Captain Donald | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shorts

(BIRDS CHIRPING) DAISY: Yoo-hoo! Donald! What are you guys
doing here? We came to see
my captain in action. You always said
you’d take us
sailing some day. And today’s
the perfect day. DONALD:
But, but, but…
First Mate Mickey
reporting for duty. Batten down the hatches!
Set sail for adventure! Shiver me timbers,
you’re not looking
so good, Captain. (WHISPERING) What do you mean
you don’t know
how to sail? (CHUCKLING) Look, Daisy bought
me this suit. I only wear it
because she loves
a man in uniform. If she finds out
I can’t sail, it’s over! You’ve gotta
help me, Mickey! Don’t worry, pal,
just pull yourself
together. Now the first thing
we gotta do is tie the boat
back up to the… MICKEY: Uh-oh. Okay. Don’t panic.
Just fly up there
and open the sail. Yeah, no, you can just…
Just stop. You pedal
and I’ll steer. (PEDAL CREAKING) Uh-oh. (GROWLING) Wow! Attaboy, Donald! (THUDDING)
Donald? (DONALD SCREAMING) Hold on, Donald! (GRUNTING) (SCREAMING) Way to go!
Now pull that rope
and release the sail! (GROANING)
DAISY: Donald! DAISY: You’re so brave! Didn’t I tell you?
He’s the best sailor. No, you said that
if he keeps up with
the lies and tantrums, he can go fly a kite. Uh-huh, plus he’s
the best sailor. Show ’em
what you’ve got,
sweetie! (KISSING) (SCREAMING) You did it!
I did? (LAUGHING) I did it! Woo-hoo! (GRUNTING) BOTH: Donald! Whoa, boy. (SCREAMING) MICKEY: Whoa! (GRUNTING) (SCREAMING) I knew you’d save us,
Captain Donald! (KISSING) (STUTTERING)
But my shirt,
it’s ruined. Oh, I’ve got
other uniforms. Pilot Donald. Ha! Get ready
for take-off. Wow! You can
fly a plane? No!

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