Birthday Party Surprise for  Toys Slimes Cake Steals Paw Patrol Toys Ellie Sparkles

Birthday Party Surprise for Toys Slimes Cake Steals Paw Patrol Toys Ellie Sparkles

-Hi everyone, this is Ellie Sparkles! We have 3 babies in the cribs today! Here is baby Romeo, baby Owlette, and baby
Catboy! Today is a big day for baby Catboy! It’s baby Catboy’s birthday! Hooray! Happy birthday Catboy! We got some awesome birthday presents for
you, so be a good baby and we’ll open them later! Uh oh, what are you doing Romeo? What’s in your hand? Oh no, it’s Romeo’s icky green slime! No slime for you Romeo! You always slime other babies with your icky
slime! But not today! Romeo, you can’t be a bad boy today. Are you gonna be good boy on Catboy’s birthday? Yes? Are you gonna do anything naughty today? No? OK, we trust you Romeo, I hope you don’t
cause any trouble! Here comes baby sitter Hulk! Hello Babies! We will be having Catboy’s Birthday Party
soon. If everyone is a good baby and doen’t make
Babysitter hulk mad, we will have yummy birthday cake and open birthday surprise toys. But just don’t get Hulk mad! The babies are ready for the birthday party
to start. And look…Babysitter Hulk brought an awesome
birthday cake for baby Catboy and the other babies! It looks so yummy just like Hulk promised! I can’t wait to taste it! The cake even has a candle on top for Catboy
to blow out! OK Boys and girls, how many candles were on
your birthday cake this year? Let me know in the comments! Catboy is so happy that he got such a nice
birthday cake! OH NO! What did you do Romeo! Romeo just slimed Catboy’s birthday cake with
his icky green slime! Now the cake is all covered in slime! Let’s save the cake before it’s ruined! Uh Oh…Hulk looks really mad at Romeo! Romeo slimed the birthday cake. That isn’t nice. Romeo make Hulk very mad! Be a good baby Romeo! Ok, now that we saved the birthday cake, it’s
time to sing Happy Birthday Song to our birthday baby Catboy! Happy birthday to you~Happy birthday to you~Happy
birthday baby Catboy….. Baby Romeo is crying so loud that we can’t
finish singing Happy Birthday. Why is Romeo crying during song? Hulk sings Happy Birthday to Catboy but Romeo
ruins Hulk’s singing. Hulk gets mad when Hulk can’t sing! Ok catboy, it’s time to blow out the candle
and make a wish! Are you ready catboy? Oh no!! Romeo blew the candle instead! Poor Catboy! His birthday is ruined by the evil Romeo! Hulk is mad at Romeo again! Catboy blows out the candle, not Romeo! This isn’t Romeo’s birthday Cake! Romeo isn’t allowed to blow out Catboy’s
candle! Ok catboy, we lit up the candle for you again. Blow it out and make a wish this time! Are you ready catboy? 3,2,1, blow! Good job Catboy! Happy birthday! It’s finally time to eat the birthday cake! Let’s cut it into 4 pieces! Here you are Catboy! And here is yours Owlette. Hulk really loves to eat birthday cake too! And we can’t forget baby Romeo! Ok, everyone got their cake! It’s time to eat! Birthday boy goes first! Have some cake Catboy. Hmmm..yummy! One more piece! Catboy’s all done! You’re such a good baby! Ok Romeo, it’s time for you to eat. Romeo is not eating! Romeo keeps crying. You don’t want any cake Romeo? No? You don’t like birthday cake? No? Ok, you can sit back down. Hey wait! Romeo is throwing the cake to the other babies! Oh no! He made such a big mess with the birthday
cake! Owlette, Catboy and Hulk all got cakes on
their face! What a evil villain Romeo is! He once again ruined the birthday party! Hulk is so so mad at Romeo! But Romeo is still laughing! He doesn’t listen to babysitter Hulk at all! Romeo is such a troublemaker! Ok babies, it’s finally time to open up the
birthday presents! Babysitter Hulk brought 3 presents. They’re from Owlette, Romeo and babysitter
Hulk. The presents are wrapped in Spiderman wrapping
paper! Awesome! I can’t wait to see what Catboy got from Owlette. Let’s open up Owlette’s present first! Wow awesome! It’s a My Little Pony Mymoji blind bag! Let’s see which pony is inside this one. Wow We got Fluttershy! Fluttershy is a yellow pony and she got beautiful
pink hair! Look at her eyes! They are 2 hearts! She also has a big smile on her face. I wonder if she saw some yummy food! That’s an awesome present Owlette! Thanks! I hope Catboy likes it! And nowwe are going to open the present from
Romeo. That’s very nice of you Romeo to get a gift
for Romeo! Maybe Romeo is being a good baby for once. The gift is nicely wrapped! I wonder what it is Let’s open it up and see
what Romeo got for Catboy! Oh cool! It’s a Troll’s surprise egg! Catboy loves the Trolls movie! Let’s see which troll we got inside! Oh no! We got slimed again by Romeo! You are a bad bad boy today Romeo! This green slime so ooey and gooey! I knew Romeo wouldn’t just give us a normal
present! It has to be something evil in it! But wait, we found something hidden inside
this green slime! It’s a Trolls keychain! OK Trolls fans, do you know the name of this
pink troll? Let me know in the comments. This is a really nice present but Romeo had
to ruin it with his icky slime! Romeo slimed Catboy’s birthday gift. That makes Hulk very very mad! Because Romeo is so naughty, everyone has
to go to bed now! You have to wait to open Hulk’s birthday
gift when you wake up. Hulk very mad! Ok the babies are back in the crib sleeping. All the babies are being good except for… Romeo! Uh Oh, Romeo is getting up. Oh no, Romeo, you have to be a good baby during
the night, or else you won’t be able to open up the last toy! Romeo is making sure babysitter Hulk is not
around….He is such a sneaky villain baby. I can already see Romeo is up to no good again! Yep! He took the last present! Put it down Romeo, it’s not your present. It’s Catboy’s! But Romeo doens’t listen. He has to open up the present and see what’s
inside. He can’t wait for the morning. Wow awesome! The last present is a Paw Patrol Rubble weeble
toy! Romeo loves playing with weeble toys! Weeble toys have no legs, so they can’t walk. Instead, they weeble and wobble! Look how fast Rubble can spin! I love his yellow construction uniform. Romeo is having so much fun playing with the
Rubble weeble toy. And Romeo wants to be a weeble toy too! Hahhaha.. Look at Romeo go! He is weebling and wobbling just like Rubble! And now he’s spinning! Be careful Romeo! Oh nooo! Romeo lost balance and hit the cribs. It made such a big noise. I hope babysitter Hulk didn’t hear that! Uh oh, Romeo, turn around! Babysitter Hulk is here! Hulk caught Romeo being naughty again! So much for being a bad baby! Time to go back to sleep! And definitely no toys for you in the morning! I hope you enjoyed watching this video! The kids got to have a birthday party and
open so many awesome surprise toys! If you had fun,touch the picture of Gekko
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Sing and the Trolls Movie, touch one of the videos on the screen. Thanks for watching, this is Ellie Sparkles,

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