Bolsas de papel para tus Snacks en 2 pasos 😱  !Muy facil de hacer!😉  | Party pop!🎉 |

Bolsas de papel para tus Snacks en 2 pasos 😱 !Muy facil de hacer!😉 | Party pop!🎉 |

Hello hello Party people! How are you? Today we are going to do these practical paper bags and also are really easy to do these paper bags serve to put your snacks when you have some parties and maybe some meetings so let´s see what we need to make these paper bags we are going to need Kraft paper in square shape this paper kraft measures 25 x 25 centimeters and finally this editable tag that you can find down below in the information box if you want to download let´s take our kraft paper and remember this paper measures is 25 x 25 centimeters because i think this measure is perfect for the amount of the snacks so we are going to fold it the kraft paper in half Joining one end to another to form a triangle and then we are going to grab this part and take it to the opossite extreme and we’ll mark it well again And the same will do with the other part and try to keep them align with the other part finally we are going to grab this end and fold it that way it has to look like this on the other hand we are going to grab our editable template and i recommend you print this template in sticker paper remember you can change the name of snacks maybe you have some cheetos, Doritos or other snacks depend of the snacks that you have then we cut it and they will look like this another option for this tags are print it without snack´s name and then put the name of your snacks with a marker then we are going to bring it back our paper bag and take some tags because we are going to stick it in the middle of this paper bag well our paper bags are ready they will look like this and finally we are going to put some favorite snacks in our paper bags Party people we finished this easy idea of snacks paper bags and if you want you can do another bags with different measures like this for example this paper bag measure is 20x 20 centimeters and you can use it for smalls snacks like peanuts or dried fruit and nuts Party people I hope you enjoyed the video And if you are still not part of the family
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42 thoughts on “Bolsas de papel para tus Snacks en 2 pasos 😱 !Muy facil de hacer!😉 | Party pop!🎉 |

  1. Me gustó mucho porque aparte de eso no estás pegando no estás cortando no estás nada entonces ese súper fácil y práctico no solamente para snacks sino también para palomitas o dulces

  2. me gustan muchos los videos de hecho los estoy haciendo, me gustaria que hiciera unos dipticos editables en word es para una invitacion de 7 de ancho por 11 de largo plis, buen inicio de año saludos

  3. Me gustó. Me viene genial ahora que no tengo mucha agua y quiero invitar amigas a una reunion . Usare estas bolsitas para el picoteo y vasos descartables y cero problema¡¡¡¡ gracias. Te di like Se puede tambien usar papel de cocinar en el horno.

  4. Hola está buenísimo , me podrías ayudar cómo descargar los stickers ? Me metí pero no lo encontré gracias

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