Chocolate Yule Log (Buche de Noel) – Food Wishes

Chocolate Yule Log (Buche de Noel) – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishes
comm with chocolate Yule Log that’s right I don’t think I’m going out on a
limb when I say many home cooks would not attempt something like this because
they assume it involves many components lots of steps and super advanced
culinary skills to make well I’m very happy to tell you that only two out of
those three things are true because while this does require a little bit of
time and effort the techniques involved in making this Bush into al are actually
quite simple especially if you have a video that shows you how to do them so
with that let’s go ahead and get started with our filling and by filling I mean
very simple buttercream frosting and for that we’re gonna combine some powdered
sugar with a little bit of butter as well as a touch of cocoa powder which is
high-quality and unsweetened by the way then we’ll also add a pinch of salt as
well as the splash of coffee liqueur and or extract and what we’ll do is take
that over to our mixer and whip it up until it’s very light and fluffy and if
your butter is nice and soft this is gonna happen very quickly and easily but
if it’s still kind of firm and cold like mine it’s not it’s gonna stick in the
middle of the whisk and really do nothing and you’ll have to stop and work
it with your spatula and do that a few times until it starts to soften up which
I won’t make you watch but either way we’re gonna whip that on high speed
until like I said it’s very very light and fluffy and hopefully looks a little
something like this and while we could certainly use this as is I’m gonna go
ahead and transfer this into a bowl and add one more ingredient a nice big spoon
of mascarpone cheese which is a wonderfully rich Italian style of cream
cheese and we’ll go ahead and use our spatula to mix that in and that’s gonna
add a really nice little bit of Tang enos in the background as well as sort
of lighten this up a little and by the way you know your frostings pretty
decadent when you’re lightening it up with mascarpone but anyway we’ll go
ahead and stir that in and then simply set that aside until we need it at which
point we’ll move on to one more thing we need to do ahead of time and that would
be to line a baking sheet with some parchment paper and brush it generously
with melted butter and I didn’t show it but a little tip put a little butter on
the pan before you put the paper down which will sort of hold it in place
while you brush it and then once our pan is press
we can move on to this very simple chocolate sponge cake recipe which we
will start by combining our dry ingredients which includes cocoa powder
some salt and just a little bit of all-purpose flour and what we’ll do is
go ahead and take a whisk and give that a good mix even though technically we
really should sift this okay and the reason is sometimes you get little
clumps or lumps of cocoa that you really want to have broken up before you add it
to the wet stuff and while whisking this together for a minute generally does
break those up I would say sifting does do a better job but either way once
that’s been accomplished we can move on to our wet ingredients which are exactly
five large eggs that are room temperature very important you do not
use cold eggs for this and then to the eggs will add a little touch of sugar
and what we’re gonna do here is whip these on high speed for a few minutes
until they turn very very pale very thick and very fluffy which is why if
possible you really do want to use an electric mixer for this I mean sure you
can do it by hand but it’s gonna take a long time and a lot of effort although
the good news is you’ll probably burn more calories than the average serving
of cake but either way we’re gonna whip those eggs and sugar until they get
really thick and fluffy and look exactly like this all right you see that do not
stop before it looks like this and then what we’ll do at this point is add our
dry ingredients in two additions okay well transfer in about half in this
first addition we’re just going to mix for a few seconds all right not on high
speed I’m one of your lower settings just until it starts to mix in oh and if
you’re gonna forget to put in your vanilla extract this would be the point
you would forget to do that so yes I should added that here and I’ll mention
that in the blog post but anyway as I was saying we’re gonna mix that first
half in for a few seconds and even though it’s not totally mixed in we’re
gonna stop and add the rest and then we’ll start that on low for a few
seconds before turning it up to a higher speed for a few more seconds
at which point we’re gonna stop and it’s still not all mixed in but again that’s
not a problem because we’re gonna finish this by hand okay just pull off that
whisk and give that a few stirs manually and then give it a check and it was
close but I decided to give it a few more stirs and this way we can make sure
we’re incorporating everything around the edges and along the bottom without
knocking out too much of that foaminess which could possibly happen if we mix
this all the way with the machine and then once that set we’ll go ahead and
transfer that I know our baking sheet and we’ll use a spatula to spread that
out as even as we can and please note I’m not going all the way out to the
edges and you can if you want it’s not really a problem but I actually prefer
to leave a little space on either end and while those edges will be a little
thinner once it bakes I think that works out in our favor later on but bottom
line we’ll go ahead and transfer our batter on and spread it out at which
point we have to give this thing the whole tap a tappa because while we do
want all the millions and millions of little bubbles in there we want to knock
out the few hundred big bubbles so we’ll go ahead and bang that on the table a
few times before we transfer it into the center of a 400 degree oven for just
eight to ten minutes or until it looks like what you’re gonna see in a few
seconds and while that’s baking we’re gonna have just enough time to take a
clean kitchen towel and cover it with a nice dusting of powdered sugar
and you don’t have to do the whole thing just an area slightly bigger than a
sheet pan and you’re gonna see why in just a minute and we’ll go ahead and
pull out our cake which after about eight to ten minutes you look like this
and what we’ll want to do is let this cool down for a couple minutes while we
do a few things one would be to go around with a knife making sure it’s not
stuck to the pan and if it is just cut it loose and the other would be to dust
the top of this with a little bit of powdered sugar and what the powdered
sugar is doing on the cake and the towel is preventing this very sticky sponge
from sticking and by the way you can if you want to use cocoa but that’s more
expensive than powdered sugar so I’m going with this and then once that’s AB
we’ll go ahead and give this one last check with a spatula to make sure it’s
not sticking anywhere because the next step is to flop this over onto our towel
which is my preferred method all right some people like to cover with a towel
and then flip it over but as long as you have this lined up and you do it quick
it’s going to be fine and then we’ll remove the pan and carefully peel off
our parchment paper and hopefully none of it sticks even though almost always a
little bit does but that’s fine because you get to
scrape that off with your fingernail and eat it and get a little sneak preview
and then before we roll this up in our towel we want to give it one more
dusting of powdered sugar because I can’t stress enough how much this stuff
loves the stick to anything plastic metal wood even at all so we’ll go ahead
and dust that again and then very carefully very gently roll this up and
because this is such a delicate sponge we don’t want to be pressing down as we
do this okay so use a very light touch and we’ll go ahead and roll that all the
way and then all we’re gonna do is let this cool down rolled up like this for
15 minutes and by doing this the sponge is going to have the memory of this roll
so that when we unroll it and spread our filling on we can roll it back up
without it cracking so this is a very key step and as you can see some of the
sugar actually stuck to the towel but none of the cake did so mission
accomplished and at this point we can go ahead and transfer on our filling and
spread it out evenly and to make that a little easier what we like to do is
dollop our filling here and there so that it’s equally distributed before we
start spreading it around okay versus dumping it all in one spot
and then trying to spread it all out evenly and by the way I thought always
being really judicious with the buttercream here but as it turned out I
put down a lot more than I realized as you’ll see in the final shots which
is great if you’re one of these frosting people but I’m more of a cake guy anyway
the point is you spray down as much as you want
I mean you are after all the me of this edible tree so we will leave this cake
to frosting ratio up to you and then once we have that all spread out we can
go ahead and carefully start to roll this up and the first few inches are the
hardest and if you need to use the towel to kind of help you along go ahead but
once you get it started you should be fine and because our sponge has that
quote unquote memory of being rolled you shouldn’t really have a problem with it
cracking and just like the first time you rolled it don’t press down too hard
okay use a nice light touch and once we’re happy with how that’s rolled and
shaped we’ll go ahead and dust the top a little more sugar because why not and
then once that’s dusted we’ll go ahead and wrap it in plastic
and please accept my apologies for speeding this up which I hate to do but
I didn’t have enough interesting things to say to fill up the time but anyway
we’re gonna go ahead and wrap that in plastic and I’m doing two layers even
though I’m only showing one and once wrapped we’re gonna transfer that into
the fridge for a few hours or until it’s completely chilled before we apply our
bark so we’ll go ahead and pop that in the fridge and while it’s in there I’m
gonna go ahead and make my chocolate ganache which is nothing more than dark
chocolate chips with hot boiling cream poured over it and we’ll let that sit
like that for about a minute before stirring it together
and as usual with chocolate ganache it looks terrible but then you keep
stirring and eventually it looks awesome and as that cools it’s gonna thicken up
as you can see right here with a little bit I had leftover from a different
batch and to me that makes one of the great chocolate frostings of all time
and as you’re about to see makes a very beautiful bark and then assuming our
chocolate Yule Log is completely chilled we’ll go ahead and pull that out and
unwrap it and we’ll cut a little piece off the end officially to kind of clean
it up but unofficially because I wanted to taste it
and it was amazing and by the way I didn’t like what that serrated edge was
doing so I switched to a straight edged knife and what we want to do is make an
angled cut about three inches or so from the end because what’s going to happen
once we transfer the main log to a parchment-lined sheet pan is that we’re
gonna apply a little bit of buttercream to that cut piece and sort of stick or
press that onto the side to make it look like there’s another branch coming off
our log and while this stuff’s optional I think it really does make for a much
more impressive presentation and then once that was said I took the rest of my
leftover ganache and use that to cover with that branch attached and as far as
working with the ganache you can let it get really stiff like this and as long
as it’s still spreadable it’s fine but as you can see as I continue covering
this with the fresh ganache I find this looser running your stuff a
little easier to work with alright as long as it’s not too runny okay we don’t
want this running all over our pan but either way we’re going to go ahead and
apply a nice layer of our ganache over the entire log alright all the way down
to the bottom but of course we will leave the front side uncovered so we can
see our beautiful swirl and people can see that our log is
roughly five to six years old and just by spreading the ganache over like this
you’re gonna get a fairly bark-like appearance but for our final bark
details what we want to do is pop this in the fridge for about fifteen or
twenty minutes until that stuff firms up a little bit and then using the tip of
the knife we can really give this thing the texture of actual bark
okay just drag that tip through all over and since real bark is kind of rough and
irregular there’s really no way to screw this up but personally I think the
rougher and more irregular the better and yes this is exactly as fun as it
looks which is super fun and then once we have those final details done what we
have to do again is chill this thoroughly before serving so we’ll pop
that back into the fridge until we’re ready to serve at which point we’ll
transfer that onto some kind of attractive serving platter or a gorgeous
piece of marble and proceeded to dust the top a little bit of cocoa as well as
a little powdered sugar to make it look even more like an old log that has a
little bit of frost and while your guests will be very very impressive you
server just like this if you wanted to you could also add some gingerbread dirt
as well as some meringue mushrooms which are super easy to make and maybe I’ll
show you how to do those for a final touch maybe we’ll add a few rosemary
sprigs here and there to complete the scene and that’s it our chocolate Yule
Log is done and it totally looks like we knew what we were doing I mean if this
doesn’t impress your friends and family I’m sorry but your friends and family
are too hard to impress but just looking amazing is not enough this also should
taste incredible so I went ahead and cut a slice to try it out and I played that
up next to some meringue mushrooms which are never not adorable and despite it
having a little too much buttercream for my tastes it really was fantastic
alright that almost flourless chocolate sponge is just sweet enough and still
very moist and paired perfectly with that very simple mocha buttercream so
above and beyond is show-stopping appearance I really did enjoy the taste
and texture of this as well oh and I should mention before this gets rolled
up you can actually soak the sponge with a little bit of liquor or a liquor
just like I’m doing here with some Kahlua so if you did want to adult this
up you can brush or drizzle that onto the sponge itself or just add some on
when you slice it and serve it like this so just a little bonus tip for how to
help achieve those rosy santa-claus like cheeks but anyway I’ll finish the rest
of this slice off later right now I have to take a little mushroom break make
that a mushrooms break but anyway that’s it my method for making the classic
holiday bush to do well like I said in the intro not really that hard to make
although it does take a fair amount of time and effort but when you’re done it
looks like it takes a lot of time and effort which really is the point of a
special holiday dessert so I really do hope you give this a try soon head over
to food wishes comm for all the ingredient amounts of more info as usual
and as always enjoy you

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