Black Friday 2018 Nintendo Switch DEALS!

Black Friday 2018 Nintendo Switch DEALS!

What’s going on boys and girls what’s up
world austin john plays here and today i want to go over some of the best black
friday deals for nintendo we’re gonna be taking a look at some of the largest
retailers here in north america including Best Buy Walmart Game Stop
Target and of course Amazon for deals they’re gonna be offering for Nintendo
products this holiday season and by holiday season I mean Thanksgiving the
day after sometimes the weekend and Cyber Monday
that’s that’s what I mean you know what I mean first of all if you are looking
for a Nintendo switch on Black Friday pretty much every single retailer is
gonna be bundling it with Mario Kart 8 deluxe which is great because that game
is 60 bucks and it’s a great multiplayer game you’re gonna get a full Nintendo
switch bundle and your beginning Mario Kart 8 deluxe full game download so it
probably doesn’t include the game but you enter code on the eShop and then you
get to redeem it you’re good to go I see it right here on Walmart I know that
it’s on target and it’s on Best Buy Amazon is also offering a Nintendo
switch something called a double helix bundle
oh we’re not talking about that Mario Cart a deluxe bundle one game I want to
talk about is going to be Super Mario Party not only is it a great multiplayer
game so if you have multiple people who are going to be playing your Nintendo
switch it’s a great game and it includes a pair of joy Khan’s the bundle for the
game which is a physical copy of the game and the pair of joy cons is 9999 US
dollars and that’s great because the joy Khan’s normally sell for 70 bucks for
the left right pair and the game sells for 60 so essentially you’re getting the
game at 30 bucks because you do need a second set of controllers well for Mario
Party you could play with just one joy Khan but you’re gonna need two
controllers and it looks like Super Mario Party bundle is available at a
number of retailers I at Target talking about the Mario Kart 8 deluxe bundle
tell us with mentioning that at Best Buy Target Walmart all of them have a lot of
TVs on sale and it’s good to know that if you’re looking for real quality TV
the on sale you probably want to shop on around Super Bowl time but if you’re
looking for a deal on a cheap TV Black Friday is a time for them so some of
these models that are made specifically for
Black Friday don’t have some of the features that would be on their full
model which actually isn’t the worst thing for gamers because it could cut
down the latency time if you’re not doing a Smart TV or something like that
real gamers look for gaming monitors which have super super fast response
times and when there’s not a whole bunch of stuff going on with the TV it’s
usually a very very quick picture I learned that lesson the hard way so
target has some deals on additional controllers let’s take a look at this
Nintendo switched cases and wired controllers are 20% off so this is the
power a wired controller which I have the Zelda one right here the wired power
a controller I actually haven’t used it yet I was gonna make a review about it
but these power a wired controllers are like really really cheap I think they’re
like 17 20 bucks so if you’re looking for a prole the powered a wire ones are
pretty much her way to go also if you’re looking to pick up another system both
Sony and Microsoft have their respective systems on sale for 200 bucks each and
both of them come with the game the PlayStation 1 comes with spider-man and
the Microsoft one comes to a minecraft so if you want to pick up another system
well they’re pretty cheap right now Google Roombas are $100 off nice
Yesi target has like the worst website it’s like select video games are half
price doorbuster item includes Oh Lego DC super villains for Nintendo
switch and more that’s that’s legit let’s move on to Best Buy
so Best Buy has a whole bunch of deals going on they have this same powered a
wired controllers for $14.99 the interesting thing I got mine at Best Buy
as you can see right here every single retailer has different designs of these
powered a controllers between the Zelda this.what red one this Mario one Game
Stop has their own exclusive ones and Walmart and Target have their own
exclusive ones it’s pretty interesting $14.99 for a Wired pro controller and a
bad especially for a player – this controller right here is normally 25
bucks $14.99 on Best Buy they also have some deals
for a for joy con charger for $19.99 they have some cases going on sale this
one is 12 bucks this one which is a little bit fancier and mario karta
Deluxe is $14.99 this one which I personally own the RDS industries wand
is $14.99 it’s a really nice case you get a screen protector for seven bucks
and you get a car charger for 10 bucks of course I recommend an external
battery not a car charger let’s talk about games so mario Rabbids kingdom
battle which it says sold out it sold out online is $40 off this is a
fantastic game it’s a it’s an ex calm style turn-based tactical game but it’s
a great game for 20 bucks I paid full price for this that’s 16 it
was great pac-man arcade have no idea about it Dragonball Fighter Z is 30
bucks for the switch the crash bandicoot insane trilogy is 15 bucks off at 25
bomberman which was a release title is on sale for $20
undertale for 25 so it seems like a lot of these switch games are going for 20
$25 Monster Hunter generations is 35 sonic Force is on sale for 25 Donkey
Kong tropical freeze this is the first first party game I saw on this list is
on sale for 40 it’s $20 off it’s a it’s a difficult platformer it’s it’s some
fun I haven’t played it that much as opposed to Kirby Star allies which is
the opposite of that which is very very simple and that’s 40 bucks so if you
want a hard game Donkey Kong if you want to ease game Kirby the star link bundle
which was normally 75 bucks it comes with it with Star Fox’s a wing is $35
and that’s pretty fantastic I didn’t play the game
I’m mid be pegging it up on Black Friday but for half off and it comes with Star
Fox is ship how could you turn that down right others page to Pokemon older son
is half price because the 3ds is gonna die
apparently there’s a Wheel of Fortune game Animal Crossing for 3ds is only 15
bucks Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3d also on sale for 15 bucks I already got
that I need majora’s mask let’s see if that
one’s on sale captain toad treasure tracker 30 bucks it’s $10 off not bad
fire emblem warriors is on sale from 60 down to 35 they’re also selling the
limited edition Mario maker 2d yes that comes with Super Mario maker it’s also a
bright yellow and red 2d s at $79.99 that’s that’s not bad that’s the same
deal that they had going on for the old mario kart but with the brand new Mario
maker so a mad at that sorry it’s called the arwing not the a
wing a wing is Star Wars Best Buy has really just the best deals I’ve seen
Amazon has it listed what they’re doing for Nintendo switch games quite yet I’m
not too sure why let’s take a look at Game Stop what they plan on doing they
also have the same hundred dollars off of a PlayStation or an Xbox with the
same game bundled and they also have Mario Kart 8 deluxe for the Nintendo
switch bundle it’s $300 so yeah pretty much everywhere you’re gonna go you’re
going to be spending $300 on a Nintendo switch the only difference is now
they’re including the brand-new Mario Kart 8 deluxe fantastic title selling
really well so for a game stop Black Friday the up Legend of Zelda breath of
the wild and then it says bonus something up here this could be the DLC
the season pass to save $20 if that is the case
Super Mario Odyssey is also $60 and there’s another bonus thing here
maybe it’s the strategy guide I’m not really too sure also there’s this pretty
neat switch controller bundle going on then you get to swap the faceplate and
there’s vinyls for the switch those are $35 I saw it in store it seemed pretty
neat but I don’t know about that controller or anything else about it
the same powered a controllers except the Game Stop editions which are the
Mario Bowser and the link once again 15 bucks
pro controller can’t beat it they’re also selling the Nintendo switch as D
cards don’t buy those just buy a regular one just buy a regular class 10 or
higher microSD card you could even get an ex C card if you want to fallout just
you don’t need those save up to 63 percent off on Nintendo’s switch titles
Eleanor’s 10 bucks I might pick that up for $10 Wow rocket League is down to $29
that ain’t bad they have the same deal going for the star link bundle for
Nintendo switch which is nice the same deal on Mario maker 3ds
let’s go Pikachu an Eevee at full price and the pokeball at full price if you do
get the pokeball bundled with the game which is the only way to get mu you save
$10 which is pretty neat that do keep in mind that that pokeball Plus can’t be
used for any other Nintendo switch game but it can be used for a Pokemon go so
you can like catch Pokemon when you run around with it okay I kind of love this
it says Don we now our a game apparel and there’s an ugly sweater but it’s
Mario I really like that I might get that for my ugly Christmas party this
year ugly sweater party really they made it
into monopoly I don’t like those people apparently Game Stop is selling gaming
pcs now oh they’re also selling the switch backpack for only 20 bucks heard
great things about that oh and gamer glasses I picked up a pair of those just
really tight on my head it’s weird cuz like they say like they
make things look in HD but they kind of do which is weird
oh you do a full game download of snipper clips that for ten bucks that’s
a great game I bought it and it’s like something fun to do with two people just
like stuck in a room for a while it looks like sixth and seventh gen
Pokemon games for the 3ds are all on sale for 15 bucks might be a great time
to you know fill up your backlog and it looks like that was it for a game stop
Oh nope on the GameStop website for a game stop calm slash black friday $50
gift card with the purchase of any new Nintendo switch console really alright
so check this out Game Stop has an advantage here the Nintendo switch
console with Mario Kart 8 deluxe with $50 gamestop gift card for a Nintendo
switch $300 so for 300 hours you get a Nintendo switch and it comes bundled
with a download code from Mario Kart 8 deluxe and you get a $50 a shop card
that’s the best deal for the Nintendo switch I’ve seen for Black Friday it’s
essentially like you’re getting $50 and a $60 game so that’s kind of like you’re
getting this Nintendo switch for a hundred and ninety dollars so I’d
recommend that that probably might sell out soon it says currently unavailable
online maybe that’s only in store or maybe that’s already sold out cuz it’s
like you could buy the regular switch at $50 gift card and let’s take a quick
look-see at Walmart here Walmart has a $13 lamp with a built-in wireless
charger that seems way too cheap for a wireless charger and a lamp that seems
to chart too cheap for a wireless charger or a lamp let alone them
combined Walmart also has a hodgepodge of games that are on sale and they seem
to be pretty much the same price that we’ve been seeing as in the first party
titles arms pokken tournament Kirby and Donkey Kong for $35 you have second
party titles including Mario rabbits Kingdom battle 25 that’s 25mm that’s
five dollars more than it was on the last site you have Crash Bandicoot on
there 17 dollars for a bunch of 2d s titles
including the newest Zelda game link between worlds and $12 doesn’t look like
there’s any switch games there might find some Wii U titles and the same
deals $2.99 for the switch $79 for the Mario maker and yeah that’s gonna be
wrapping this up if you’re a kid who wants a Nintendo switch and you think
your parents might be getting it for you this holiday season share this video
with them at this exact time marker right here all right so the Nintendo
switch not only is it great in handheld and tabletop mode and also dock mode but
the games are really really quality games like Nintendo puts out great games
you probably know this because you’re an adult like me right I definitely
recommend getting one or two of the first party titles between breath of the
wild or Super Mario Odyssey and using this black friday opportunity to get a
bunch of the cheaper games as well because the switch is better when you
have lots and lots of games as you probably know because you may have a son
or daughter who has way too many games on your phone and you’re tired of them
using your phone for games so that’s what the Nintendo switches for am i
right right so yeah guys that’s gonna be
wrapping up this video for the Black Friday deals at Gamestop Walmart Best
Buy Target and idea cuz the Best Buy website ooh Best Buy has Super Mario
Odyssey for $12 off not horrible first time I’ve seen that thing go on sale and
a pro controller for $10 off nice see how that’s gonna be wrapping up this
video do you want to thank everybody who came and checked it out if you’re new to
the channel be sure to leave a like subscribe to the channel until next time
Austin John out

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  1. For the Breathe of the Wild bundle you were looking at its just a booklet that comes with the game, my Best Buy sells them. (I don't think they're worth it)

  2. In Portugal in one retailer is 230€ console +30€ pokémon… Usually its 330€ just the console so thats a huge deal! But the minimum payment here its 580€…

  3. Saw this video, immeadiately went and ordered Starlink. That's arguably one of the best deals next to the console bundles on the whole list.

  4. My mom won't get me a switch because its expensive and by the time I am able to buy it the switch wont be the best thing in the world anymore so I hope in black Friday sales, the switch will be cheaper than $300 dollars.

  5. Perfect I could buy that switch backpack and Pokemon xy since I never got to play those 😀 GameStop really has great deals this year

  6. This is bullshit man, I went to GameStop for starlink for my switch and it wasn’t 40. It was 80 according to the cashiers, so I didn’t buy it 🙁 (California)

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