Black Friday in World of Tanks Blitz

Black Friday in World of Tanks Blitz

Black Friday in
World of Tanks Blitz November 23
to December 4 Black’s always
in fashion! Buying and enriching
tanks up to 50% off! 60% off making
tanks elite 50% off rare camos And tons more
discounts to discover! Learn more

80 thoughts on “Black Friday in World of Tanks Blitz

  1. Rare camo discount sounds nice, especially if Wargaming is going to sell tier 10 rares for %50 off.Crew training is useless and chests?For Black Friday??Someone hasn't learnt his lesson in the last events it seems.Come on Wargaming, offer something that is actually appealing.

  2. Plz give us something better… waited me conteiners and got only boosters even if the rewards were late and delay for 2 updates..give special conteiner like 2 cdc conteiners for example do something

  3. Hi, everyone I have 4200 gold on my account and i whant to buy my first tier 7 premium beaucause of the discounts I think i will have egnouth, but witch one should i get? I have 62% wr on my acc, so there is The goose, t23e3, panther m10, su 122 44, thats all i think. So i dont whant to get a panther m10 because its inferior to the t23e3 in dpm. Now i have to chose between these 3, su12244 is a td and i dont know should I? Im a bad td driver, but is its really good why not? Then the t23e3 is good or not? And the goose? So withch one should i choose?

  4. Please make all maps BIGGER! It will be way more strategic and more options to to make in a battle. And larger battle time if you would do that… of course ! And if possible more players in a battle. At the start there was 6 players battles, now we advanced at 14, what about 20 ?!

  5. Thank God they didn't make the tanks black cause last year on console they just put regular premium tanks and just painted black and putted them on sale for the black Friday event they just want $$$

  6. Last years Black Friday bundle was better, $80 for half a year of premium and 5 tanks and some gold what a steal too bad I didn't buy it 🙁

  7. Naaah, you don’t know how much I’ve paid wargaming in the last 6yrs, to eventually break my computer from it 2yrs ago and never come back

  8. I LOVE YOU BLITZ!!!!!!!! 🎂🍰🎂🍰🎂🍫🎂🍭🎂🍫🎂🍬🎂🍬🎂🎂🍭🍰🍭🍰🍭🍰🍭🍼🍵🍾🍯🍼🍾🥂🍸🥛🥂🍭🍼🍶🍼🍶🍪🍶🍯🍶🍷🍸🍻🍵🍼🍭🍼🍬🍼🍯🍺🍪

  9. Dang… I wish I hadn't dropped my ipad in a bucket of water. My mom bought me a shifty tab E that has 30 fps and it's too wide…

  10. 50% on camo .. guys you are not giving a way to earn gold … Even hold certificate stuff is getting rare now. .. free vids are out of grid … Not everyone can spend money on .. the game

  11. I would rather have it so you get a few containers free but not enough to get a tank so you could spend GOLD on the rest.

  12. Wow, wargamming, u don't even discount the price of tier 10s. Just when I'm about to get the Leopard 1. Stupid idiots, tiers 2 to 10 should have a frickin discount

  13. World of tank blitz will you release the is2 again because I really want to get it but I can’t get it out of the creates and I have spent £60 on them and when it was for buying I didn’t get it because it came with a tank I had and I didn’t want to pay money for which I could get two tanks but only one I didn’t have and I didn’t know I would get credits for compensation so please release the is2 again

  14. Wargaming crew I have a few questions/requests for you. 1. Can u add artillery tank in. 2. Bigger maps. 3. Add more Japanese Armour. 4. Can u make it so that All premium tanks even the older ones are for sale so ppl can get some tanks they want but don't have. 5. Can I have an IS-2 pls. 6 can u make it so there are about 20 ppl in a battle. 7 can u add new maps. 8. have a gold discount week. 9. What event was the MK I Heavy in it's looks cool and want it. And 10. Keep the game going and keep it great. thank u very much. Have a nice day. O also add in some new quick response things the Help! And negative those add in some like left or right. Ppl use this to say which way to go to the team. Name is TheGhost3156.

  15. hi wargaming im a wotb fan and iv benn playing the game for about 2 3 and a half years and it says on youtube and on the blitz forum that the blitz fair is back so im so exceited because thats normaly the best events you do if you do do it what update does it come out in i think update 4.5 and i have seen the list of tanks that are going to be in the containers but please can you put in the crates the kpf 70 and the preditor um and will you be rewarding people with a tier 10 preiem like the m60 agine like last year

  16. кто русский лайк под комментам посмотрим сколько русских играет в эту игру

  17. Dude this game is starting to get boring. Please add new GOOD tanks like the JAPANESE HEAVIES or something with armor, not freaking lights or mediums like the new sherman line, no one plays that line dude. DAmn. >:v

  18. hi guys I'm a young you tuber called THEGAMING TANKER i do videos on WOT and WOT blitz I've got 26 subs and I'm trying to hit 100 by monday can you all please go and sub if you do you get shout out and when the blitz fair is back i will give you a gold tank from gift store if you a er going to sub please reply and wotb if you see this please can i have a community contributor

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