Black Friday Deal from Rhino Shield | River City Live

Black Friday Deal from Rhino Shield | River City Live

to our block Friday edition and our friends at rhino shield will let’s just say they are going all out I’d like to say doorbuster deals but you guys actually put a coating over the door so we’re not going to say that so the deal you’re talking about you have never done before in the history since you’ve been with the company and that’s a long time I’ve been with the company since 2004 and we will we’re presenting today we have never done before all right now keeping with the spirit of Black Friday you are offering up a free iPad if you sign up with rhino shield so how cool is that because that’s a lot of money right now sure and it is and these are these are the new ones – these aren’t the the gen ones that we got the pink we got the gold we have the grey and that’s just one of the benefits we’re offering today and then let’s just talk about the big sale you’re offering out 40% off unheard of never done all the viewers that watch the show all the channel 4 viewers they know all of our radio listeners we have never done this in the history of rhino shield now 40% of we talk about the cost-benefit analysis when it’s just a regular price versus paint because you have to paint your house every three to five years rhino shield is good for 25 years now you take in consideration 40% off and you have buried the competition as far as pain worse we’re saying if you’re even in the market or even thinking of painting your house call us up and see what the numbers worked out as for you because I would I would highly suggest it and another great part so you have the incentive of the iPad you have the 40% off but if you call in today then you could actually have it delivered before the holidays before Christmas time which is about you know 20-some days away and and today tomorrow and Friday is the last days people can call us and we can guarantee the work being done before Christmas and then when you talk about rhino shield one of the things that I think is truly unique you guys come out there you’ll do in a little bit of an assessment then you do all the patch work that needs to be done on the house so all those cracks anything needs to be fill in you’ll put that first base coat down before you actually put on rhino shield so that in itself is a lot of value but you’re gonna have a perfect canvas before you put on the waterproof coat it sure and you know I brought I didn’t bring the primer but the actual coating ourselves real stretchy you’ve seen this a million times stretchy rubber like real thick coding this is what protects your house this is what waterproof to your house this is what guarantees your paint not to peel and chip ever again this is this is the best coating on the market the other thing that’s really unique to Rhino shield is back you could actually customize your color so a lot of times when it comes to your house it’s the biggest purchase you will ever make so you want to have your saying what it looks like so from the actual color of the house to even the accent points you know around the windows the doors whatever that might be sure we do any color any amounts of colors custom colors whatever whatever customer wants we can do it we do everything in-house we tint everything and in yeah we put the colors up before we actually start going so you’re a hundred percent sure you’re like one of the stories that you told us a while back has to do with a family wanted the color of butter and being that Thanksgiving is tomorrow that just popped in my hat so you actually matched up a color of butter can match anything we’ve done couches we’ve done a ladies blouse favorite blouse we’ve we matched anything and then as far as maintenance what do you have to do with rhino shield it’s a garden hose to clean it off that’s the only maintenance you have to do that there is no annual maintenance work you have to do or any maintenance agreement that we have it’s nothing this is a low maintenance product garden hose you can’t pressure wash it you just want to get the dust and cobwebs off if they form and because of the material water just runs right off of it because it has that shiny type material too it’s a waterproof coating it’s as water will not penetrate this your house will not crack and allow water to come in like traditional paint and it’s just interesting because I know this weekend a lot of families and be outdoors hanging up their Christmas lights putting up their decorations and they’re gonna take a close look at their house and you know they’re gonna say you know what this could be beautified well Rhino shield is a solution 40% off you get the iPad the number to call nine oh four five one nine five zero five five to learn more go to Rhino shield Jax comm J thanks for being on the show thanks for the promotion and Happy Thanksgiving thank you all right right now we’re sent over to eating

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