Birthday party return Gift idea | DIY Budget friendly Goodie Bags (under Rs15/-)

Birthday party return Gift idea | DIY Budget friendly Goodie Bags (under Rs15/-)

Hello friends and welcome on my channel..i
today’s video i am gonna show u a budget friendly way to make return gift for kids..if you are
new on my channel i am Vidhya..i make videos on kid friendly food parenting and kid’s activities
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for making it..i took some colourful chart papers..they should be of sufficient thickness
to hold the shape…i will show u two methods of packing and this one is the conical
the beginning i drew its pattern..for that i made icecream shaped cones of equal
here the length of this cone is uniformly 15 cm and the maximum width at the upper end
is 5.5 cm..if you want u can also use a protactor so that equal angle cones are formed..and
at the upper end i made flaps and flap height is 2.25 cm…which is half of the maximum
width of cone..then only when we close the cone..all flaps will meet at the centre..also
i left a little flap along the that we can stick the cone..then with the help
of scissor i cut it…once pattern is cut fold the extra flap..i gave a slanting shape
to the extra paper along the flap…so that i can stick it easily..then along the lines..i
folded it into a cone…like this only fold it all along…i m cutting the extra ends
again..then i folded the flaps also along lines..then apply glue to side flaps..and
then u can stick it to the other end..and then for giving as gift..i selected some sharpeners
and erasers..these are fancy sharpeners and erasers..this i bought from whole sale market..and
in there i got a very reasonable price..if u also wish to buy something like this in
your kid’s birthday plan..wen u need bulk of these things then…rather than going to
local market were it may be little costly individually..but if you go to a wholesale
market..every city has a wholesale there u can buy in bulk..they sell in
you will get very reasonable and cheaper prices..and yes i didn’t share yet…Vanshu’s birthday
is this week only..and for that only i’m preparing this..and i thought of sharing it with you
all…i initially thought of adding a pencil also to it..i wanted to make a stationary
kit..pencil, sharpener and eraser..but school people had set a budget for it..we should
not spend too much..they advised that is why i limited it to just sharpener and
eraser..if you want you can add a pencil to here in this i m placing the eraser
and the sharpener..size is ideal..i am not having any space issue..and then i am closing
the flaps..close flaps like this..overlapping each you can see..flaps are meeting
at the center and then with help of sketch pen a made a face..two eyes and a smile..then
to the upper end..we need to put one cellotape..because it opens up on with tape i placed
some fancy ribbons by making it’s spirals..and like this you can use different colour chart
papers rather than using a same colour and it will look very fancy..make one pattern..then
make duplicate pattern or copies from that one pattern.. then one by one you can fold
it and easily and very fast you can prepare cones..and the second pattern that i tried..that
also i am gonna show you..but i ll say that from before..that this one is a little bit
tricky and difficult to make..compared to the earlier one..but if you like it you can
try for making this i prepared its base first and that base is of 7 cm in dimension
and then i prepared its side flaps..and for that i made a square of 7 cm dimension and
then drew the shape of flaps along its sides..little flaps to stick to the base and then in upper
flaps end i drew a heart this only make the other side of flap..same dimension
square..flaps to stick to base and then curves along the sides..and this will be extended
with a slit in i am cutting the pattern..cut the heart shape flaps and the locking
after cutting them..make one more copy of it..then cut it again..this will create similar
copies of the once you have cut all the will look like this..a
square base and side flaps..then i folded the flaps and with help of glue i fixed it
to the base..then bring two heart shape flaps together..and then make slits on the other through these slits you have to pass the heart shapes..if they are not easily
passing then with the help of scissor you can cut it more..same way do with the other
flap..that way an enclosed box shape is ready and it looks very beautiful..then i opened
one flap and then i filled the goodies and then closed it again…i made two eyes and
a nose…so that way it looks like a bunny..if you like this video then pleases do hit the
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