Hello guys! Welcome back to my channel! In today’s video, I want to show you guys what I bought on Black Friday. I didn’t buy a lot of stuff, so it’s going to be a short video. The first store I shopped at was American Eagle. I got a pair of pants and I love them! Usually I’m not a big fan of mom jeans, so I tried these on and they fit perfectly! The entire store was 40% off, so i got this for $30. The next store I went to was Aerie. I got some pajama shorts. I thought these were cute. Aerie was also 40% off for the whole store, and these cost less than $10. I didn’t buy the matching top, I just bought the shorts. The next store I went to was Hollister. I only bought one thing and I am a HUGE fan of them. In my last haul video, I bought plaid pants from Hollister. And then now, I bought checked pants from Hollister. And they are so cute. I love them! These were on sale, the whole store was 50% off and this was $21. It’s not a bad price. All right. The last store I went to was Tilly’s. Before I show you the item, I want to tell you that last month, I went to Tilly’s for the first time. I never even walked in there before. So me, my mom, and my sister went in there and I bought this AWESOME skirt and I really love it, it’s perfect for Fall. And then I went there on Black Friday, and I bought this awesome jacket for $10. I’m not kidding! It’s $10! It’s a mint green color. It’s corduroy. I cannot believe it’s $10. So, yay me! I also bought two things from Urban Outfitters online. The first item I bought was this tank top. I know it’s supposed to be winter, and this was cheap. It was $15. I got it in a size large because it’s a cropped tank and I don’t want to buy a cropped tank, so this is perfect. I got this, um, Power Rangers graphic long sleeve shirt. I love it! Then I got it in a size medium because I don’t want a crop. And then, when I got this in the mail, it was still a crop! And this was $20. I’m so happy with it. I also got bras from Aerie, but I’m not showing it on video! So that is it for this video. I hope you liked the stuff I got, and I hope you liked watching this video. I hope you give this a thumbs up, and subscribe if you haven’t, and I’ll see you next Sunday! I am still changing the banner, I promise!

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