87 thoughts on “Black Voters Matter Watch Party Reacts To SC Democratic Debate | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

  1. Of course black voters are going to lean towards a govt takeover of their lives and having the govt take care of them completely. It's a no accountability route!

  2. Democrat blacks want free stuff because they really do not want to think, work and grow. I am black and that makes me feel so ashamed.

  3. Young Black Afro Americans prefer Bernie Sanders while the older ones prefer Joe Biden. This is a very general statement but is what the media tells us and I can see the basis. Still Bernie is my choice over Joe Biden or any of the other Democrats even though I'am neither Black nor young.

  4. This was a really good interview. It seemed like that woman was 100% in favour of Bernie. I wonder what could be causing the 5% of indecision…

  5. legalisation of marijuana and a review of the prison industrial complex are further reasons to consider voting for Bernie oh and dont forget medicare for all.. These policies will alleviate financial burden and psychological stress for vulnerable people and provide them with options that could alter a generation.#bernie2020

  6. The establishment screwed the working class and the younger generation with economic inequality. Bernie will help us screw the establishment back.

  7. Fox News Channel continued its cable news domination in February, reaching its highest viewership in the network's 23-year history.

  8. The SC Black Voters Matter watch party was a single woman? Either that or you just lied, AGAIN, with your title. I watched this video to get a feel for the response of black voters, after the debate, not to find out what one person thinks.

  9. I liked how she proclaimed herself as "book-smart" educated, while basically calling anyone 65 and older too stupid to vote for Sanders.

    So much for respecting the wisdom of your elders.

  10. The problem with the older generation is that they have not embraced the power of the internet. I am a Boomer they refuse to seek out new information that the internet allows them to do.
    They rely on someone to tell them the news. That approach to news gathering takes away their need to invest in critical thinking. That's why the term fake news has destroyed mainstream news and made real news appear gray.

  11. Joe Biden’s Corn Pop ingredients: China contracts for Hunter, plagiarism, human connections, stock market coupons, hugs, pushup challenges, the 1994 Crime Bill, even more hugs, (was that a hug?), ‘expodentially,’ shotgun through the door, 720 million working women, and truth over facts.

  12. Now find some really intelligent black folks who are going to vote for President Trump. He has done more for blacks and Latinos than Obama ever dreamed of.

  13. Economic inequality falls directly on the GOP , and no one BUT the gop. I think that Bernie and his supporters will learn that lesson quickly. I'll vote Blue no matter who , as I always do ….. but distancing himself from the very party he is "using" is so very trumphlike…. there is a definitive though , trumph had complete control of the HOUSE and SENATE! COMPLETE CONTROL ! Not bipartisanship , not checks and balances , not even advisers….COMPLETE UNABATED CONTROL ! I assure you all , Bernie will never attain that ! Not because I have ANYTHING against him personally , but because the House And Senate will check him like a hockey puck. BARACK OBAMA can explain it to ya if you are confused , so can Joe Biden ! 🌊🇺🇸🌏🌊🇺🇸🌏
    VOTE BLUE NO MATTER WHO… don't expect much in a hurry….it'll NEVER happen.

  14. South Carolina; now you have the chance to vote for Bernie Sanders and almost guarantee his nomination! #NotMeUs #HelloSomebody

  15. Everything she said is obvious. This is how most actual voters feel. The whole point is to cause trouble for the establishment.

  16. Not me Us campaign will have
    Free college tuition for Our young people
    Civil rights Justice
    Green New Deal
    Medicare For All

  17. All those fired by IMPEACHED imbecilic paedophile trump aka
    individual 1 join a long list of ethical HEROES. Gotta find a place for them in
    the next administration…. If Democrats ever get their act together….Also the
    DOJ and the Federal Courts should investigate and prosecute those members the
    Bloated Buffoon's administration that subverted the Constitution and their Oath
    of Office to the fullest extent of the law… We thought wrong, they will talk about
    Trump from decades to come. The Biggest scandal of all times… Mannnn, gimme a
    break. 🤦🏾‍♀️🙄
    Everyone “investigates”, yet everyone BUT Trump is paying for the crimes that
    he himself influenced. 3rd November 2020. #VOTEBLUE… Don't forget
    that you have to re-register to vote if you have moved since the last election,
    tell all your friends. #dumptrump2020

    Here's hoping that the Democrats retake the presidency and
    the Senate because the first order of business should be to impeach every
    member of the House and Senate that didn't respect their Oath of Office and the
    Rule of Law and Aided and Abetted Trumpty Dumpty's corrupt administration… The
    rest of the World views Trump as being the Villain of the World! Like a crazed
    comic book Villain… The entire outside world laughs at IMPEACHED imbecilic
    paedophile trump aka individual 1 weakness. 
    Putin, Kim, Trudeau … it is so embarrassing…. It is too late America,
    the frogs are being cooked already

    While Nixon was a thoroughly corrupt president he did not
    totally corrupt the system of government. 
    There were still honourable men prepared to defend the country.  The current Democrat defense of the country
    is seen as treasonous and unpatriotic by over one third of the population.   Even in his presidential campaign Trump had
    already subverted the government by making deals with Russia as regards lifting
    or relaxing bans imposed by the Obama presidency. In announcing his cabinet
    Trump imported all his cronies and others intent on criminal or self serving
    purposes.  Rex Tillerson accepted a
    posting as being an Exxon executive he had completed a half-billion dollar fuel
    contract with Russia.  Obviously he
    assumed that Trump would lift the restrictions on trade with Russia.  When the bans were not lifted Tillerson was
    gone.  Most of the original cabinet have
    been fired or resigned under a cloud of disgrace.  Most of the Trump executive positions are
    held by acting heads of departments as Trump seemingly cannot attract "the
    best people".  Along came Mnuchin
    who had a financial arrangement with a Russian oligarch.  He subverted the treasury department.  Along came a series of corrupt
    attorney-generals culminating in Barr who like his predecessor Matt Whittaker
    totally capitulated to Trump's demands.  Who
    would have thought that Jeff Sessions would turn out to be the only cabinet
    member with a sense of decency. Finally the fly in the ointment, deputy AG
    Rosenstein who steered the Mueller probe into oblivion while outwardly
    appearing to be a non partisan career officer. 
    When you are convinced that we have reached rock bottom a new scandal
    sees us heading further downward.  Soon
    the hole will be so deep that we will not see daylight above and the darkness
    will seem normal.

    People like Brennan should state it more clearly:  Trump is a TRAITOR, he is obviously working
    AGAINST the interests of the United States and its people.  Trump is a TRAITOR!!!…The vote will be
    clear this November: Vote Red for Russia or Vote True American BLUE…"You
    can ignore reality.  You cannot ignore
    the consequences of ignoring reality."-Ayn Rand… I don't know what more we
    need to realize that all of these moves by the TRAITOR trump are the making of
    a dictator!! We have only one chance to stop it,3rd  November 2020! vote, vote, vote!🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌅…
    massive turn out to defeat IMPEACHED imbecilic paedophile trump the most
    corrupt Potus ever!! You vote for pumpkinhead, you are an American TRAITOR!!! 🐔💩🌊

    Trump grew up with a rich daddy who took care of him through
    all Trump's bankruptcies. Now Trump has daddy Putin who is worth a reported
    $200 Billion (stolen from the Russian people). Trump is like a baby bird when
    it comes to $$$$…Its obvious German bank , puntin trumps new sugar daddy's

    IMPEACHED imbecilic paedophile trump is going to lose
    ultimately as he will meet the same fate as all flesh born of woman.  trump has changed nothing and trump will
    change nothing. trump is status quo. trump will be forgotten about because the
    only thing he really has going for him is his hair.  Yes, people really are that shallow. Outside
    of the fact that trump has no polished character, such as an Ivy League law
    school graduate, he is just the same as what has come before him. trump might be
    inferior intellectually.  Tolstoy said
    "Kings are the slaves of history: and I believe him.

    4. Once this non-entity trump is out of power, where he ends
    up is of little consequence, be it junk food heart attack or JAIL.  The main thing is to rebuild democracy and
    remember how and what was done to the American constitution.  NEVER AGAIN.


    3. This demonstrates the republican party have been groomed
    into collaborating with and enabling a criminal autocratic regime in America.
    The proof can be seen in broad daylight, which is why its normally referred to
    as “committing crime in plain sight”.


    2. Freedom and prosperity do not come from the spectacle of
    bending the law to the will of those in power, enforcing fealty and dependence
    in those who have little power.  That
    kind of broken system can be seen in many other places around the world. 

    1. There’s no effective difference between a fascist
    autocracy and organised crime.

    The question every American should be asking is why do
    republicans continue to block election security bills?  Senate Republicans blocked 3 election security
    bills just last week. It's becoming abundantly clear, that Trump and
    republicans are now owned by Russians. They receive their funding from Russians
    oligarchs, and then they receive their marching orders from Russians. That's
    how it works whenever you've been completely bought and paid for, and fully

    "I have seen dictatorships around the world, where
    blind obedience is the norm and truth-tellers are threatened with punishment or
    death. We must not allow the United States to become a country where standing up
    to our government is a dangerous act." Ambassador Marie Yovanovich…What do
    we do?            The argument is now:

  18. Every body on this stage continually said absolutely nothing about what they would do for the American people to make our lives better. All they spoke about was how poor each one would do against Donald Trump. Get over the hate all of you. As a Democrat I’m done with you All.

  19. It's lovely to see young people repudiating the neoliberal Reaganomics that has undermined the working class for 40 years. Their parents and grandparents will mostly go to their graves as heavily programmed doormats for the corporate elite.

  20. Every body on this stage continually said absolutely nothing about what they would do for the American people to make our lives better. All they spoke about was how poor each one would do against Donald Trump. Get over the hate all of you. As a Democrat I’m done with you All.

  21. So black voters really matter to you though?…what about the 15% or so that may vote republican based on a religious belief or economical standpoint? Or aren’t being fooled by a Democratic Party who promise the world to minorities but end of giving them nothing but occasional handouts for a vote…Do their voices matter to BVM?

  22. "There were certain folks they would definitely NOT vote for — Mike Bloomberg." LMAO!!!! 😂😂🤣🤣 Sing it, brother! Sing it!!

  23. Please consider voting for Trump. . There is not a single democrat at this point that will do any good for Black Americans. Sorry but the truth. Think deep. Don’t let the media misconstrue facts.

  24. Biden's son broke down and cried after being asked about his corruption in Ukraine and China.  People, there is a timeline of Hunter Biden and James Biden using Joe Biden's position in the Senate and Vice Presidency to enrich themselves.   The most comprehensive timeline is here – @t   If you want comprehensive reform of the system – and have healthcare as a right in this country instead of privilege  – and don't want to lose your house from one large health emergency – vote for Bernie Sanders.  This is not a black vs white thing.  This isn't a conservative vs liberal thing.  This isn't a Democrat vs Republican thing.  This is a right vs wrong thing. This is a rich vs poor thing.  Make "Hope and Change" a real thing – instead of a campaign slogan.  Bernie 2020

  25. Americans should focus on taking back the senate and the house. The presidential race is a cluster f _ _ k. At least by taking back the senate and house we can control Trumps white house.

  26. The "So Called" young Black Voters (IF they actually Vote) are just listening to the Bernie Promise to give then FREE Education, Health care ETC. NONE of which will happen. But Millennial also Don't want to buy houses (Cause just too much work) rather Rent $2,000+ a month Apartments.in 30 years when They are "Traditional Voters' They will live on the Streets

  27. "People in Denmark, SC Are Drinking Poisoned Water," posted on youtube, on my playlist. Must see and share. It is Bernie who shows up to stand with us and listen, and Bernie who will act with the People standing beside him. South Carolina for
    Bernie 2020!

  28. Why do DemoRats & the Liberal Media treat Blacks as inferiors? Blacks want the same thing everyone wants and that's Money! The President is making everyone money hand over foot, who doesn't want Cold Hard Cash?


  30. Most, if not all of these hopefuls are likely on the federal indictment list to be arrested soon. If 90% of the senate and 80% of congress are corrupt and owned by the Illuminati….don't expect to see these beings slip by the flood lights of creator.

  31. A poll of any number of voters can never be more than 100%.

    For example, if 100% of the voters polled liked Sanders most, it would only amount to 100%. It could never be 125%.

    Google Democratic voters who watched debate say Sanders impressed them most: CBS News poll 

    and look at the percentage numbers of voters polled who liked any of the candidates.

    By adding all the percentages of the so called Democrat candidates, the percentages totaled 246%.

    Do you see the MOE 32 points logo?

    There can be NO MARGIN OF ERROR (If) you called voters and asked them which candidate they liked most during the debate.

    Yet the Democrats are saying their margin of error is 32 points.

    Americans are TIRED of being LIED to by the Democrat party.margin of error of  

    America can now see how unreliable and FAKE polls are when the Democrats are trying to mislead voters as to who voters like most.

    Of course no Democrat will agree to this common sense math.

    Maybe they only polled 246 people right? LOL.

  32. ♥️🥰♡😍 Ms. Tulsi 🥰♡😍♥️ should be the President 😎🍄🤔 Yang should be the Vice President 🍄🤝😎 that's what any reasonable person on the left and quite a few independents 😮 and even some republicans 😮 would actually vote for, you maniacs, and you know it! They're the only two SANE and GROWN and NON SOCIOPATHIC candidates y'all even had at ALL. Plus 😍 Ms. Tulsi is a beautiful goddess 🥰 with an IQ of about six hundred;
    Her mind together with Yang would actually get us somewhere. No other candidate on either side of the political garbage has ANY idea of how to solve anything nor do they have any slight inkling of what issues we will be facing in the coming decade!
    Meanwhile when Democrats say that they care about black people or women or people who are emigrating, I get sick. Can they even be serious?! Please stop it, Democrats. Geeze. That one old sociopath even talked about reparations up there- you really think that black people are falling for that, by now? Or how about bootygag pretending to be all hood the other day or how about Ms. Kamala getting caught and still being allowed to run?!
    Democrats need to stop saying that they care about a black man until the Democrats stop locking up everyone black when ever they have any power. They need to stop saying they care about a black man until Democrat Police forces can be kind to black people. The list goes on
    I saw the other one pretending to be a Spanish person too and I highly doubt that the Latino people are that gullible either! If I can notice this stuff as a white then do you think that everyone else cannot tell? Don't be silly. Another thing is Democrats should stop saying that they care about people who are immigrating until Democrats stop harming people who are immigrating
    That's a common issue powerful Democrats always have, too, thinking that "minority" people are dumb – they're not, though. Many people are brainwashed but that's NOT the same as being dumb. My IQ use to be very high and I was brainwashed for most of my life myself, and I'm living proof that any one can #BREAKFREE
    Then the oldest whitest racist guy I have ever seen gets up there and EVEN HE is still in the "race"? They can't even be serious, by now!!
    Then of all things some rich white lady stands there and says that women are judged more harshly than males in 2020.. really? You think that the average woman is sitting at her house believing that horse ____? Well American women (of all of the colors and shapes and sizes) are intelligent and awesome so #NOPE
    We are all an American no matter how many genders you have or where you come from or where you look like we ALL must #UNITETOSTAND – do not E V E R let some Democrat snob tell you that you do not belong or that you can not achieve and attain or that you are not loved here. Do not ever let them tell you that you are "less than". Believe in your fellow Americans and *believe in YOU*! Always!
    ♡ Also give us a chance, would you, the average white is not so bad. We don't hate you or take from you we are mostly broke dying working people just like everyone else. Another thing is, you have millions of white people who want to be your friend and your ally 🤝 and we proved it by helping massacre white slaver people already
    When you believe the dems about us you are closing the door on SO many opportunities for YOU – Dems never tell you ANY solutions or help you to empower yourself IN ANY way for some reason … think about it 🤔

  33. It has been made plain to the Democratic candidates that in order to get the Black vote, our demand for TANGIBLES SPECIFICALLY FOR FBA is what must be met. None of these candidates thus far have met those demands. Black society isn't interested in policies for "minorities", "people of color", "distressed communities" or any of these other trick bag terms. We demand SPECIFIC TANGIBLES in the same way that specific policies and tangibles are presented to the lgbt, women's groups, immigrants, Jewish organizations, etc. If these demands aren't met, we will be withholding our votes. Keep playing with Black society and calling us "Russian bots". Also, please save the "yOu sUpPoRt tRuMp" responses, Agent Orange hasn't pledged SPECIFIC TANGIBLES FOR FBA either so he doesn't get our votes. NO TANGIBLES NO VOTE! #TANGIBLES2020

  34. Black people should really vote for Democratic socialist because we believe in socialize. my feelings if m king n other's black leaders was here today i Beth they would of votes Bernie Sanders.
    it's a grassroots movement.
    Black people is the ones that suffer the most. Some blacks kno what is best but just bring hard seed wake up y'all. Bernie for2020.

  35. If you're not talking to black America especially African Americans about reparations for racialized discrimination in housing, employment, mass incarceration, education, health, mental health and overall denial of generational wealth accumulation and quality of life then you need to keep it moving

    Gone are the days of deflecting to some off issue that doesn't get to the root cause of African American problems

    Everyone has a problem with the 1 percent oligarchy but African Americans have a much deeper issue that's more than just the 1 percent but all of the flunkies that have aligned themselves with anti black racism in an effort to get some personal gain

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