Body language expert reveals truth behind Meghan and Harry’s Christmas card

Body language expert reveals truth behind Meghan and Harry’s Christmas card

 As Meghan Markle and Prince Harry release their Christmas card photo for 2018, a body language expert has revealed the true meaning behind it  The new black-and-white picture of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex – who are due to welcome their first child next spring – is the first-ever photo to be made public from their wedding reception in May  In the snap, the royal couple are seen putting their arms around each other’s waists and holding hands with their backs to the camera  Both look ahead as an enormous fireworks display erupts over a lake at Frogmore House – the grounds of their future home in Windsor  Judi James, who is an expert in body language and behaviour, has given her insight into the intimate photo    She said: “This super-glam, über-cool card is less about Christmas cheer and more about Harry and Meghan’s enviably romantic life as an A-list power couple in the Hollywood style  “It could be an ad for a luxury brand, with the formally dressed couple lost in their intimate moment as they gaze up at the fireworks  “By turning their backs to the camera they allow us to share their moment but not their company It implies they’re in that stage of love where they only have eyes for one another ”  Meanwhile Kate Middleton and Prince William revealed a strikingly different Christmas card photo for 2018  The adorable portrait of the Cambridges shows the relaxed and beaming family sat on a tree trunk in a wooded area at Anmer Hall, their country house in Norfolk  It is the family’s first Christmas card to feature Prince Louis, who was born last April and is now almost eight months old  Kate, wearing a jumper, is holding smiling Louis – dressed in a light blue top and dark blue shorts, tights and shoes – in her arms as she rests against the tree trunk and Princess Charlotte, three, balances with her arms around her parents  Prince William, second-in-line to the throne, is sat on the log next to Kate, with his top button undone and his sleeves rolled up to his elbows  Five-year-old Prince George, wearing Hunter wellies, blue trousers and a green jumper, playfully stands on one leg with his hands on his dad’s shoulders  The photos were revealed by Kensington Palace on Friday amid claims that there is a growing rift between the couples  The picture of Meghan and Harry was taken during the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s wedding reception at Frogmore House on the night of May 19  It was taken by Chris Allerton and features on their Christmas card.  Kensington Palace tweeted: “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are delighted to share a new photograph from their Wedding Reception at Frogmore House on 19th May The photograph, which features on Their Royal Highnesses’ Christmas card, was taken by photographer Chris Allerton ”  The photo of the Cambridges was taken by Matt Porteous earlier this year.  Kensington Palace tweeted: “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are pleased to share a new photograph of their family The photograph, taken by Matt Porteous, shows The Duke and Duchess with their three children at Anmer Hall, and features on Their Royal Highnesses’ Christmas card this year ”  Jersey-based professional photographer and filmmaker Mr Porteous has worked with the family on a number of occasions He snapped portraits of George that were released on the future king’s third birthday  Mr Porteous wrote on his Instagram page of the Cambridge’s Christmas card photo: “It was an honour to be asked to photograph The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their family at Anmer Hall Capturing the fun and relaxed moments between such a wonderful family was a true privilege ”  Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall also released a Christmas card photo on Friday  It shows the couple – Charles in a blue suit and tie and Camilla in a cream and crepe dress – gazing at each other while they are sat on a wooden bench  The photograph was taken by Hugo Burnand in the garden of Clarence House in central London this summer  Mr Burnand is used to working with members of the royal family as he took the wedding pictures of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s nuptials in 2011 and Charles and Camilla’s big day in 2005  Charles also asked the photographer to take the birthday image which marked his 60th year in 2008, and he has taken a portrait picture of the duchess  The royals are due to spend Christmas together as per tradition at the 92-year-old Queen’s Sandringham residence  Meghan and Harry are set to celebrate their first Christmas as a married couple – and their last without children, as former Suits actress Meghan is due to give birth to their first baby next spring  They are set to move out of their cottage on the palace’s grounds early next year for a quieter and more secluded home in the grounds of Frogmore House in Windsor  Initially, it was believed they would move into an apartment next to Will and Kate in Kensington Palace in west London  This week, it was revealed that Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, will have to curtsy to Kate when the Duchess of Cambridge becomes Queen  Last year, Kate and William released a picture showing them standing with George and Charlotte, just months before Louis’ birth  The happy family were all wearing baby blue with beaming smiles on their faces.  The 2017 photo was taken at Kensington Palace by Chris Jackson, Getty Images’ royal photographer

36 thoughts on “Body language expert reveals truth behind Meghan and Harry’s Christmas card

  1. I wish the Duke and Duchess of Sussex a very Merry Christmas and loads of blessing in 2019. You two are very inspirational. Thanks for sharing your love with the world.

  2. My own interpretation is when Harry holds her hand behind his back he is saying some part of our life and romance I would like to keep private for our eyes only.

  3. Stop your evil and trying to put division between KATE and MEGHAN they are different people you people don't realise what you are doing people will see you for what you are WICKED

  4. In black and white black race nor white race…everyone is the same in color. You got what you deserve you racist media. YOU GOT THE WRONG INTERPRETATION OF THE SYMBOLIC PICTURE EITHER!

  5. If there is a secret meaning to the Sussex photos; for me It would be " We are enjoying the fabulous display of fireworks from our wedding and not looking back but staying focus on the future ahead and of the enjoyment that will come from having our family and doing our Royal Duties for the Queen and the UK." Merry Christmas to All.

  6. Nobody is in front of a Christmas 🌲 or wearing Festive Christmas attire….but the kids are still cute. Harry and Meghan, pffffft, rude, no class, why did they even bother.

  7. Next year Little Bump …cant wait to see he o her in the next Christmas Card πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Grow strong πŸ’ͺ!!

  8. To me there is nothing about Christmas in Harry and Meghan's photo. The photo is all about themselves with cheap chic and posing.

  9. There are a couple of idiots on here who can't and don't know how to interpret photography. Always criticising Harry & Meghan. Go take your own photos you dummies!

  10. That was a ridiculously simplistic analogy of the photo. What it really says is we are rich, in love and it is us against the world. Backs turned means f….Β you to the rest of the world. We do not need you. Black and white photo in this picture just means their opinions of the rest of the world are literally black and white.

  11. Harry and meghan, christmas card looks simular to meghan's first marriage to trevor, their invitation to their wedding on the 🌴 beach.

  12. This pic says that they are young, in love and looking toward their future (life) together. Next year, they will have a baby so the pic will be different.

  13. Pippa Middletons backside is the winner, not like that cartoon character poppy eyes wife old Olive Oyl ( Meghan )πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

  14. As Art Historian I would like to add, that there's an oblique line from the shoulders of Harry down over the shoulders of the actress – like a DOWNHILL ski piste.
    They're both looking at the warzone they created πŸ™‚

  15. I love the photo despite the uneasiness it creates for traditionalist who only settle for their personal idea of conformity. I'm also amused by those who interpret action in the photo as a reminder of a war zone…[expressions of fear].

    In site of all the hoop-la it occurred to me that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were in a unique situation when it came to Christmas photo's. William and Kate's expression was taken on the grounds of Amber Hall, their residence. Charles and Camilla's expression was taken on the grounds of Clarence House, their residence. Harry and Meghan are in limbo with no official residence [basically homeless] but with a future blooming at Frogmore Cottage in Windsor. The cottage is currently in a dilapidated state and the grounds near the cottage in disarray. Nothing at Frogmore Cottage is/was suitable for public viewing, even as a background set. So their fall back position seems to have been what was at their immediate disposal, connected to Frogmore Cottage and would align with what appears to be the palace's theme of where Christmas photo's should be taken.

  16. I have an opinion that might surprise all of you. I am not a fan of Meghan. However, when i see this photo i see Meghan and Harry looking towards their future with happiness and wonder. It has nothing to do with anyone but them. It is a beautiful photo. Sharing this photo meant a lot to them.

  17. I love the picture it is a memorable event for mm and harry it is their right to choose it for their 2018 Christmas Card however I find it weird how similar it is with mm and trevor's save-the-date wedding invites..

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