#BlackFriday & #CyberMonday computer deals from @KatieLinendoll

#BlackFriday & #CyberMonday computer deals from @KatieLinendoll

yeah i mean like heaven right out this is the winter wonderland text showcase and it’s featuring some of the top hottest technology brands dell HP Lenovo Intel and Microsoft and it’s just so cool to be able to get hands-on and what you’re seeing but you don’t get to see behind me is people that actually come in later in the evening and test out and check out some of the latest hot devices on the market but also just get hands-on and I think you know for us technology experts and people that are curious about what gadget to buy getting hands-on is a really big deal and I’ve picked out three of those for you here today and take advantage of a to of black friday and cyber monday deals because holiday time is the best time to purchase one of the hottest things on people’s wish list which of course with laptop i like to go by the data in the consumer technology association finally put out a press release it said hey again this year record-breaking sales in terms of Technology about sixty-eight percent of individuals are going purchasing some kind of tech device and in terms of the top wish list laptops once again on that list and knows not a surprise because we know everybody custom benefit from a really good computing device and especially now with the options being portable and on the go but also just taking things next level if you want that virtual reality if you want gaming if you want biometric scanners and personal assistants inside your computer for a really great price those exist now and you know even give you a perfect example this is a lenovo it’s in the yoga book series this is the new lenovo yoga book and for just 499 bucks and take advantage of Awesome savings for coming around for holiday will be $115 offer December forth very cool because they have 15 hours of battery life powered by Intel and powered by Windows and also you can take things like the really cool unique feature of the real pen right with real ink on paper in the yoga vocal actually digitize that so lenovo yoga book another awesome gadgets out for holiday and then right next oh this is my favorite devices on the market place this is the dell XPS 13 it is the world’s smallest 13-inch laptop and why get so excited about technology like this is you know over the years we see devices come down in size but they are still packed with power powered with seventh generation Intel Core processor technology featuring Windows 10 long battery life 13 hours portable beautifully constructed unit cyber monday nine fifty 250 bucks off at dell.com so yes it can be small and compact whether you’re just looking to shop online or whether you’re looking to have some serious processing power dell XPS 13 perfect device for their and then last but certainly not least let’s go to this guy here this is one of the most popular units in terms of versatility and one most stunning designs into and ones on the market this is the HP spectre x360 and what you see here is 0 board display edge-to-edge backlit keyboard and top-notch audio quality just being one of the amazing features inside here bang & olufsen which is known for audio speakers right inside the unit 15 hours of battery life intel seventh generation processor inside so all the brains the smarts got you hooked up with HP spectre x360 and just in terms of awesome gadgets that you can use it be very portable but also give you power these are three perfect pics here at the winter wonderland text showcase research research research you know I for me is a full-time job and one of the best parts about my job is I get to test things and typically before they come out what to do the reviews to look at the reviews look at what people are saying well company stars it has but also I think touching and feeling the device and making sure that this is gonna be something you’re going to use from next hopefully three to five years take advantage of you doing the proper homework but also take advantage of savings to always tell people Black Friday Cyber Monday even when some of those technology brands are typically don’t run sales those are the one time of year where they will have sales on the marketplace and everybody competing with each other nowadays so homework in savings that’s like the one-two punch true to its name this is right here is the lenovo yoga book and because it goes 360 degrees kind of has a 360-degree watch style hinge so you can use it as a tablet you can use it as a laptop when you want it you can use the touchpad and keyboard will actually pop up when you need it disappear when you don’t very neat and also 24 like illustrators you can actually take advantage of using the stylus that comes with to actually draw a right on the unit which makes an awesome digital sketch book yes well the deals are already started coming in I’ve started aggregating them you can go on to my site at KatieLinendoll.com to check out the latest from these tech powerhouses and also the deals like you said for cyber monday black friday

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  1. This is such a creative news station. I love everything that comes out of it.

    I always go "wtf! This is. REFRESHING"

    Ur producer is a savant that acts like he ain't smart for sure.

    Keep up great work.

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