100 thoughts on “Castlevania Anniversary Collection – Launch Trailer | PS4

  1. Bloodstained Ritual of The Night is the franchise to follow now since konami wont give us new castlevania games.

  2. Classic black&white Castlevania and childish Kid Dracula in their original version.
    Is that your best?
    upd: And of course, that MORONIC lightning sound, which is LOUDER than featured games. Trying to deafen us?

  3. Castlevania Anniversary Collection – Release Trailer | PS4

    All the shows that this year 2019 GAMES ARE with graph 4k with HDR IN TAO game castlevani tei birthday collection tei that is with graph 4k comHDR


    take advantage of a collection of anniversary news from Castlevania

    How about doing castlevania remake of the game boy advance looks youtuber

  4. Never played a Castlevania game but this collection seems like a great opportunity to play this classic franchise.

  5. I need a remastering of Castlevania Curse of Darkness ?
    He looked like a fool Hector in the Netflix Series

  6. Nintendo Castlevania games (except Bloodlines) on Playstation? It's something i never thought i would see one day

  7. What a horrible night to milk an old ip. I would consider buying if it included the games for gameboy advance and nintendo ds.

  8. We need a Castlevania Lament Of Innocences AND Castlevania Curse Of Darkness Release for the PS4!! Not this BS….

  9. I would love it if they released another 8 games. There's still so many elusive titles in this series. I already own Requiem but I'd be on board with them adding RoB if they included Dracula X and Dracula X Chronicles and SotN if they included the Saturn version's extra content.

  10. That's not the collection, where's the castlevania chronicles, circle of the moon, aria of sorrow, dawn of sorrow, portrait of ruin, orden of ecclessia and harmony in dissonance.
    And those are the best and aren't in that collection ?

  11. umm na I'll pass I have all these titles on my 3ds, Vita, SNES classic, PS classic pretty much on everything…. dammit I'm probably gonna buy it anyway

  12. In case anyone is wondering, YES, there are save states and replay saves, and also there are sreen/video options you can choose (pixel perfect, 16:9, scanlines, etc.). Very much worth $20

  13. Save your money. The controls can't be changed. X button attacks and square or circle jumps. It feels way off and this needs to be addressed. Some will say just get used to it but I cannot. It feels way off given the controller.

  14. Perfect lineup for this collection! It pretty much couldn’t have been any better. (The Wii version of Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth would’ve been better, but they’re obviously going for the originals.)

  15. I can hear my old timer people be like i remember going into the arcade and having fun and all you hear is dingding binbinbin tutututu ?they making noise with those old arcade music theme lol

  16. I saw this over at Nintendo's channel, But this is surprising to me.

    You can play Super Castlevania IV from the Super Nintendo on PS4.

  17. Kid Dracula? Really? That was a thing? Honestly, I don’t think Vampires age after getting turned, so how could Kid Dracula turn into that big hulking brute?

  18. Please support this game if you are castlevania fan. This is how japan works. They go fishing so to speak. If we support this port then it tells them that we want another game. Darkstalkers suffered a cruel fate because no one bought the collection game Capcom released. So the new announced Darkstalkers game got shelfed and I, Your boy Lord Raptor is now collecting dust. Japan is stingy about releases these days. Please support this game if you are a big fan.

  19. NO! I will not buy this collection of fantastic games until Konami gives in to my demands!

    Demand #1-Burn all copies of Metal Gear Survive and give everyone who bought it a refund. If the refund isn’t doable…

    Demand #2-Rehire Hideki Kohima, apologize to him and his team, and get them back to work on Silent Hills

    Demand #3-Any Konami employee that insults Kojima’s team must be publicly humiliated and blacklisted.

    Demand #4-Create a fantastic open world Castlevania game that everyone loves.


  20. konami just added a update file on the ps4 for the japan versions of these games .!!..check it out ..

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