Black Friday and Cyber Monday Tips | NordVPN

Ready to make the most of Black Friday and
Cyber Monday? Online stores often have different deals for
different countries. Use a VPN to change your IP location and check
for better offers. Is something already sold out in your country? Here’s a secret: it can still be available
in other countries. Hackers can easily scan public Wi-Fi looking
for weak connections and get your sensitive data. If you absolutely HAVE TO use a public Wi-Fi
connection, connect to a VPN first. The encrypted connection will make sure that
your personal data will be safe when you hit “Buy.” Scammers can redirect you to a fake online
store. Before entering any personal data to complete
your purchase, check for the HTTPS in your URL and make sure you’re on the right site. For more online security tips, subscribe to
the NordVPN YouTube channel.

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