catches another enemy
crossing the railroad, but this time the allies have
trouble finishing it off. Does anybody want it? Ok, this one’s for the Confederate. The opponents are down to two vehicles and jaeckefa is running out of shells, so the next drum will be one short. The arty is found. Allies seem quite eager
to claim the last present. Shells start flying in before the Confederate can do
anything more than spot the target. That still counts as a gift, right? Nice work, jaeckefa. Looking at the numbers, it seems you didn’t just donate
a bunch of kills to the allies, but carried the game as well. That’s the spirit. The next game comes from the EU region. We don’t know if EscapeArtist is
fat man in a red suit, but they set out to slay like Father Christmas. Dashing through the snow is an FV215b, and we are, of course, in the Arctic Region. The first clash is with an IS-7. Someone needs to work
on their trigger discipline, but the opponent goes down anyway. A Waffenträger fires cautiously
from a long distance. It won’t help. If you’re on the naughty list,
you’re going down. Ho-ho-ho! Look at these rascals, trying
to sneak into the base. EscapeArtist gets ready for a proper fight, but killing the first one seems
to scare the others away. The team is getting wiped out,
but who cares about that. It’s Top Gun time. EscapeArtist keeps landing every shot, and picks up a Grille 15 as the fourth kill. There goes the last ally, with seven
more people on the naughty list. “Here we go” One! Two! and Three! That evens things out a bit. Four more to go. The Object 140 thinks it’s safe
behind those timbers, but it’s sadly mistaken. Killing it does drag on a bit though. The capper has to be dealt with, even if it means giving the Jagdpanzer a free shot. EscapeArtist rolls forwards, and the opponent
abandons the circle. An APCR shell strikes,
and incredibly bounces off. The opponent chooses to stand and fight, and the next shot blows it to shrapnel. Just two more to go. The Skorpion G is right here. It causes some damage, and a low roll
leaves the FV in a dangerous position. Luckily, the Skorpion rushes its shot, and the next shot seals its fate. Problem is though, that Santa’s Little Helper
is down to just two shells. EscapeArtist heads for the capture
circle and waits for the TD. The Jagdpanzer doesn’t come however,
choosing to drown its sorrows instead. A bit of a strange ending there, but a ten kill Top Gun in the snow
is just what the episode needed. Well played, EscapeArtist, and Merry Christmas. Moving on, we have a fast and furious
Contribution from arturoDelavegas, who won the Defender award in episode #13. The battleground is Steppes, and
the match is played on an EU server. The sandy terrain isn’t very Christmassy, so let’s think of it as a holiday time action movie. Delavegas takes point and leads the
charge down the Eastern edge of the map. A T-44 gets mauled right away, and a T-10 is driven into a retreat. A SuperPershing takes a shot, and is finished off with a ram a few moments later. Delavegas gets back to leading the charge,
and goes for a Skorpion G. An ally puts in the final shell, and the E 50 keeps going. A prototype showing its butt is worth
stopping for a shot. The T-43 tries to run, but Arturo cuts
its track with a ram, and takes it out. The timing here is flawless. The E 50 backs up just enough to bounce
the shot from an ISU-122S, then pushes on to dismantle an IS-6. Aw, the IS is looking the wrong way. Delavegas wrecks it while driving past,
and presses onwards. One shell for the IS-3, and then
it’s time to wreck a Caernarvon. It’s the last one left, and a few
moments later it joins the others. gg. Wow! In less than five minutes,
ArturoDelavegas damaged 12 enemies and dished out a ton of damage. I hope we’ll see more games
with this kind of fearless aggression! Let’s wrap up this Christmas special, with a Defender game from the Asian region. DepTrai_HatHay_CacKieu has brought
a Bat.-Châtillon 25 t out onto the Steppes. To a Northerner this might not look like Christmas weather, but it’s about right for the Southern Hemisphere. Dep starts with a bit of reconnaissance. A T-10 gets spotted, but there’s
no opportunity to fire on it just yet. The Bat drives to the edge of the map
and pretends to be a bush. Patience pays off, with four solid hits
on three separate targets. Sixth sense lights up, and it’s time to move on. Reload is ready, and there are numerous
targets to choose from. The T-10 from earlier tries to start something, but gets beaten up for its troubles. Another reload, and things are starting
to look pretty bad for the team. The Defender picks up the pace, by finishing off an E-75 and the T-10,
before hitting reload. Dep goes back to impersonating a bush. The reload is almost done, when a rival Bat makes itself a tempting target. Boom! Like a sniper. Here’s another sliver of a target. Boom! This is one well calibrated gun. The Defender heads closer,
as the second to last ally falls. A T54E1 comes into view, looking like the next victim. The kill shot bounces off a track however, and the last shell in the drum strikes the ground. The last ally is now gone as well,
so the endgame is one against four. A capture starts, and the Defender
heads for the base. Wait. Is there time to knock out the arty first? Of course there is. One shot dodged, two… Three, and reset. The remaining shells aren’t enough
to kill the second one, but the capture bar goes to zero. The Defender even manages to take a shell from the T34 with only minor track damage. There should be plenty of time for a reload, but suddenly a rival Bat pounces out of nowhere. The shot misses by inches,
and the Defender opens up the distance. The duel is pretty much a draw, with each machine getting wrecked. Remember that missed opening shot, though? The opponent’s weapon runs dry,
and they try to run. Dep still has a shell however, so… Boom. It comes down to a 1 on 1. The reload will be ready
before the capture finishes, but the Defender is down to a single shell! Dep goes wide, and is well out of position
when the reload is done. Was this a fatal mistake? One last chance. Pull the trigger! Phew. Ok, you can’t cut it any closer than that. If I believed in Christmas miracles, I’d say the server was being generous
about ending the game. Well played, and what a nail biter ending
for our holiday special. That’s it for our holiday episode. Have a great time everybody, and don’t eat yourselves sick. If you’re not celebrating anything in particular, well, good luck with those x5 games! I’m Luke Kneller. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next year!

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  1. I will be eating my self sick because this is the last Christmas il have with my dad before leukemia wins. It's hard on the family.

  2. Come on i hav 9 kills with ISU-152 5k dmg and 5vs1 me with 23 Hp left kill all of them. And i'm not in best replays of the week

  3. My Friend buys 170k Gold (yeah I know…this dude is awesome XD) i got in 2 of 4 rounds crucial contribution spend in one year around 1k € for WG this year+7k matches…and still no thank you or anything special for us! WarGaming! We pay for yoir fucking servers! So atleast thank us with a better gift tank…I love this game…but WG pls…Merry Christmas guys 🙂

  4. Ragnarok Actually mean the fall of the Gods in Swedish I believe. In Viking Mythology it is said that the Fall of the Gods was the battle of the titans against the Gods. When Ragnarok happens the earth gets destroyed but is recovered as rebirth

  5. Na amerykańskim serwie sami kiepscy gracze grają… nawet hallack to powiedział. Na serwerze EU o wiele trudniej jest zrobić dobry wynik

  6. I was going to watch this video but it is like an idiot documentary with someone commenting on what you can see…. like were idiots UGH…. thumbs WAAAAAYYYYY DOWN

  7. Hi luke, great replay, I like the way you picked music man, really nice

    But you spam the last player name wide open, Im a Vietnamese, just like deptrai_hathay_cackieu, and yea, you pronounce them all wrong dude XDDD, made me laughed hard XDD

  8. Why have I all of a sudden really gotten into this game? Lol my friends have been playing for years and I've played here and there but never really got into the game to much. Now I can't stop playing and grinding tank lines lol I even downloaded wot blitz on my phone lol.

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