Black Friday Haul 2016 | Alexa Losey (Shopping Sales & Deals)

Black Friday Haul 2016 | Alexa Losey (Shopping Sales & Deals)

Hola amigos, ¿qué pasa? Mi nombre es Alexa Losey, para aquellos de ustedes que no me conocen Y siento que muchos de ustedes no me conocen, porque típicamente los lances del Viernes Negro .. personas sólo google ’em … y encontran a la gente .. Y tal vez usted me conoce y tal vez usted no … y si me conoces, dime en los comentarios abajo. … y si no me conoces, dime en los comentarios abajo. Y si no me conoces … … debes suscribirte a mi canal y seguirme en mis redes sociales. ..porque creo que soy gracioso, pero de nuevo esto es un desconocido en Internet que te está diciendo que hagas cosas .. Así que quiero decir, tomarlo con un grano de sal y supongo que haga lo que desea * clics de la lengua * Todavía regalando un Macbook, te dejaré un enlace en la barra de descripción abajo Pero es un regalo para mis suscriptores Así que si ustedes están en esa situación entera Es solo un pequeño enlace Super fácil, no sospechoso en absoluto solo yo Así que fui el viernes negro de compras Que es una gran razón por la que estoy filmando por la noche Porque entré allí, me dieron esos portavasos Y ahora estoy aquí A las 4 de la mañana, listo para golpear esto Así que fui a un centro comercial real Que es como la meca del consumismo y uno Sí, he comprado cosas me odio a mí mismo Para esta compra, como Hate Así que últimamente he tenido esta cosa Donde vivo solo Donde vivo sola Y se siente algo solo a veces Pero por alguna razón cuando se enciende velas se siente mucho menos solo Así que esta vela se llama Esta es la temporada Y eso huele Un poco afrutado, pero no es como the girl convince me to get this and I really not gonna like it or not but you know salespeople then I got this one which is called evergreen they’re like this packaging this smells incredible this one is called marshmallow fireside girl working there also me to get this it’s kind of like a nice mix between vanellope Noel and mahogany t put this is called fireside and I like this one because i like the packaging that sin very musky smells like burnt men oh just getting now like birth cologne not Berman that’s I don’t want to smell that then this one’s really cute this is called peppermint marshmallows this is matt last one so i really only got 16 16 candles a lot it’s like exactly what you think it would be it’s like a sweet peppermint and I likes peppermint gum so I was like yes I also got more treats so I got lip glosses because it was like on sale I used to have a lipgloss problem where I literally probably into eating like a two-bit i would like put a tube of lip gloss a day because I things i hate problems that we weren’t aware of but i would use these all the time so this brings back kind of horrible but like funny memories this is the mentha lip shine and cinnamon hint this is the methodology shine I don’t know what that means and then this is a nighttime lip balm and recently my lips up just been going through a lot so not like no not that but like there’s they’ve been really dry lately because like the weather changing and whatnot so the next place I went was teavana and I walked by and I tasted the tea and I almost forgot about this this is the white chocolate peppermint if you guys know me you know I have a problem with chocolate so this is just a ramose t.m.i saying that right i was very secret i don’t really know what I wish like I’m not ashamed of this but it’s just like I don’t think this is interesting like cool i bought new underwear like a rule it then I haven’t paid a visit to forever 21 since I just turned 22 so I should always stop shopping there but I haven’t been here since i did a video calling diaz and I figured I would just stop it and see what i could find and i actually have like some pretty decent deals so a bunch of my very chic pals like that like stylist and people that just have amazing style i’ve been wearing these like incredible chokers lately and every girl that I’ve absence had a good choker on sense that she got them forever 21 so this is a tip if you want some chic chokers but I got this one has a double-wrap kind of situation but it’s a little pearly kind of thing it’s really cute this was seven dollars six ninety seven dollars and this was 790 and it just is like a choker I mean all the girls are going to the right so once i have a few of those but i thought this was kind of a little bit less aggressive and sometimes they can be a little bit bothersome uncomfortable so I really like this and i kind of just got the traditional like nineties choker with the beads just because it didn’t happen and I thought it would be kind of a cute thing to style so I wanted like the OG got some Joker’s thank you oh look oh my god i love it oh I’m so excited I’m so happy I’m going to be i get to be him you guys don’t know me I love unicorns and unicorn pegasus I’m like really happy right now everybody new place if you if you have a onesie please tweet me a picture because I just love seeing people in onesies my favorite go to present four pals the last place i paid a visit to with support which is funny because I ended up running into the gabbie show while i was there and we just kind of helped each other to pick things out so I don’t have a little tiny beauty blender and fun fact about me i get really really bad under-eye circles when I don’t sleep which is pretty normal but mine are like scary so i got this one because i feel like it’s gonna do a little bit of a better job of getting into the little time increases so this is the micro mini the blender and then for my birthday because my birthday was on Thanksgiving this year so I went shopping on my birthday I got the March upsets you get a choice between I think to pitch this because i need a black eyeliner yeah I got some things I hope you guys like this hall if you did don’t forget to give the video a thumbs up and subscribe if you feel like it i would love to have you in my family and we’re going to really really close to a million subscribers and that would be amazing gold the i love you so much thank you so much for everything thank you all for the birthday wishes thank you guys for being here and don’t forget I have a giveaway going on right now and yeah it’s good i love you Taylor cetera

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  1. I know you not personally just through YouTube but you're so lovely funny gorgeous and I hope you have a wonderful week

  2. dude, I love how real you are. so many hauls are all chatty and bubbly and i can't handle it. Thanks for being down to earth for the 22-year old women here

  3. This is why I love you this is why subscribe because you're so chill and unlike the other channels they're so loud and I don't know I feel like you're just so chill

  4. I saw you on Melrose today, you're so pretty and seem so nice just by walking by you I noticed! Hope you had a wonderful day!

  5. i know u <3 ur so awesome ^~~^ idk what I'm doing O_O as a youtuber 0-0Β I know u as a youtuber :)))… I'm so dumb xD my double chins are cringing πŸ˜• ihnc what I'm doing wtf:)… LOVE U ALEXA LOSEY<3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I know you gurl.
    well I know from what you put out on IG, Twitter, Snap, and YouTube. so….yeah?
    haha anyways, nothing but love for you girl. I hope you're having a good day πŸ˜ŠπŸ€“

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