Bounce Kalas VLOGG

Bounce Kalas VLOGG

Hey, hey! My Birthday party is today! Where? Bounce. Are you excited? Yes! Daddy. Harry, Hussein and Hassan. Harry, Hussein and Hassan. Have you invited more friends to the party? Yes, many more. Make the bed. Ok, we’re going to the party now. Bye Harry. No! Who’s Hassan? I’ve known his family for a long time. He had nothing to do today so Alma invited him to her party. Fun. Are you excited? Yes! We visited Bounce a few weeks back and when Alma found out that you can have a Birthday party there.. There was no other option than to celebrate her Birthday there. She’s invited friends from preschool. It’s open to the public today so we can’t film the same way we did last time. No, I wont be able to fly my drone indoors.. That’s too risky. The party has started. Alma met her friends and 2 party hosts took over. They gave the kids socks and bracelets. They’ll be jumping free for an hour now. Or actually, it’s not free. They will guide the kids on different trampolines. Are you having fun? Yes, we’re going up here now. Vloging dad. It’s unusual to be parents to a child that has a party, and there is nothing for us to do. Are you tempted to jump? Yes! Me too. People recognize us here today. We’ve taken a lot of photos with viewers. Alma’s friends are hanging out with the party hosts. They’ve divided the group in two. They’ve so much fun! They’ve tried basketball, slamdunk. And dodgeball. The kids have been jumping for an hour. They are warm and hungry. They’re in the party room and it’s time for lunch. Here comes food! This is from Ivar. The world’s largest pen. Nice? Yes. A round of cheers for Alma, hurray, hurray, hurray, hurray! Happy Birthday Alma. Thank you. We’re back home. And we’re tired. Speak for yourself. You’re very tired. I can fall asleep. Alma has opened her presents. She started in the party room but she had 20 friends there and many gifts. Would you like to see something? My little baby toy. Use this one. Ok. Come here Harry! Push the button. What do you think of the party? It was great! I had lots of fun. Axel, I can assure you that you would be even more tired if we’d had the party in our home. Yes. It was well organized. They took good care of the kids and the play. Hussein is leaving Hassan to his family in Västerås, they live there. We have a Question of the Day that fit this day. Wilma Nystrom is asking; How does Harry and Alma feel when people approach you to take photos? Does that happen often? It was many people that wanted to take photos today. Yes, we met many viewers at Bounce today. We love it. Yeah, you like it. You took a lot of photos. You said no once when you were about to enter the party room. But what about Harry? Did you take any photos with viewers? No. Harry said no. And that’s the way it is. He wasn’t in the mood to take a photos. But it’s not that common that people want to take photos with us. Stop yawning now! I’m so tired. I get a lot of comments that I look tired. I have a tired look. But I am truly tired now. Ok, but do you agree with me? It’s not often that viewers approach us. Or that we’re even recognized. But there were many kids in Bounce today who knew who we are. That’s fun! It’s always fun when viewers and fans talk to us and ask for photos with us. Right? Yeeeees. They’re as tired as I am. We had so much fun today. If you want to have a party at Bounce in Sweden 2018 we can offer you 10% discount. Follow the link in the description box below and use the code: THESWEDISHFAMILY. Thank you for watching this video! Please leave a thumb up or down. Comment and post questions. Take care until next time. Bye! Bye!

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  1. Blir också hopp-sugen Axel vill bara ställa mig upp och hoppa men det finns ju ingen studsmatta under mig så hehe👌🏻😅

  2. Harry potter filmer som jag inte vet hur man kan få den bästa möjliga sajten länkar medlemmar hoppa till textinnehållet

  3. Panzerfaust 60 var den vanligaste tyska anti-pansar vapnet i wehrmacht. Ca 2500 avfyrades i genomsnitt per 1 stekt pansarvagn

  4. Hej det är Jimmy tjugotvå här och jag undrar om ni kan fara på trampolinhuset här i Sverige det är nu 1 april så ni får gärna uttrycket som alla mina videos kommer jag game 22 och isåfall kommer jag så här kanske komma till er om ni gillar varandra sånt här men får se här vad som💎💎❤❤❤❤❤❤👗❤👗😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😃😃😃💕

  5. jah har en fråga ifall ni skulle få vara en i eran familj vem skulle ni vilja vara då och varför älskar eran kanal

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  8. Svin skötiga mot sina barn, alltså jag menar alla videor dem gjordt, barnen kommer att hata sina föräldrar när dem börjar närma sig vuxenlivet🤬

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