Camila Cabello Stayed Warm on New Year’s Eve with Heat Warmers ‘Down There’

Camila Cabello Stayed Warm on New Year’s Eve with Heat Warmers ‘Down There’

We’re back with Camila Cabello. And so you’re finally here. It’s the iconic couch. I’m so excited. You’re here. You have water. It’s the water. It’s everything. Yeah. Hey, this song is so good. I love this song so much. And it’s actually one
of President Obama’s favorite songs. It’s insane. I cried when I found that out. I bet. Well, how did you
not like this song? But it’s pretty cool
when President Obama says he likes this song. And I love him. I’m obsessed with him. I made a video of myself crying
and I sent it to all my friends Yeah, did you send it to him? I don’t have his number yet. But it’s something that
I’m hoping to achieve. All right. Well, he’ll probably get this. He’ll see this. So hundreds of people have
done covers of this song. A lot of– have you
seen a lot of them? I’ve seen a couple. The one that stands
out right now is the– you know the
one with the chicken? We have that one. No way. Yes, that’s the one that
stands out for everybody. This is the chicken
doing “Havana.” [MUSIC PLAYING – “HAVANA,”
CAMILA CABELLO] He killed it though. Pitch perfect. Yeah, perfect. So many questions. It’s really good. But I’m wondering, do
you think that he– give it up for that chicken. You performed New Year’s Eve in
New York and it was freezing. I mean, how do you
sing– have you ever sung with that kind of weather
before, where it’s below zero? I had never. And worse, I’m from Miami,
so that’s just not– No. That’s just not great. It’s not OK. No, it’s not. And there was a negative
100 degree wind chill. That’s crazy. That’s not right. That’s awful. You’re not right in that. I’m sorry. There’s no way it’s
a negative 100. OK, maybe it was
just word of mouth. And I’ve just been saying it
to kind of dramatize my point. You would have died. Just negative 100
degree– yeah, no. It was negative 30 with
windchill, I think. But that doesn’t sound as– Oh, sure it does. It does. Yeah, you’re right. Yeah, there’s no need to
exaggerate negative 30. Got it. Got it. So what does that do
to your vocal cords when you’re singing
with freezing cold? Well, during the soundcheck,
I couldn’t feel my chin, so I was like– I just couldn’t. But I had hand warmers,
and I put them– I was wearing two
layers of clothing or three layers of
clothing, because– OK, I’m from Miami. I can’t do the negative
30, negative 100, whatever. It’s just not going to happen. And so I put them everywhere
and I put them right here. And it helped a lot. It helped a lot, because I
feel like, first of all– it was great. And I don’t know why,
but it was great. And I couldn’t put
them on my toes, because then it makes
the shoe uncomfortable. And this was the only
place that I could do it. So you put them in your
underwear, like in– So I put it like right
above my underwear– Oh, above. But underneath my pants. It was great. And so I was out there
just, Havana, oh, na, na. It was good. So you felt the heat there, and
it made you think of Havana? Yeah, exactly. Yes, I understand that. Yeah, I think I’ll
do that anytime I perform in negative 30 degree. Or just when it’s warm. In general. Yeah, I’m wearing some now. Nice. Killing it. Nobody knows. It’s OK. They know now. Now they know. Maybe that will be like the
new thing that everybody does. Keep warmers– Down there? Down there. Let’s find out if anyone
has done that before. We’ll ask people to write in. Mom? OK? All right, you
come back anytime. And I love your new song. I love the album. It’s doing great. Congratulations on everything. Thanks. You’re doing it. Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
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100 thoughts on “Camila Cabello Stayed Warm on New Year’s Eve with Heat Warmers ‘Down There’

  1. Now I know what to do during winter.. When I couldn't feel my cheeks on my face then I'm gonna put warmer on my lower cheeks.. Danggg camzie such a great source of warmth 😂

  2. Ellen’s reaction will be forever iconic, it’s like same but we’re already good with it cause it’s just Camila🥰

  3. I gladly keep you warm down there,camila(especially with my tongue,mmmm q rico)I’m Hispanic & so is she so we belong together,she’s the most beautiful young woman ever(even hotter than 2008 Demi & Selena,which back then I though it was impossible but camila did it🙂)

  4. So hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂the chicken doing Havana love you Camila I’m a big big fan of yours!😭😭😭keep being you

    P.s I’m watching this in 2019 XD!

  5. She's done so well since leaving fith harmony I'm obsessed with her new single shameless and liar can't wait for album number 2 😍😍😍

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