Christmas Day! | Mr. Bean Official

Christmas Day! | Mr. Bean Official

[Musique] [Rire] Regarde aujourd’hui [Rire] Chaussettes de noel [Rire] [Rire] [Rire aux ailes de dinde agitant une aile] [Rire] [Rire] [Rire] [Rire] J’écrirai dedans Bien, merci [Rire] Tasse de thé Obtenu la dinde AHHHHH!!!! Oh regarde alors c’est la dureté du numéro de banque tout [Rire] Joyeux Noël Mr. bean

100 thoughts on “Christmas Day! | Mr. Bean Official

  1. Стефане защо не пиши защото той хвана шоуто бебе се напика от страх простак нещастник

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  3. Oh my god . I love Mr Bean so much . Laughing. My name is Chicken .. l come from Viêt nam . The chicken is me .

  4. Please don't add laughing sounds in this! It would have been a thousand times better without it! Everybody who think so, like this for the sake of a change!

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