Christmas Box Featuring Birds of a Feather Stamp Set

Christmas Box Featuring Birds of a Feather Stamp Set

I announced chick candy 36 over on my
website today so don’t forget to leave a comment to enter to win today is Monday
August 12 thank you guys for joining me we are gonna make oh look we’re using
birds of a feather so I know you guys don’t have the holiday catalog yet if
you’re a customer demonstrators you have it customers you do not but it will be
in the holiday catalog that goes live on September 4th so we are using this
little image here this was my week one of the twelve weeks of Halloween today
and we are going to remake this box using this stamp set along with this
designer series paper so but we’re not going to add the handle so I’m going to
show you an easier way to make it and not that II D adding the handles made it
difficult but it certainly made it a little bit more challenging for some and
it’s not as quick to make it with the handle so I’m gonna make a easier
version but I think it’s just as cute I think you’re gonna love it especially if
you love this stamp set okay so the measurements actually stayed the same
this is pool-party cardstock that measures what does it measure six by
eleven and a half and I said this on my video earlier today
don’t confuse eleven and a half with eleven I’m more than one occasion when
I’ve gone to make this box or bag or whatever it is I’ve started out with
eleven because you know I tend to use eight and a half by eleven more than
twelve by twelve so you do have to start out with twelve by twelve and I think no
it’s not textured it’s time for me to order more twelve by twelve cardstock so
I normally just order the assorted packs yeah because I know we don’t have them
in individual colors anymore but just get the assorted pack like this is in
the subtle spec okay so we’re using cherry cobbler that’s just a scrap of
like three by four and then the designer series paper we
have two pieces that measure three and three quarters by three and a half and
this is called the let it snow paper this is in that pack of paper that goes
with the Snowman so three and three quarters by three and a half and then
two pieces that measure three and a half by one and a quarter and I have two
pieces of white I think I only need one wait well it’s just scraps for our
stamping so we’ll go ahead and do that now we’ll go ahead and stamp our image
we’ll see if we need both both both of them or not okay I’m gonna move that
stamp set out of my way so that I don’t okay I lost my words if anybody catches
that uh-oh grrrrrr okay good thing this thing is
two-sided so cute it makes me so happy okay so we’ll let that dry and then
we’ll take our cherry cobbler ink pad and stamp the greeting I had to re-ink
my cherry cobbler today so it’s okay that should dry fine we’re using pool party light and pool party dark and
we’re using dark pumpkin pie and dark cherry cobbler we’re gonna start with
the light poop no the dark pool party I’m just gonna I always say this is my
quick and dirty version of coloring it’s actually my normal version of coloring
though I’m not in a hurry tonight though I was looking for questions I just want
to make sure that I don’t ignore the questions okay that looks good now we’ll
take the light dark pumpkin pie goodness gracious let’s keep saying the wrong
thing I have been working though since 6:00 this morning so okay now I’m going
to color this one really slow because I don’t want to mess up this hat we’re
going to be using the puff paint tonight I’m so excited to show that to you I was
playing with it earlier because we have the new glitter but I don’t really like
using glitter on videos because I can’t it makes me cough the glitter makes me
cough so what did I come up with I’m going to use the puff paint we’re gonna
dry it with the heat tool and then we’re going to add a little bling or glitter
with the wink of Stella instead of using the new glitter okay so we’re done with
him right now so we’re gonna get the Big Shot out let me show you the pieces
so we’re gonna cut look how cute so we’re going to cut him out with that and
then we’re going to cut a cherry cobbler piece out and then we’re going to use
the stitch nested dies to cut out the greeting okay so I must slide these over okay so now let’s get all of our pieces
in here and then we can let me put these back in my pack pocket so I don’t lose
them now we’re going to get the simply scored scoring tool okay a half an inch four and a half six and ten and then
three quarters and four and a half okay so I’m just folding on the score lines yes this is a Christmas project so for
those of you that are just arriving I am remaking the bag I shared today on
my website the 12 weeks of Halloween week number one we are making the same
thing – the handles as a Christmas project okay because I know well I know
I have a lot of people that are loved Halloween and I have a lot of people
that hate Halloween or dislike it okay so I’m going to remove this section
right here and then this section here plus it’s a great way for me to show the
versatility of the projects just by changing the stamps the paper and the
ink you know so this is box template number seven and you’re going to see it
Halloween and Christmas okay now we’re gonna take
well let me angle angle cut these just a tad okay now I’m going to take my
tearing tape and here’s what’s crazy is I’m I’m gonna stop for just a second and
do the puff paint so that I can allow it to dry so I’m just going to go ahead and
remove the backing okay now we’re going to set this aside for just as that cuz
we want to go back to our image and we want to take the puff paint and I’m
going to just say a little prayer that I don’t mess up because I did earlier you
have to be careful about how much you squeeze out of this thing it does have a
nice small tip but if you squeeze too hard then a big old blob comes out so
see what I mean be careful less is more and it’s kind of
invisible you know it’s kind of hard to see so if you have over 50 eyes like me
oh it’s like you you need a magnifier not really because I’m gonna show you a
tip in just a minute once I get this on here is that good coverage I could get a
little bit more right here what’s this called
snowfall accents puff paint I love it okay now I’m gonna take the heat tool
and make it poufy hopefully this won’t make my video go blurry I think that’s good
yep okay now we’re gonna set this aside and
let it dry because we still have a couple more things we’re going to do
okay now we go back to assembling our box so the seam of this box is here that
makes this the front of the bottom the front bottom of my box so that’s where
I’m going to place my adhesive okay fold that down fold that down
fold that over now this up here remember this is where that kind of covered up
where we put the handle this time I’m just gonna fold those in you could make
this box you could use a half an inch shorter but I kind of like that finished
edge of folding it down so I’m gonna do the same thing I did on the other one
but you don’t have to if you don’t want to so I’m going to start with the side
and I’m just going to add some liquid glue and I use this on on my video for
the project I shared earlier today and I did it on my sample for this box too so
the liquid glue does hold it very nicely okay so there’s that this is the front
so we’re going to add our designer series paper now so here’s my pieces
here and let’s see this is going to go this way so I decided to add the paper
vertically is that right yeah vertical sometimes it’s hard to decide
which which direction to go I think I’m going vertically because the ribbon that
we’re using is diagonals retro there we go and now the back can you apply color to the puff paint
that’s a great idea Viki I’ll have to try that I haven’t yet
because today’s the first time I’ve used it so yeah that’s a really good idea I
bet you can yeah in fact if you remind me at the tail LAN we can try it I just
know I may forget so remind me okay last one okay I was trying to tell which which
one’s the back I can’t really say oh okay this is the front okay
now we’re gonna add the bird to this circle so why did I put my liquid glue
up don’t know just like that so cute right okay and then let’s see I can’t
remember nope I just use liquid glue to attach it now let’s see I got these what are they
called they are star designer star designer
elements they’re on one of the pages of the Christmas one of the Christmas
sweets oh I think I put this on here crooked
well it’ll be okay and that cute and then this one’s gonna
get added Wow somebody’s got a motorcycle out there with a dimensional now we’re gonna take the whoops I’m
supposed to shake it so the wink of Stella we’re just going to brush on some
glitter now we’re not done because I feel like it’s super cute but since we
didn’t do the handle I feel like it’s missing something up here at the top so
what I’m gonna do is take a sponge we’ll pretend that’s a big ol cookie right mmm
and I cook you would be good right about now
and I’m gonna take this beautiful ribbon so this is why I chose these colors is
because of this beautiful ribbon this is called cherry cobbler diagonal striped
ribbon it’s beautiful and it’s soft and it ties fabulous bows so we’ll pretend
this is a cookie or a candy bar or whatever y’all give I always use food
items I think it’s because all of those years that I was the teacher
appreciation chairperson and we made cookies for every single teacher that my
kids had both in elementary and middle school one time fluffy jumped on top of
the kitchen table and scarfed 60 dozen cookies she didn’t eat all 60 dozen but
60 dozen got ruined poof that was a terrible thing for a couple reasons okay
so this is going to go in here just like that look how stinkin cute isn’t it I love it
okay so let’s compare it to the one I made earlier let’s see if I messed up no
I did it they’re the same I just you can tell I needed to reinker my cherry
cobbler inkpad earlier and I did okay you guys have a great night thank you

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  1. So I'm being honest…I am boycotting CHRISTMAS STUFF videos! (for now!) But I think this is so adorable! And I really enjoy your videos.

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