Black Friday Haul 2018 – The Deals I Found and The Deals You Can Haul Through Christmas 2018.

Black Friday Haul 2018 – The Deals I Found and The Deals You Can Haul Through Christmas 2018.

I can’t figure out why people need a
damn new TV every Black Friday I mean how many damn TVs you need in your house
I’m in the rooms you got you got a TV for the bathroom the closet the kitchen
everywhere you go there’s a TV now we’re going to talk about how some people
March stuff up and i’ma show you guys the great deals I found on Black Friday
that really work good deals in this video in time you will know what it’s like to
lose to feel so desperately better right but to fail read it justice what’s good you two you’re in the
building with the all-knowing all-loving Oh feeling I’m seeing all-powerful just
damn all everything does sex is hell host of this life games channel we’re
bringing you your life games and really understanding how to get good Black
Friday and Cyber Monday deals and not let the stores take advantage of you but
first y’all know we got to put on the plus seven glasses of the sexy as hell
work on skilling up our craft giving you a better YouTube it’s paying something
better to look at sponsors for my video ipvanish if you want to keep your web
stream and anonymous grab that’s in the video description link and the Robin
Hood app start investing and stops paving the way for your future that’s in
the link as well and go subscribe to the life game Fitness channel it isn’t a
link also so I got a lot of stuff on Black Friday and imma show it to you but
first thing I want to say is be careful out there my people because oftentimes
Black Friday is nothing but a markup and a drop down of things that stores put on
sale what I’m saying is now March stuff up
prior to Black Friday they’ll drop it down maybe two bucks from what it
normally costs and have you thinking you’re getting the deal and another game
that they play is that they’ll have something that is really a true value to
get y’all in line and have y’all all warmed up spice up you’re out there
making new friends with tents waiting all night to get into a store and then
when you get in there there’s three items so what are the halls that I got
that were real good deals and how did I go about doing it
first of all I looked online at Amazon other places to see what was the rates
for a lot of these things and the first thing we picked up was bang I might be
getting back into the gaming if you are on ps4 hit me up at business gamer three
three six I got both of these games Believe It or Not for $25 at Gamestop
now Madden this is this newsman uses game stays 60 bucks until the end of the
year and they had a special this game is old but I basically got it for five
dollars that’s a great haul what else did I get we went to a
warehouse club and for my wife I got her a 6th generation iPad let me turn this
thing on for you look at that oh and I got the keyboard for two this is
separate I got the keyboard for the iPad keyboard with $7 and I got this my wife
this iPad ladies and gentleman for 256 generation and I got that from a place
called BJ’s and if you check online to see what they’re selling these things
online and you mentioned that to them when you buy it in the store that often
times get before the online price so make sure you guys are doing that next
thing we got because we know cell phones and iPads need juice and they tend to
run out we got these from BJ these are ultra fast power storehouses so you
charge this up at home and then when you’re on the road traveling you take it
with you to keep your phone charged if you’re watching video it’ll do six hours
each one of these you got two for $15 great value and last but not least
Amazon fire stick this is the old model and you can get this at Amazon I got a
link in my video description for this as well $24 right now and if you want to
get the new one with the fresh remote which I highly recommend you do that
that’s in my link as well and right now they’re running that one for $35 that’s
cheaper than what this one used to be so ladies and gentlemen that is my Black
Friday haul and I don’t want you guys to be getting taken advantage of you know
this channel is about making life games making games in every area of your life
with fitness finance money making money saving money and I want you guys to be
doing those things so still look around for some deals that are left because
today is Cyber Monday and see what you can find and that’s gonna do it for this
video don’t forget to like my video comment and subscribe go get yourself
that life game to the next sexes hell video I’ll see

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