Chefs Review Christmas Gifts for Foodies

Chefs Review Christmas Gifts for Foodies

– Hi welcome to Sorted.
We’re a group of mates from London, looking for
exceptional things in food, that will actually make a
difference in your life. Or just make you laugh.
(laughing) Two of us are chef’s, don’t worry, the rest of us are normal. And everything we do, starts
with a suggestion from you. ♪ I’m gonna make ’em wait, ♪ ♪ pancake -itch but I take the cake, ♪ ♪ I’m gooey in the
middle baby let me bake ♪ (electronic music) – Hello I’m Jamie, and this is Mike. – In line with the festive season, we bought our chef’s some foodie gifts, for them to review. (festive holiday music) – I’m excite! – Just my color – Oh, it’s a Christmas jumper! – Merry Crustmas, and it’s
a pizza but like a tree. – Soy to the world. – It’s cause you’re a committed vegan. – Gobble til you wobble. – Merry Crustmas – Little Pud. (paper rustling) – How did you guys know? (laughs)
– What, Pizza Socks Box. – It’s an egg throne. – James, this is the Game of Thrones, egg throne.
– I know. – [Jamie] The throne egg cup will add an exceptional look, to
your breakfast table. (slamming) – [Jamie] This is the Pizza Socks Box. Pizza Socks for everyone.
Are you a fan of pizza, or colorful socks? Then Pizza Socks Box is an ideal product for you. – This is also multi use.
If you had a pet hamster. (laughing) – Imagine the fun you could have. – We’re gonna give you an
egg and you can try it. – [Mike] See if it stays in place. – We just need to wait
for the egg to boil. – [James] Oh okay.
(laughing) – Oh it’s hot, it’s really hot. (cracking)
(yelling) – [Jamie] What the fu–? – One of our chefs can’t even open an egg. – Well but the other part
of it is, the other chef can’t cook a boiled egg.
– We’re in big trouble. (cracking)
– It’s great. Love it. – [Mike] You like it?
– Yeah. – I know this all goes
against Christmas tradition. But you want to guess on how
much we spent on you for this? – Multiple pairs of novelty socks. I feel like the novelty is lost after you’ve worn them once. – Um, 12 pounds? – 9.99? – Or– 19.99.
– Oh. – 8.99.
– Could got two. – I feel like I’d possibly would pay that for that many pairs of socks but only if they were really quality, and I’m not sure these are really quality, these are more novelty. – Are you gonna keep it, or re-gift it? – I’m gonna keep it. – I’m likely to re-gift these. (cheerful holiday music) (rustling) – It’s– A brown paper bag lunch bag. Woo! – I have myself some
Christmas pudding bin bags. – [Mike] James this is the insulated Brown Paper Bag lunch box. With a magnetic fastening, insulating design, and sturdy. Leak resistant material, you can be sure your food will stay at the right temperature for longer, while it’s remaining safely in the bag. – [Mike] These are
Christmas pudding bin bags. Bring this of festive joy to your street, on collection day, with this fun design which beats the traditional
black bin liner. Any day. – [Voice Over] Look at that
– Oh look at that. – It’s so fancy. – [Mike] It can be personalized, with pen. – James– Lunch. – [Mike] There’s a lot of
wrapping paper about mate. – [Mike] That’s your bag, and here are two fridge cold apples. If
you put one in there, and one in there and we’ll
see which ones colder at the end of the video.
(laughing) – Hold on for that. – That is fantastic
– It is so exciting – Oh wrappers – It’s not everyday you
gifts someone bin liners. – How much would you pay for a pack of 12? – Four pound 99 – 6.99
– (ooing) – 6.99 worth it? – I think I quite like it. – [Voice Over] Great– Good. (festive pop music) – Presents, presents. That is heavy. (rustling)
– (ooing) (ripping) – The chocolate brussel
sprouts, made with craft gin. – If you’re looking for a quarky gift for any gin loving
sprout fan, your the one. Handmade solid chocolate balls, decorated with green tinge white chocolate, with a gin infused filling. – [Mike] In front of you, you have nearly a meter long bar of Toblerone. Four point five kilos, 24,000 calories. (ripping)
– Whoa – Yes – Pretty accurate on size. – It’s also the same size as a– (beep) – But is that important to you? (light-hearted festive music) – [Voice Over] Happy?
– MMM. – The flavors there, but there not like alcoholic, like um, some chocolate liqeurs you kind of feel
it in the back of throat. It’s nice though. – That’s a talking point though isn’t it. – Yeah – I mean it’s a good center
piece for the Christmas table. Instead of dessert just buy one of these. I really want to know how much this it. Well how much do you reckon it is? – We want you to guess. – If it’s more then 12
quid, I might be (mumbles). – Happy Christmas Ben, it’s 9.99. – Oh, thank you very much. – It’s got to be like
30 quid or something. – 73 pounds 99. – Wow – So is it a gift or a re-gift? – I like that. – Yeah I’m keeping it. One
of you guys are having it. – [James] I probably
like re-gift some of it. Not re-gift it just like give it away. Cause obviously my body is a temple. – Hence big pud? – That was very generous
of you guys, thank you. That was very nice of you. (jazzy holiday music) – Go on Ebers. – What we got? (ripping) – This a piece of clothing with sorted embroidery on it.
(argh) This is a new chefs jacket. – [Mike] That is a new chefs jacket. – I’ve worn black for 10 years maybe it’s time for a change. – Oh, he likes it. – [Voice Over] He’s chaffed with that. – [Mike] Would you wear it? – Yeah, of course I’d wear it. – Well James has got a new one as well. – Should we model them? – I think that we are gonna get them to model them at the end of the video. (joyous holiday music) – [Ben] The fact that you’re even smirking before I’ve even opened it.
– [Mike] Yup. (rustling) – [James] Merry, Piggin Christmas, oh god. – It’s sprout toilet paper. – It’s an Advent calender. – It’s a pork, scratchings
advent calendar. – [Jamie] Yes Ben, this is
the sprouts toilet roll jokes. Entertain your guest,
even in the smallest room. With the sprout jokes, toilet roll. – I think cracklings are great, wonderfully delivering daily
countdown based treats. And encouraging early morning snackidge. If you’re more of a savory loving swine, they’ve tended to be a piggin’ let down. Behind each of the windows, you’ll find pieces of awesome
flavored pork crackling. – Oh it’s a cheap toilet roll. – [Voice Over] Oh that’s
tracing paper ouch. (rustling) (crunching) – What’s green and goes to summer camp? A brussel scout.
(laughing) Why was the brussel sprout sent to prison? Because it was a repeat offender. – Why don’t you go try
out the other use for it. – The pork scratchings are delicious. Before work at 7:00 AM, I don’t think I’m going to be wanting pork scratchings. – A silly secret Santa present for that foodie in your work place. – Stop it! – That you know, will never actually get opened or used but at least might get a laugh in the office
when the present gets opened. Perhaps. – And how much do you
think you would pay for it? – Ah, 15 pounds? – 12.99 – Cool. – For a single roll of
Sprout Toilet Paper, – With jokes. – 4.99? – Six pounds 99.
– For one roll. – [Ben] Six pounds 99. – Absolutely not denying that these are nice pork scratchings. But– – It’s just that they’re pork scratchings. – Don’t make an (mumbles) out of it. – Is it a gift or a re-gift? – [Ben] One to share. – Oh amazing, thanks mate. – [James] They’re nice aren’t they? – Yeah, good pork scratching. – Perhaps unfair, we’ve
not truly tried it out yet. But I’m not sure that’s for me, I might re-gift it. – Unused, yeah. – Yeah, I haven’t used it yet. – A re-gift toilet roll. (jazzy holiday music) (rattling) – Why are you here you make me nervous. – I thought I might
help you open this one. – It’s either whiskey
or something hilarious. – Oh my word! That is so accurate. It’s the Dare to Be Different, full bottle wine glass,
somebody pass me a bottle. – How did you even find that? – A-ha, it’s whiskey. I got it right. – [Jamie] Ebers, this is
the big drink wine glass. The glass that can hold a
whole 750ml bottle of wine. This is the one Bauble gift set. From the Lakeside distillery, each holding five centiliters of their
delicious The One whisky. Made with a blend, from
around the British Isle. – Look at that, you can
hang them on the tree. (popping) – Go on Ebers. – It would a shame to have
to share one wouldn’t it. – It would be a shame to. – Ugh! Dare to be different (clapping) – Cheers (holiday music) – I don’t encourage it, but I like it. – Oh,
– Do you know that is smooth. – Yeah that’s nice. A
bit smokey in the back. – But very smooth going in.
– Very. – What do you think the
price tag of this is? – 20 quid? – I’ll tell you what Ben, it is as much as– The very first
double decker airplane. It’s seven forty seven. – No!
– You’re such a dad. – No, absolutely not, absolutely not. – I think the wine cost
more then the glass. – I’m gonna say 20 pounds.
– Mmm. – Do you think that’s fair? – I think that it’s
probably more then that. – [Jamie] I think that it might be more than that to be honest. – Lets go with 30 pounds
actually, Jamie’s waiting. I’m gonna go with 30. – I think although it’s a blend which is generally cheaper. That is a real high quality one. – We’ve treated you to this gift, at just shy of 35 pounds. – I’m okay with it
– Yeah, I’m okay with it. – [Together] Yeah – Would you prefer that, or would you prefer a 35 pound bottle of whiskey? – That’s a difficult one. Obviously like a bottle of whiskey might be better in the long term. But this is kind of fun.
– I like it. – I like it, like I like
it. It’s a good idea. – I like it, I wonder if I can put it back in the box with the wine. – What are you doing? – So will you be keeping that, or re-gifting it? – I think it would be
irresponsible to gift that. So I’ll have to drink it myself. – That was that most pointless exercise. – I like the novelty of that. Cheers. – It’s been an hour and
I’m opening my lunch. This one might be colder.
I’m gonna bite both of them. This is the one from my new
brown paper bag lunch box. (crunching) – Tell the truth! – I think it’s actually colder. – [Voice Over] It is?
– Mhmm. – It has insulated. – There you go mate, it is insulated. – But the main thing
is, it looks quite good. I think it looks cool. – How much do you think it is? – 11 pounds 99. – 9.99
– I think that’s quite good. It’s a good little present. – Is it a gift or a re-gift? – It’s a gift. – Isn’t it nice, Christmas without Barry. – [Jamie And Ben] It’s
lovely, it’s wonderful. – [Mike] Merry Christmas guys. – [Altogether] Merry Christmas! – Merry Christmas! – Merry Christmas! – Ahh!
– Mmm. – We’ve such good friends. – We have really good
pretending to be friends. – No we’re really good friends. If you liked that and
you want to see our chefs reviewing more stuff, give
the video a like, so we know. – It’s time for dad joke of the week. – Why did the man go to the
beach with some gaucamole? Because he wanted to
take a dip in the sea. – Aren’t we all glad that that happened. Have a wonderful Christmas, we will see you next Sunday on the 30th for, well we’re gonna review all of the gifts we given and we don’t
like anymore so enjoy that. – [Mike] Merry Christmas.
– Merry Christmas. – [Voice Over] As we mentioned, sorted is just run by a group of friends. So if you like what we’re doing, then there are loads of
ways you can support us, and get more involved. – Everything you need
to know is linked below. Thanks and hope to see you in a few days. (shutter sound) (laughing)

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