Chilling Challenge Day 27: Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

Chilling Challenge Day 27: Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

[Mickey’s Boo-to-You Parade music]
♫ ♫ [Mickey’s Boo-to-You Parade music]
♫ A trick or treat! ♫ What’s up everybody?I This is the last day of the Disney parks themed
videos and I’m a little sad to see them go. But there’s probably no better way to bid
this topic adieu than by talking about the most Halloween thing at the Disney parks:
Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. So what is
Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party? Starting sometime in September, the Magic
Kingdom throws this big Halloween themed party every few nights starting at 7 p.m. and going
until midnight, though I’ve heard that you can get into the park as early as 4–not
100% certain about that though. You have to buy a separate ticket to get into
the event, and I would highly recommend buying them as far in advance as possible because
they will only get more expensive. You do not need regular admission into the park to
get into this party, you just need the party ticket. Just like the name implies, this is not your
usual Halloween theme park ordeal, which are usually geared towards
adults who like to be scared. This event is done with children in mind. Taking all of the fun and spooky aspects of
Halloween without making it frightening. There are different locations around the park where
Cast Members are handing out candy to everybody just like regular trick-or-treating. And no, [conspiratorial tone]
there is no age limit on who they will hand out candy to. This party is the only time that teenagers
and adults who do not work at the parks as a face character are allowed to go into the
parks in costume. ♫ Pro Tip! ♫ When picking a costume,
just be mindful of the fact that it’s Florida and it will rain at the drop of a Mickey hat. I’m not kidding it will. And the decorations I talked about last week? They get even more intense for the party. They put up tons of cobwebs and
ominous fog throughout the park, and the Mickey pumpkins start glowing and
they sync up with whatever music is being played, and the Jack-O-Lanterns flicker as well, the castle is beautifully lit. Just the whole atmosphere changes when
the lights go out. It’s difficult to describe, but Disney
definitely captures the atmosphere that you would expect of
a spooky Halloween party. The Haunted Mansion looks especially fantastic,
with dramatic green and purple lighting and fog rolling off of the grounds. Since it’s dark outside, you can actually
see movement inside of the house, especially at the windows and it just
makes it all the more creepy. And then there’s the Cast Members themselves
work at the Haunted Mansion, who don cobwebs and gaunt makeup. There are a lot of fun characters who make appearances
here that don’t usually show up in the parks. Like Jack Skellington and Sally, and the Seven
Dwarfs, and of course other villains like Lotso and the Evil Queen from “Snow White.” Yesterday the Princess posted a vlog about
the Halloween treats to get at the party, which you can see here. The only thing that she didn’t really capture… is this. [Excited but muted enthusiasm]
Aaaaaahhhh– I saw it on the Disney World Twitter and
I was so pumped to get it. And I did not expect it to be this big,
it’s enormous! Like–[thinks for a moment that I can stick
my head inside, but that’s ridiculous] [That’s] not a good way to show how big it is. A good portion of Olaf’s head fits in it. Disney, if you’re watching this video, this
was a fantastic idea. There is of course other cool exclusive merchandise
to get at the party, the basics being a pin, a T-shirt, but this year
they also had a MagicBand. There was also a shirt for the Hocus Pocus
Villain Spelltacular, which you can see the Princess wear in her Fantasmic video. Speaking of the show, this year we had three
main attractions at the party: the Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular, the Happy Hallowishes fireworks show, and the Boo-To-You Halloween Parade. Hallowishes and Boo-To-You are staples of
this event, but the show changes every year. This year, it involves the Sanderson Sisters
from the movie “Hocus Pocus,” who are making a spell to throw the spookiest Halloween party
ever, and several notable Disney villains stop and help them along the way. It was pretty awesome, and I’ve never
seen “Hocus Pocus.” When the Princess and I went at the beginning
of this month, the first time we tried to watch the show there was about 10 minutes
left before it started raining and everybody just bolted. It was kind of impressive actually. There was one final showing right after the parade
that night, so we did get to see it all the way through. We missed most of Hallowishes. I know that the basic premise of Hallowishes
is that all the villains get together and they sing small snippets of their songs. Knowing Disney, I have no doubt that
the fireworks are spectacular. Finally, the Boo-To-You parade. Back when I was 10 years old, my parents took me and
my brother to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. And I remember having a really great time. But what I remember the most about the actual
party is this parade because of how it starts. It’s the Headless Horseman. Like a guy, holding a pumpkin in his hand,
rides a galloping horse from Frontierland to Main Street, and then the parade follows him! It’s freaking epic! And I remember seeing it as a kid and I was
just like, [excited gargling]
WHOA THAT WAS AMAZING. It looks so convincing. It’s so cool looking! [Clears throat to get over my geek out] Okay. Unfortunately, because of the rain, the attractions
were all delayed. Which meant that while we got to stay in the park a little longer,
it meant that some things didn’t happen… [sad pause] Like the Headless Horseman. I completely understand, it was probably too
slippery and too dangerous for him to do his thing but I was a little disappointed. I’m very happy to hear that otherwise, he
is a regular part of the parade. And the parade itself is really cool too. The song is very catchy and fun. [Yes, I’m a weirdo]
[Mickey’s Boo-to-You parade music]
♫ It’s really not so scary. ♫ [ ♫ Operatic harmonizing ♫] ♫ Happy Halloween! ♫ Several rides and areas of the park have their
own sections in the parade, like Pirates of the Caribbean and Frontierland
and even the Main Street Confectionary. The Haunted Mansion outdid themselves though. They have a float for Madame Leota’s tombstone,
and they’ve got the ballroom dancers from the ride, and they’ve got these gravediggers
that dance around with shovels– it sounds really stupid when I say it like that
but it was so cool! [Muffled because geeking out again]
So cool. I’d watch the whole parade again
just for that part! In my opinion, the parade is definitely worth staking out
a spot for to make sure that you get a good view. It happens twice, the first being about an
hour and a half after the party starts and the second one being about half an hour
before the park closes. The second one is generally less crowded because
a lot of families with tired kids have gone home. Just the amount of work that goes into this party, from the decorations,
to the Cast Members handing out candy, to the people in the Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular
who have to do four shows within a span of five hours, to the pyrotechnics, and all the
characters that are out, and the Cast Members who are working
in the Emporium or the other shops or the Quick Service places or the restaurants so that you can get those souvenirs
and your kids can be well fed. So if you like Halloween and you like Disney,
and you don’t like things jumping out to scare you, you’re probably gonna love Mickey’s
Not-So-Scary Halloween party. Do some basic planning before you go. Figure out what rides you really want to go
on, because you don’t want to waste your party time going on rides
that you don’t care about. Figure out what characters you want to meet
and which ones are the most important to you. If you want a good seat for Spelltacular, be willing to carve out at least half an hour to go and find a good spot. And I would recommend eating
before you go into the park. I hope you all enjoyed this video. Like this video if you’ve either been to
any of Disney’s Halloween parties or if you think that you would enjoy it a lot, let me know in the comments
what you love about said parties, and be sure to subscribe to
follow the rest of This Chilling Challenge. I will see you all tomorrow. [Bonus rant] I’m super jealous because Disneyland got
some sort of Dr. Facilier beignet party and I just– why can’t Disney World have
Mickey-shaped beignets? Like, why isn’t–why? WHYYY? [Getting real worked up]
Like just because we’re geographically closer
to New Orleans does not mean that it’s a quick and easy drive! I can’t just go on my lunch break to get
beignets from Cafe Du Monde. And like, [distressed noises] I just– [DISTRESSED]
I want Mickey Mouse shaped beignets! [Crying]
[This is why we can’t have nice things, Disney]

5 thoughts on “Chilling Challenge Day 27: Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

  1. This sounds like fun! How cool that the Headless Horseman starts off the parade! You don't see him alot in the Parks, I think? This is a little off topic, but the Haunted Mansion being all purple and green reminded me off how purple and green seems to be THE evil colors in Disney! Like, when a character is dressed in black and purple or surrounded by green smoke/magic/fire, you know they're up to no good.

  2. I got to go to Disneyland's version of this event a couple of years ago. It was definitely worth the cost of admission! The energy of the place is totally different when EVERYONE is celebrating Halloween, all dressed up and wandering around to get candy from the trick-or-treat stations. Disney character costumes were by far the most popular, but I took it a step further and went as a ride – I made a costume based on the "it's a small world" clock tower!

    As for comparing the two versions, I've never been to Florida's so I can't do a personal side-by-side, but it seems like you guys get the better end of the bargain. We don't get a big Villain show, and your parade definitely tops ours, which is pretty perfunctory and based on kid-friendly characters. The fireworks seem about the same. Of course, you get to have the regular Haunted Mansion for Halloween – we're stuck with Haunted Mansion Holiday, which doesn't really have enough to do with Halloween per se to justify all the snow and wreaths this early in the year. On the other hand, we get some pretty cool character meet-and-greets out of it – they figured out how to do a Jack Skellington costume so the actor can talk!

    Our event is far less likely to get rained out, of course. But the fireworks are quite often winded out – fall is the windy season here in SoCal and it's much too risky to send up fireworks when you don't know where the embers will land!

  3. I've never been able to go to the Halloween party, but it sounds like a lot of fun! The headless horseman would be SUPER FUCKING RAD.

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