Brussels Nightlife – Adult, Parties, Social Scene & Best Belgian Beer Bars to make new friends

It’s 10pm. I spend the whole day editing, had a salad. And right now I’m headed out to shoot the nightlife. They too have a red light district like Amsterdam. I’ll visit that as well to check out the “views”. I am Traveling Desi and in this Europe series vlog, I’ll take you on a journey to the nightlife of Brussels, the capital of Belgium. Where the night is decorated starkly different than daytime. At least 3-4 people have asked me to put my camera down so far. So I’m heading back. I don’t want to get into trouble because whether the females get offended or not, the guys do. The bar where they have over 2000 varieties of beer, a Guinness book of world record holder. Not quite sure, but it’s very tasty. Where people come from all over Europe to party. Czech Republic. Czech Republic? And these parties continue not only in bars, but also on the streets. In fact, people are even partying on the stairs of this historic stock exchange. My night begins with this “Windows” area. It’s 10-10:30pm right now. The Amsterdam-like windows area is outside the Gare Du Nord station or the North station. Though they have the same type of windows, it’s less of a touristy place and more shady in nature. But, I’ll shoot regardless. So I’m heading there at 10-10:30pm, not too late since I’m carrying cameras, I don’t want to get mugged or beaten up. I’m about 10 minutes walk away from the Central Station right now. The red light district is located in front of the Northern station. So to reach there, I’ll have to catch a tram which will drop me to the station. Or I could also go back to the Central Station and take an intercity train. But tram is more convenient right now, I’ll get to purchase the ticket when I board. And I’ll head for Gare du Nord. After quickly taking some shots, I’ll run back because this place is a bit scary. It’s not safe like Amsterdam where the police and tourists are strolling on the road. That’s a kind of tourist attraction, which is sad. But this one is really to the point, really professional. You get what you see, no bs, no tourism. Just that thing. First of all you need to buy a ticket for the public transport, which costs around 2 Euros. There are a lot of stations which require you to tap your ticket, the gate opens after that tap. There’s no such thing here. So I’m thinking should I tap or not. If I don’t the ticket will come in use for tomorrow. If I get caught, I’ll say I’m a tourist. Don’t do that, it can be risky. If you get caught then you’d be in trouble. 3 stops, 5 minutes, quite a comfortable journey. I hope it’s the same case with the place we are headed. There’s a screen here which displays the name of the upcoming station. A person can easily commute without any problem. It’s displaying Gare du Nord. I don’t think you can see it. Next one is ours. Gare du Nord, it’s the same as they have in Paris, in French. It means Northern station. I was near the Central station and now headed for the Northern station. I thought I was being smart. But they turned out to be smarter. They have gates on the exit, while the entry is open. Let the person enter, they’ll deal with him/her at the exit. Anyways, I’ll tap this, the gate is open and we passed through. Last time I lead with my bag first. They have built-in sensors. So the bag was through and the door was shut on my face. I got stuck. So in case you are bringing a bag, quickly pull it along before the laser sensor gets cut. The station is huge and one side looks like you just entered a beautiful city. And at the backside are the tiny lanes which lead to ‘that’ area. This is the street where upon exiting, you will reach to another dimension of Brussels and as soon as you come outside, you will spot the windows. There are a lot of weird people here. Creepy uncles. You will also spot guys roaming the area in their vehicles. You should never come here with a lady at this time of the night. This place only means business guys and it could be a little unsafe too. As soon as I got here, I understood that this place is not touristy like Amsterdam and people come here with a sole intention. Honestly, this place is sad. There’s no point in coming here. Save yourself from the disappointment and diseases. I can’t even use my ADT for vlogging. I’m using my phone to record, so the image might be a bit choppy. But this is not the area where you want to get in trouble. Because it’s not a tourist area like Amsterdam. Can you see the state of the walls? This is proper that kind of place. These lights are for the strip club and bars. After that come the windows. I’ve reached the station, I feel safer now. I’ll pull out the ADT now. My fear is finally passed I’m heading back towards the Center to take the night shots. I left that place. I hardly took 2-4 shots in 15 minutes. The district was quite big. I had reached halfway and saw around 4 windows uptil then. There was another equally huge lane which was filled with the aforementioned windows. So I quietly took the train and left for the center where legitimate nightlife and party scenes were on. 3 stations to go and we’ll reach the center. We’ll go to Delirium and take night shots of the city. Center is still lively, even though it’s 12am right now. The police is patrolling the area and the square is still lit up. I’ve come here at midnight just to take some night shots because they are needed in series. There’s not much here, but nearby is a famous bar called Delirium. So we’ll check that out. Because it’s a famous brewery that serves all the Belgian beers. Some of them are brewed in-house. I hope they have a good scene going on at 12am. The scene was quite good and hot as well. If that’s not the case, it will be a huge disappointment. But yeah, let’s work first. We’ll take shots for half an hour and then head to the bar. So the night shots you see in my videos, I take out time intermittently to shoot them and after that I got out and party. And almost centrally located in the old town, Delirium. Where people from all walks of life come to chill and enjoy Belgian beers. I’m in Brussels’ famous Delirium bar. If you are looking to try out Belgian beers in a fun, sports-bar-type environment, you should check this place out. Belgian beers were in various varieties of flavors, compositions and alcohol levels. This is one of the finest bars in Brussels. The crowd is quite chilled out. Everyone is drinking and having fun. Some people are sloshed. But mostly people are enjoying and relaxing. Everyone from local corporates to foreign tourists are here to try out beers from over 60 countries. It’s quite safe. Very good. This place is huge. The guy bought 3-4 buildings over time, expanding this place. One is a regular bar, the other one offers proper seating, the third one has dining options. It’s really good. Whenever I go to a social place, I do talk to new people. Here I thought of asking people which beer did they selected out of the 2000 options. The answer was quite weird. I got a Mango, Belgian beer. Extremely extremely good. Would recommend, absolutely. Mango? Mango infused. I’m pretty sure that you have heard about Mango shakes, but Mango beer, it’s a first. So as you keep meeting new people. Groups merge into one another and you meet even more new people. Socializing here is really easy. And this is how I ended up meeting these people. Then these people.. After that, I spotted these two. They are enjoying themselves quite a bit. So I thought of asking them, which beer is behind this amount of fun. Redbull and Vodka Then I asked them, how many? So I got the answer.. More Anyways, they have beers ranging from 4%-10% alcohol content. 250ml for 4 Euros and 2 liters for about 25 Euros. Which is served with love by the amazingly friendly staff. So I thought of asking them the most popular and bestselling beer out of 2000 flavors. So tell me, which is the most popular beer? Delirium. You got a blonde one and a red one. The regular blonde and the cherry. It is cherry. How much percent is the alcohol? 8%. 8%-8.5%. And what is the strongest one? Strongest one is Straffe Hendrik. 11%. Wow. Dark one. It’s a dark one. Quadruple. Quadruple beer. Oh okay. How much is that? The small one is 4.10 (Euro) for one and 8.10 (Euro) big one, for the pint. Okay. Alright. Thank you. That’s amazing. Then I headed towards the exit, where another surprise was waiting for me. This was a Bachelor’s party in which the groom was dressed in a funny costume. This is quite a popular tradition in the Western world. So what are you dressed as? So I’m a Teletubby. I’m a Teletubby a Tinki Winki. How long are you gonna be like that for? For 2 days I think. 2 days. Yeah. And who is the best man? So when are you getting married? On Saturday. It’s gonna be amazing. It’s gonna be in the 13th Century watermill in Belgium. It’s awesome. Yeah. Enjoy the rest of the night. And many congrats for getting married. Yeah, pleasure. Thank you. By the time I got free it was 1:30am. Delirium is huge, 2-3 buildings. I think he bought it one by one. Just like the way dhabas in India turn into restaurants over time. So this must have started with one. One of these has a bar, the other one has a lounge. The third one was a seating area. Overall the vibe here is amazing. It’s 1:30am and it’s still quite vibrant. It’s really good. One of the best places to come by to try Belgian beer. And I finally reached the hostel around 2 am. Let’s go. Time to sleep. Guys, if you liked this video, Please don’t forget to hit the Like button. And for more such videos and their timely updates, Please don’t forget to hit the Subscribe button and the Bell icon.

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