BIRTHDAY PARTY OF Stanley Gabriel???????????

BIRTHDAY PARTY OF Stanley Gabriel???????????

through March 21 again yeah right now
I’m in a very nice place right now as you can see this is a negress to the USA
okay let’s see we are inside the place right now and you can see the beautiful
views yeah nice trees here you can see bro hey
bro can you introduce yourself bro me my name yeah your name
I saw a bro saya okay I saya is this your first time here or you have been
here before no you have been here 10 times bro
at 10 times yeah so can you tell us what we are going to see inside as we go it’s
beautiful the beautiful place yeah okay okay okay okay so right now we
had a birthday party and you can see this is sleep oh yeah and let’s say we
are going to swim but let’s introduce the celebrant
they say powerful man yeah it’s a Libra so tell you what’s your perception of
love you alcohol was it wasn’t them again oh yeah that you wouldn’t tell you
what you love you are for Maria oh man she must die oh that’s sweet
so so I hope with this with this person that’s my son is my life oh you tell you SEC me because I one
year eight month while you can see enormously an Angela blood mr. with a
platinum blood before I look at so cute you know you know look at it nicer and
nicer place so today level to see that today we have a person here let’s hear
from Ellen please Maurice wow them to yeah yeah yeah okay
so Amira so what the all-star self at a celebration that you feel right now I
feel so fresh Oh nice nice so what do you want the
sympathy of us wasn’t me right now okay so I arrived in China and I just enjoy so much that you answer you

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