Christmas Tree Hi, Polynesians! How are you? We are super super happy because today we came here to look for our Christmas tree getting here, took us more than two hours and Rafa’s butt is hurting. I can not stand being seated anymore! Hello! Let’s see, look they are gonna give us this. Gun? it’s not a gun, it’s for cutting the tree. we have this net. it’s our kit. This are the instructions we have rope. And this that is to avoid damaging the car. And something very important, if we are gonna cut a tree, we need to plant a tree too for the harmony, so they are gonna give us… They are babys! Ow. How old are they? A year seven years for the trees we’re gonna cut! these trees were born when we started our channel, Look, they are babies! Well, now we have a dilemma, Polynesians, there are two types of trees here. One is called Canadian tree, and the other is called Viking tree. The Viking is super hairy, or leafy so well … And the Canadian is like the artificial trees, that’s right. I want the Viking. and I want the Canadian. Karen, I don’t know what she wants. It depends, because if the Viking drops too much hair, I think it is gonna be the Canadian. we are gonna sart a quiz right now for you to tell us which of them you like the most. This one is the Canadian and this is the Viking. Vote in the quiz wich you like the most. Here we are in the car going around.. because this place is too big and when we find our ideal tree, there we will stop. that one is like dead, it doesn’t have branches. I like that one! Nope! look! that tiny one! we are gonna leave here the babies for a while as we are choose their dad “its dad”… What are you doing? I am getting ready to cut the tree. Oh no, that’s not true! are you serious? I have a woodcutter hat and apron and you miss your saw I am ready to cut my Christmas trees All right! look at this little one, its leafy No Karen! This is super it does not even have bombachito Let me see, Rafael. That is more beautiful. It has like grafts. Grafts? Of what? That Come on? Let’s keep looking this is nice! Rafa not so wide but, why not ? Aria and Kler are going to remove all that with their little bodies on the contrary, it helps them to give massages in their little bodies. they’re going to go below the tree, I can imagine them having massages. They are experts in that! You know what is it that I do not like about the viking tree? The top. It’s only a stick and the other one is nice because it reaches the top
and you can put something super cool on it and all of them are super bald, I do not like them. If I took a tree to my house, if I
I lived alone, I would take the ugliest because It is the least one they would take. So I
I take the ugliest and make it more beautiful. What a nice thought … but this is a
family tree and it has to be perfect. Let’s do a test to see who can
hold more ornaments because that’s important … What are you doing? Seriously? We brought spheres to see how much
support the trimmings. Let’s do this, let’s decorate this that
is here and then we’ll decorate the other to see which one looks better. Polynesians, I took, I made a instastories
and if you do not follow me, follow me. We will show you the two photos in this
moment … One, two, three! These are the pictures! Come, my siblings, we must do
a choice. No, Canadian. No, the Viking. Canadian looks very bald. It looks real, like a tree should be,
the other one is like a fluffy. No! What is this? It had already won the Canadian one. Who said that? Well the picture! I like more like the Viking looks,
but really, I think so will suffer much because it has so many branches. So, you see, one of two … against … 1,2,3,4,5,67,8,9 10 … and all the trimmings we want to put him. Let’s Canadian section. Let’s move on! Polynesians, we lost a handsaw and we are
now looking at all the places we were, we have anything to cut the tree, it can not be. Here it is! God! So see this, with
this is what we cut, we recover. Polynesians, here smells so good as if
Christmas smelling all the time, I would like stay here to live. Polynesians, we were looking for our little tree
and what do you think? We lost Karen! She went and looking…
and this place is huge, I mean reallyit is super super big. Karen! What are we going to do? I do not know. Karen! Only the birds are heard. Karen! What are you doing? I found our tree. Really? What kind do you want? You have options? Two options. I’ll show you a Canadian
I marked it up with my handsaw. No it’s not true. Karen has already lost the tree
she had found. Why do you do this to us? Are we up the mountain for nothing? It is that I had marked it, but apparently already cured. Well, what was it? Here it is! Come! Let’s see One, two… I did like this. I don’t love it, but it is super nice. No, I prefer a Viking one, we decided. When did we decide? I decided right now. I am the lady of Christmas trees. Can you find the ugliest and smallest one you have? I found our Viking one. Which? Are you serious, Ana Karen? Come see this, Lesslie. I’ll find another. It’s super ugly! Tall, skinny… How? What do you say? It is super what? It is precious, super high and super slim. Oh it looks like you, brother. What do you prefer? A big tree or one
high, sbelt, that it looks nice? I’m going to the fat one! We already found the perfect tree, Polynesians!
It is this that is here. The downside of this is the waste it generates, the
other does not have so much garbage all sides. So this one, sure? Oh no! I will not decide. You have to vote. We cut your hair. No no no! It is not true! Wait! Ready! I panic! But I didn’t was, why do you make me? Both. Vote. I say yes, this already. Hey what do you think? Canadian! Oh no! See, I first wanted a Canadian cross
and Karen wanted a Viking. Since I agreed, Karen then says “oh now I want a Canadian”
and is pulled down. He had already made up my mind, or is pulling a good garbage. That’s why you’re down? Because I’ve had it. … The thing I want most problematic …
that it’s there, because it is beautiful and Karen wants that it’s there because he’s fat. Very large, Karen, no. I hate you! Let’s cut this one. We have Christmas tree and is this one! Chosen by me, Canadian for me! Come, Polynesians. The perfect Christmas tree for these dates,
It is that you can cut with your family. Oh no! It is the imperfect tree. Imperfect dry tree. … come all for their Christmas trees. … and zoom. Zoom at this time. Brother, this is where you show power
you have muscled. Big muscles, Lesslie. There it goes! It will already fall, wait, I’m
down here. No! Wait, Lesslie! Lesslie! Rafael, it’s going! The knife still trapped. It did not cut the last part. It was ripped! What do we do? – We did it!
– How much land! Come see how was it, I mean… They are fools. See, I told them to stop and then suddenly gets out of control and I’m cutting down there. This would be our right size tree, leave this bottom, it would be too
high for our home, so we were this part is super nice and now
The best is coming. Karen and Lesslie will reforest which just destroyed and … You too. I’ll stop this here while you
reforested. Here are the trees that we got and says something super cool, it says: I am your tree, take care of me. Take my black plastic and plant me
in a good place, I’m a very majestic tree It is growing in the woods. There it is. This beautiful tree you can cut some
polynesians within 6 years. And Karen how are you going with your hole? Yeah, that’s it. It is done? – A worm!
– Oh Yuck! Where? I’ll grab here to make it all straight. Ready, Polynesians, our second tree … perfect. And this, Polynesians, is mine, I hope
have a worm like Karen, I see life within life. Wow, look at all
its roots! It is super good, it will grow very large … we go. Ready, Polynesians and already our three
saplings, now it’s time to take the other big the car is going to do an adventure. To see that I do not do exercise and Karen. Next season cut the tree … the Maya. How nice! We now packing our tree. There is. We are a true expert in this. And what is this for us? To tie him to the roof, no? And I knew it all. We will raise this, but will give Lesslie
around the car to make it easier … Lesslie Let’s go! Do not! I want to throw. If I fall, I can hurt hard.
We are on the Titanic forest … Stop, Lesslie! Hard! – Now, let’s put it!
– Ready, let’s climb the tree! Polynesians, I went to buy everything. Yes, because we had no base. They give an instruction for how you should do
and get this bucket because your tree is alive, then coming home we have to
cut 2 cm from the trunk, put water here … Rotate, rotate, girls … what ?! Come on! There it is! Lesslie is trapped! Beware, falling! That! We have achieved it! “We’ve done it” You did not do anything. But what we have achieved. The first step to place the base, is to have
a sister engineer, since they now … You hit the Polynesians on your face! Forgive me. Now let’s use this bucket, we must
putting water so that the tree can continue green for a long time. What little thing! Let’s go, there it is! Since we have this, it put the tree there. Ask your assistant to take the tree
trunk and carefully place it is well centered on the nail tip. Do not try
inserting the nail into the tree trunk, only it serves to nail the trunk not
sticking to the cubetita. Wow! The nail is not buried in the trunk,
nothing is like a thing that will help then to keep it floating. Now we have to tie a string and these trunks … is to stand as a lever. Hey, Karen did you go girl scout? Do not! I hope you do very good knots because if
no, our base may fall. The time came we were both waiting. Does the loose? Yes, drop. If they did well, this must be maintained …
One Two Three! We did it! Karen and let us Lesslie The great honor!
There, we are removing. Lesslie atoraste you up there! Lesslie! Go Go! And, Polynesians have Christmas tree! Polynesians, really is super super
this beautiful tree. Canada was a good lesson. Very good! Okay, we did it! What happened? I’m doing podaje. What are you removing? This dragging, there is do they like? Yes, it looks better. Before finishing this … What makes Jadid? That’s a teapot, Lesslie? Wait, do not see. Polynesians want
show. There is. Polynesians we hope you liked this vlog, see you in the next video. Goodbye, Polynesians!


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