Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston Did NOT “Celebrate 18th Wedding Anniversary” By “Getting Married Again”

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston did not celebrate
their “18th wedding anniversary” by “getting married again,” despite a misleading new
report. Gossip Cop already debunked fake marriage
claims earlier this week. Now we can separate fact from fiction again. The International Business Times writes in
an article on Friday that there are “allegations that the former couple secretly got married
after parting ways from their partners.” The site references this week’s In Touch
issue, noting, “The cover has a picture of both the stars in question with a caption
that reads, “Brad & Jen’s Big Surprise: ‘We’re Married!’” The website goes on to detail the cover story,
quoting from the print article, “They were recently ‘married’ in a commitment ceremony.” It is not until the eighth paragraph that
the online outlet acknowledges that this is untrue, writing, “Gossip Cop debunked the
allegations.” But then, the publication seems to suggest
that we “asserted that Brad’s six children attended the wedding.” In actuality, we reported that Pitt’s kids
have been in London where Angelina Jolie is filming Maleficent 2, making it impossible
for them have to have attended an alleged wedding at Pitt’s Los Angeles home. Beyond that, our full debunking of In Touch’s
fabricated report about Aniston and Pitt being “just married” outlined a litany of reasons
the claim was untrue. We even pointed out, which International Business
Times does not, that Aniston and Pitt’s would-be “18th wedding anniversary” isn’t
until July 29. They haven’t “celebrated” that date
since their divorce, and they won’t be celebrating it this year, either. But IBT has cobbled together truths and falsehoods
in such a confusing way that their piece is essentially fake news. For example, amidst this hodgepodge of claims,
the site says of the former spouses, “There were speculations that they planned to make
their debut as a couple at the Oscars in 2018.” Nowhere is it said that such “speculations”
were false from the get-go. Gossip Cop reported in February and again
in March that Aniston and Pitt would not be attending the Oscars together. And it isn’t until the very end of its article
that the website admits, “The reunion of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston is not happening
despite claims.” This should have and could have been handled
all differently. The outlet packaged its story in such a sensational
and misleading way that readers are initially given the impression that the marriage claim
could be true. The publication should have said at the outset,
as Gossip Cop did, that the allegation was false. Instead, people are baited into clicking on
a story that has an untrue premise. To make matters worse, the correct information
isn’t clear, and more misinformation is mixed in. As a result, the fiction takes precedence
over the facts.

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