Christmas Facts *Spoiler Alert* — Thought Glass #9

Christmas Facts *Spoiler Alert* — Thought Glass #9

Vsauce! Kevin here. Christmas: Rioting, getting drunk and demanding
food from rich people. The Twelfth Night of Christmas in Tudor-era
England reversed class roles, with peasants being served by nobles – a tradition stemming
from the ancient Roman festival of Saturnalia. Even through the early 1800s, Christmas Day
in New York City saw the poor getting drunk and rioting against the elite – extorting
food and drink and vandalizing their homes. The Santa Claus we know today was developed
in part to make the focus of the holiday giving gifts to children, which kept the lower class
home with their families – and not out knocking down doors for figgy pudding. The model for
Santa was Saint Nicholas – a 4th century Christian saint famous for secret gift-giving – like
putting coins in the shoes left out for him. And the name Santa Claus is a phonetic alteration
of the German Sankt Niklaus. After the Protestant Reformation, veneration
of saints fell out of favor throughout much of Europe, so secret gift-giving and behavior-monitoring
fell upon folklore companions of Saint Nicholas like Belsnickel – a ragged-looking man clad
in fur who threatened naughty kids with a stick. An 1821 poem — the first contemporary
description of Santa Claus — reveals that he left a birch rod in children’s stockings
so parents could discipline them. That poem was called “The Children’s Friend.”
And suddenly coal sounds pretty good. Hanging stockings at Christmas evolved from
the practice of leaving carrots in boots near the chimney to feed the Norse mythological
god Odin’s flying horse. Odin came down the chimney or fire hole and, in exchange
for the horse food, left candy. Mistletoe has been revered for millennia because
it stays a vibrant green through the winter. It also grows on oak trees, which were sacred
to Ancient Druids – with the likely derivation of the word Druid being “One with knowledge
of the Oak”. Druids thought of kissing under mistletoe as a love charm that promoted fertility
because mistletoe contained the soul of the beloved oak tree… and also that it was the
oak tree’s genitals. And as always – thanks for watching!

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  1. Your in a room with Kevin, Michael and Jake of Vsauce. You can only ask one of them one question, what would you ask them?

    don't you think it's at the end of December because that's when people have the most money ( at the end of the year) so businesses can profit more. It's all about money sadly 🙁

  3. Is Christmas REALLY about the birth of Jesus anymore? Is it REALLY a religious holiday, or is it just about getting free stuff, 'cause to me, it's about getting free stuff, also giving free stuff, as long as people aren't dicks ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  4. Pretty cool video! Its interesting how Santa was originally a figure of keeping within the tradition of giving gifts to children on Christmas. Now if only the atheists and religious people would shut up and get along during the holidays…

  5. 300 year was no Santa but after that the story come out and it was used to entertain children and now it's used only advertising …….grow up

  6. then why is Santa Claus called "بابا نويل" (pope noel) in arabic who is he and what is his relation to this whole thing?

  7. lol im dutch and we dont believe in santaclaus but in who we call in dutch sinterklaas the literal translation of santaclaus who we in the Netherlands call the chrismas man XD and we dont got the sint with xmas but with sinterklaas on 5 and 6 Dec and santa ofcourse just on xmas like you

  8. I think he forgot to mention christmas was created as a day to worship the sun god and is not a celebration of jesus' birthday. Pagan holiday! Ftl

  9. That's funny. Modern rich people try to drive home the family family family BS while they are out whoring gambling drinking and robbing the poor blind. Still used as a method to control the masses and keep them from realizing just how hard they're being fucked.

  10. In Romania we have Santa Claus and Saint Nicolaus Either xD
    It's like before Christmas and we get candys in boots xD

  11. So totally off subject but the add showed a movie that looked cool but it nevEr even showed the name of the movie name😐

  12. I've been something of a Vsauce elitist. I didn't need to sully myself with the "lower" forms of Vsauce, so I'd only watch Michael's vids.

    I'm starting to change my mind though. These Thought Glass vids are a big part of that change.

    So, in short … Onya Kevin!

  13. @Vsauce2 did you really just include Wales in your black photo of England at the start? I'm from Wales and Wales and England are two seperate countries

  14. You should have mentioned the theory that Santa derives from a Shamanic tradition where Amanita Muscaria were the gifts. (hence the flying reindeer!)
    There are so many coincidences with this version that makes it more credible than the official one.

  15. what about the ancient Nordic mushroom shaman and the reindeer? the deer would eat these mushrooms and start jumping around, so the shaman would harvest these mushrooms, and carry them back to the village in a large sack over their back. mind you these shaman had long white beards, wore the long hats and a sash around they waist. they would then proceed to hand out these mushrooms and well, have a nice tripp. there is much more detail than this, just look it up. amanita muscaria :3

  16. Nope santa is from the dutch sinterklaas how lets his pieten bring gifts in the shoes of children and they get in your house through the chimney…. So yeah you kinda stole are idea america!!

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