Cars Adventure With Lightning McQueen, Mater, and Cruz Ramirez! | Disney

Cars Adventure With Lightning McQueen, Mater, and Cruz Ramirez! | Disney

Paid promotion for Google. Google Home is an audio-only product. Should we race with Lightning McQueen? Sure. Hey, Google,
play Cars Adventure. All right, getting Cars Adventure. [ding] Hey there,
name’s Lightning McQueen and this is my buddy, Mater. Well, hey there. Hey, my friends and I
are playing a game of Drive and Seek all around Radiator Springs. Should we investigate
Sarge’s Surplus Hut or Flo’s V8 Cafe? Flo’s! [music] Flo’s V8 Cafe,
finest fuel on the mother road. [music] [screech] Here we are. Let’s check inside. [music] We just found Cruz Ramirez. [music] Come on, let’s race through
Radiator Springs. [screech] Should we turn left or right? Left. Hey, we’re driving
through the tractor field. Keep an eye out for Frank. [engine running] Tractors is so dumb. Do we take the canyon or the cave? The cave. Okay, let’s head into the cave. [music] Wait, where are we? Oh, no, we ended up
in Tailpipe Caverns. [coughs] [music] It’s going to be
a photo finish. Dag-gum, I wish I had a camera. I guess I’ll just blink my eyes real fast. The winner is… Lightning McQueen. Thanks for the race, Cruz. And thank you
for helping me win the race. Later Mater. Ka-Chow!

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  2. Если вы заставили их продать вы не знаете на что идете Сначала Марвел Чужой и потом Сони..

  3. So you own Fox now. Everything from The Simpsons to X-Men that's pretty cool. I heard that you all have plans to try to buy out Comcast wouldn't that make disney the biggest company in the world if you succeed at doing that? I hope you all succeed at Buying out Comcast because I would like to see what y'all do with your streaming service once it's up. You all never cease to impress me keep up the great work.

  4. Man It's like a 3D holographic game at home. I can't believe they got holograms now! Well it's starting to become the future after all.

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