Black Friday For STREAMERS – Best Deals!

Black Friday For STREAMERS – Best Deals!

What’s up guys, welcome back once again to the Gaming Careers YouTube channel. It is Friday, but not just
any Friday, that’s right. It’s black Friday, which
means that this weekend is probably the best weekend to upgrade various aspects of your
setup or your stream, so I have searched the internet, I have contacted brands, I’ve even had discussions
one on one with brands to get some exclusive deals for you, guys watching this video. So stick around for
the whole video we got, really a big range of different things, hardware, you know, streaming hardware, overlays and alerts, we’ve
got some music licensing, as well as some software deals. So hopefully there’s going
to be something in this everybody that is looking
for a bargain this weekend. If you are new here to the
Gaming Careers YouTube channel, we are a channel completely dedicated to helping you level up your livestream. So if you are new, have a look
around at the other videos, consider subscribing, if you do subscribe, make sure you hit that notification bell, so you don’t miss an upload. Now it is impossible for
me to be able to verify that these deals exist in
every country around the world but what I have done is,
I have included links down in the description
below, so pop that open, and if you click on those links it will automatically take you
to the correct store based on the country that you are from. So the best thing to
do is click the links, check if the deal exists
and hopefully it will. I’ve certainly checked America, Canada and the rest of Europe, so
hopefully most of these deals will be existing for you
guys in your local store. So let’s start straight away with Elgato. Elgato, for those of you that don’t know, they make a lot of
different streaming devices, really really great company that have made some really cool products
and they got a couple that are standing out to me this weekend. Firstly the Stream Deck,
the original, you know, 15 key version, the larger one,
not his mini little brother, is on deal, both in the United States as well as in the UK. In the United States it’s $99.99 and in the UK it’s £89.95, which is roughly a 35% saving and it actually brings
it below the price point of the Stream Deck mini,
when it’s not on deal, so. Really great pick up if you
haven’t yet used one of these, what it allows you to do is
customize various different aspects of your stream and control it all from this little key pad. So these are little LCD screens, you can arrange whatever
picture you want behind each one and can do cool things with
OBS or with Streamlabs OBS, with Twitch, really, endless possibilities and if you haven’t yet got a Stream Deck, this is going to be probably
one of the best upgrades that you can buy ’cause
it really allows you to take full control without having to alt-tab out of software. The other Elgato product
that is on deal this weekend I think you should probably
consider picking up, especially if you’re a console gamer or if you’re wanting to invest
in a 2 PC streaming setup is that top of the range, 4K60 Pro, it’s that capture card, internal, so it fits inside of your
pc, but it allows you to capture 4K and 60 frames per second. So this is particularly
useful for those people, like I said, that’s wanting
to do a dual PC setup, and they want to, you know,
still maintain 144 hertz on their main monitor, so you
don’t get any screen tearing with this upgraded card. Or for people that want to
capture, record or stream the latest console, so,
the highest range XBOX, the highest range Playstation,
that let you play in 4K, this will allow you to
capture thas footage, or stream that footage at that resolution and framerate, too. In America, it is at
25% discount, at $300, usually priced at $400, and in the UK it’s at 31% discount, priced at £249.95. For the UK I believe the day of the deal is going to be Cyber
Monday, but for America, and I think Canada as well,
it’s going to be on all weekend. Right, so for peripherals,
so headsets, mouse, keyboard and mouse mat, there’s quite a lot on, over Amazon, over all
the different stores. So I won’t bore you with all of the deals, but some of the ones that I’ve picked up, I think a particularly good value, a good discounts or maybe you know, you want a little upgrade,
since most streamers are gamers as well, they want
to have some good peripherals. So straight off the bat, we have the HyperX Cloud Alpha gaming headset. This one is super popular,
it’s usually priced at $100 so you get 25% saving,
this one is now $75, did I write down how much it is in the UK? Yes, £70 in the UK as well, so. This might just be for
Friday or it might be all weekend long, but
certainly a good pick up. A little bit on the pricey
side, but, it’s such a good headset, so many people rate it, whilst it’s on discount, I
thought I would mention it. Next up, talking of
expensive, we have probably one of the best gaming headsets available, which is the Sennheiser Game One. This is usually priced at
like $250 or £250 in the UK. It’s on deal saving 50% so $119, I know that is crazy
expensive for a headset but go and have a look at
some reviews of this thing, it is well renowned for
having a really really high quality microphone. It’s actually used quite
often as the benchmark for headset microphones. The final headset that we have
is the Razer Kraken Pro V2. This one is on deal for $50, um, and how much is it in the
UK, £50 as well in the UK. Might just be for Friday,
but it’s a saving of 38%. This is the one that
Pewdiepie uses, you know, he has his own branded one
but it’s that similar headset. Quite chunky but really really great sound and very very comfortable headset. So for mice there are a
couple different options that I’ve highlighted, that I
think are really good value. Firstly, this HyperX Pulsefire Surge, which is on deal in the US, $40 and in the UK for £30, which is, you know, nearly a 50% discount in the UK. A really really great mouse
for such a decently low price. I’m not sure how long that deal is on for, if it’s just today or if
it’s all weekend long. And the other mouse that I’ve got is the very very popular
Razer Deathadder Elite now, this is just well renowned
as one of these mice, that’s really great for people especially with bigger hands. In the US it’s just $40
which is a 40% discount. And in the UK it is £45, so
a little bit more expensive in the UK but still a 35% discount. I’ve only highlighted one
keyboard, because there’s a lot of different mechanical keyboards that are available this weekend. But you know, keyboards, are
just so personal preference as to what mechanical switches you want. If you want the you know, num pad, or if you want a ten keyless version. So the one I’ve highlighted
is this one from Corsair, which is a ten keyless one
but it’s wireless as well and it’s just $70 which
is a saving of 36%. So that is the Corsair K63 Wireless. And finally, just to
round off the peripherals, just highlighted this mouse mat. ‘Cause it’s one of these XXL mouse mats. You know, I’ve got one from Steelseries but this one is just $15 this weekend which is a 50% discount so. A really great price if
you’re looking to get a extra extra large mouse pad that goes underneath your keyboard. Okay, so next let’s talk
about overlays and alerts, so the things that you
actually put on to your stream to make it more aesthetically pleasing, and you know, fit with your
brand and things like that. You guys know by now
that I am a big big fan of the guys work over at
NerdOrDie and they are doing something called a one two
three, black Friday sale, so. I’ll break that down
for you, they firstly, they have a brand new
overlay called Dropzone, which is sort of themed
in that Call of Duty battle royale style theme. Looks really really cool this one, they are doing the animated
overlay for just one dollar this is a brand new theme. Or you can buy the full pack including all the animated
alerts for five dollars. So that’s the one of the one two three. The two, is that they have two new updates which are free for people
that have already purchased Retrowave and Glitch, so. There’s some updates to background videos and some other little
performance upgrades. So if you already purchased
Retrowave or Glitch then you do get those updates for free. And finally the three is
that there are three packs that they are doing at 30% off. It includes those two
that have the free update so Retrowave and Glitch, which are two of the most popular ones as well
as the Fortnite themed one which is called Electrolyte. Now one of the things
that you can do to get a little bit extra off,
is that these discounts are applied automatically at checkout. So if you use the link down
in the description below and then the code
gamingcareers at checkout you can save a further 10%, so that’s an equivalence
saving a 40% on these full stream packs, the three
that I mentioned earlier. And you can you know, pick
up that new Dropzone pack for so cheap with that
discount as well, so. Definitely go and check out NerdOrDie through the link below. And if you do purchase
something, make sure you use gamingcareers at checkout
to save a further 10%. Next up we have the C920 from Logitech. Now this is a super common webcam that is used in streaming,
it is really high quality at 1080p and yesterday I
actually managed to pick up one myself on an early black
Friday deal on Amazon UK for just £25 I think it was which is just an insane price, I don’t even know what
I’m going to use it for but it was so cheap I
thought I had to buy one. I’ve heard rumors that this
is going to be going on sale around the world or
certainly in the States at some point this weekend, so, at the time of recording this it isn’t, but I’ve had heard rumors,
so make sure you click on the link throughout
the weekend, down below to see if it is on deal, where you live. So now we’ll talk about music licensing, so obviously if you follow
a lot of the drama on Twitch at the moment, there are
really clamping down on people playing copyrighted
music in the background of their streams, people
aren’t just getting vods muted now but they’re also getting strikes, which is unfortunate,
but it’s kind of expected when the platform started
to grow as much as it did. So the next deal I have
is from a company called Epidemic Sound, all the music that I use in my Youtube videos
is from Epidemic Sound. What it is, it’s a place
where you can pay for the ability to use any of
their tracks in their library in your Youtube videos,
your Twitch streams, in your Instagram posts, or
wherever you want to place it. They have a huge library of
really really great music, go back and watch some
of the previous videos that I have, I’ve really found loads of great tracks on there and they allow you to use
that music and not get any copyright strikes, so
it’s good music that’s free. Well copyright free as long as you’ve paid for a license on Epidemic Sound. Now they have given me an
exclusive code for you guys. So usually they offer
a one month free trial. But they’ve extended that to two months if you click the link
down in the description and use code gamingcareers. This is just for this weekend, it’s not going to work
after Monday, I’m afraid. But it gives you two months of trial which is plenty of time
to use their library in your Twitch livestreams,
or in your Youtube videos and you don’t have to worry
about getting a copyright strike or your vods muted. All this talk about livestraming
and I haven’t yet mentioned that Twitch are doing a
black Friday deal as well. So you can purchase bits
which are a way of being able to donate to the streamer through Twitch, at a discounted rate. Their deal this weekend
is 2500 bits for $25 which is already nearly a 30% discount and as a bonus, you
also get 200 bonus bits within that bundle, so
technically 2700 bits for $25. Why not go and purchase some bits and give them to a streamer. Don’t give them to the big
streamers that are already making so much money, over this weekend. Why not give them to a smaller streamer that’s really going to
appreciate the donation of bits? And you’re getting yourself 200
bonus bits at the same time. One of the pieces of
software, or software suites that I use every single
day is Adobe’s suites, so things like Photoshop,
Premier Pro, After Effects, there’s countless more
audio ones and website ones, and all those kind of things. But they are doing a
black Friday special, so, in the United States it is now $39 a month for all of their software,
which is a discount of 39% and in the UK that’s £30.34 but, if you are a student, or a
teacher, you can get that even cheaper so they are doing, they already usually do a
student and teacher deal but their black Friday deal
applies to that as well, so that means in the States
it’s just $16 a month for the whole suite of applications, which is just incredible,
in the UK it’s £13.15, that is a 19% discount. If you’re taking, creating content, for a Youtube channel
or something like that, seriously you absolutely want
to get a suite like this. Maybe you want to use a
different editing software but for me personally I’ve
always used the Adobe products, absolutely love them, I
make all my thumbnails in Photoshop or my videos in Premiere Pro, anything difficult
video-wise in After Effects. So $16 a month for a
student account is just a crazy low price and I
thought I had to mention it in this video. Last one that I’m going
to mention is Steam. Steam obviously does a black
Friday weekend, you know, I think it runs all the
way till Tuesday maybe, deal, loads of their games are discounted. So if you’ve been thinking
of getting a certain game but you, you know,
weren’t quite sold in it, go and check the Steam
store, see if it discounted this weekend, ’cause most of them are. And some of them are
discounted by you know, upwards of 75% and you can
really pick up some great games, specifically games from
like one or two years ago for less than five dollars,
which is just crazy. So I’m certainly going to
be buying some new games this weekend, some to play with my mates both on and off stream. It’s worth mentioning that there are loads of hardware deals on this weekend as well, so if you’re looking to
upgrade specific computer components and things like that. I’m not going to go
deep into those details ’cause they’re so specific to you know, what computer bit you want
and it would take a whole new video to go over
all the different parts but I will leave a link
down in the description to some really cheap
SSDs ’cause I’ve noticed that SSDs have come
down in price massively and if you haven’t yet got you know, your operating system or
your game running from an SSD you’re going to see a notable
improvement in loading times. So I’ll leave a link down
in the bottom to some SSDs that are really cheap, but that is it that I’m going to be covering for hardware since there’s just so much variety and so many things out there. Thank you so much for watching, if you are watching the premiere right now or if you’re watching this
video within a couple of hours of its release on Friday,
I would love if you come and join me in my livestream
where I’m going to be talking more black Friday deals,
maybe we’ll just talk about streaming, maybe
we’ll play some games. I’d love to get to meet
the people that you know, reach the end of the videos
and really find them useful. So please do come over
to my Twitch channel, it’s Twitch dot TV slash Gaming Careers, come and say hello and let’s hang out and find some more deals together. Obviously if you have enjoyed this video, please do give it a
thumbs up and subscribe if you haven’t already and on that note, hope you’ve picked up
some deals this weekend, I certainly have, my bank
balance isn’t looking so pretty at the moment, but it’s
going to be worth it, lots of new gear coming,
and I will see you guys in the next video. Peace. [music]

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  2. I'm strongly against using a capture card for dual pc streaming. Ndi plugin in obs is free and doesn't lock your frame rate like a capture card will do. I've been there. Trust me.

  3. Just use the Touch Portal app instead of Stream Deck, it's 1/10 of the price and can do almost everything the StreamDeck can and more!

  4. is there anyway to make custom overlays manually? Though I like the existing ones out there, I would like full control of exactly what is being put out there.

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  6. I dont know why people buy Razor products. Its like buying cheap stuff with an expensive brand name sticker. Good vid though, cheers.

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