Christmas Gift Shopping Spree for Ziya! | Vlogmas Ep. 6

– [Raven] Oh look at the car! – [Raven’s Mom] Shh, Shh! (funky joyful music) – Hey guys, what’s up, it’s Raven. I’m actually doing a vlogception today. I’m filming two vlogs, two different themes, so you guys- (car alarm) (laughs) We just pulled up to Walmart, you guys already saw me in the- in this outfit for the- I don’t know which one I posted first, but I’m filming holiday baking
cupcakes with Ziya today. But, we’re also going
Christmas shopping today, so, I’m with my mom and we
just pulled up to Walmart. Somebody’s car alarm is
going off in the parking lot. We also have a couple
of these blessing bags that we made in the previous video. If you haven’t seen that
video you can check it out, it’s basically just like,
food and and supplies to hand out to the homeless or anybody that you see on the streets during this holiday season. We have a couple left over so we’re gonna hand out
the rest of these today as well as going Christmas shopping, Mostly for Ziya, right? – Mhm – Ziya is the main person, she’s the main kid who’s really gonna get all the toys and fun stuff, so, she is taking a nap at my mom’s house, with papa bear and so while she’s taking a nap we are sneaking away to go
and get her Christmas gifts. I have a few things in mind
that I think I wanna get for her and my mom’s gonna get some stuff for her, so, we’ve pulled up to Walmart, we’re gonna go here first and then we’re also gonna
go to Target, of course. (trolley sounds) – I don’t think we’ve been to this Walmart since they burnt down. – [Raven] (laughs) What?? Oh, yeah, this Walmart did
burn down at one point. – The one thing I want to look for- Maya says she wants a giant monkey. – [Raven] Giant monkey, here it is. – I asked her- I saw lots of like- Oh man! Lot’s of giant monkeys. – [Raven] Oh God. That’s only thirty dollars? – Yeah. – [Raven] Wow! Doesn’t she already have one of these or? Where’s she gonna put this? – Oh my god. Oh that’s a bear. They- (mumbles) They have billions of monkeys I wish they had one that was multicolored – [Raven] That’s a sloth They got a bear down
there, that’s kinda creepy. A rainbow sloth and this is the monkey.
– [Raven’s Mom] Yeah. – [Raven] I’m surprised
that this is thirty dollars. I thought that it was going to be like, a hundred dollars for this. – [Raven’s Mom] Yeah. Well, I dunno. I dunno if I’m gonna get it for her. (Raven laughs) ‘Cause she’s probably gonna see
this video before Christmas. – [Raven] Ziya said that
she wants a baby doll, but she already has like, five baby dolls. But she specifically said
she wants a new baby doll and she liked those Our
Generation things at Target. She said- I have it on camera she said she wanted a Barbie camper – [Raven’s Mom] What? – And I don’t even know
where she heard that or got that from. – [Raven’s Mom] No way. – She said I want a Barbie camper and a
Barbie doll to go with it. – [Raven’s Mom] Oh my Gosh. – So I don’t know who told her about that. – [Raven’s Mom] What’s that noise? – I don’t know, I’ve never
been to this Walmart. What are all these alarms going off? – [Shopper] People stealing. (Raven laughs) – [Raven] People stealing? We always do a family matching
pajama set for Christmas. Every year, new set. – [Raven’s Mom] Here’s what I’m thinking. – I told her that we
should be classy this year and just everybody gets their own robe. – Yeah, but-
– Like a soft robe. – What if we just color co-ordinate, like, not everybody matching, but, like, if I went with
a pink and gray theme? – What about Daddy and PJ? – Gray!
– Oh. – But here’s some gray penguin pajamas and, like, we could just get different mix and match bottoms and tops. – [Raven] Or We could
all do velvet, be like- – [Raven’s Mom] Co-ordinated. – [Raven] Do they do men’s velvet? See, with the robes, everybody
can get their own robe in a different holiday
color; green, red, gray. (Raven laughs) Purple. – Ew. Who want’s a green
robe? Or a purple robe? – [Raven] Daddy? He can’t see the color, he’s color blind. Or we could just do a tacky theme where everyone has a different set, but it just is all like super
wild and tacky like this. But this ugly like- oh! – [Raven’s Mom] What’s that? – [Raven] Happy Holla Days! Don’t tell me the store
is burning down again! You done? You don’t
wanna be in here anymore? – [Raven’s Mom] I can’t find the toys. – [Raven] The toys, I
think, are in the back. In this back corner over here
where the alarm is coming from I don’t know what’s going on. Well this was a fail. Okay, so we just came to
this specific location, that I normally always see- I mean, assume she’s homeless ’cause I always see her
with all her stuff piled up in this one place every time
I come to this one store. She’s not- oh, no, that’s not her. She’s not here right now,
it’s really kinda cold, so, she might of went inside somewhere, but I see her stuff, so I think I’m just gonna go leave one of the blessing bags over by her stuff so she’ll come back and find it later. (car engine) Mission accomplished. (door closes) My mom just went to go
hand another one out. I don’t wanna record the people. (plastic bag rustling) – [Man] Thank you. – [Raven’s Mom] You’re welcome. – Just picked up Maya from work. She’s a working woman, not just for me, but, she has a real job too. So, we just picked her up ’cause she got off work while we were already out and we just pulled up to Target. We didn’t get anything at
Walmart, that was an epic fail. So, I’m pretty sure we’re going to get everything in here at Target. I’m gonna try to give you all a better look at this Target location, how nice it is in here. ‘Cause I just don’t understand
why I love the atmosphere. Look at this. Look, it has a beer cave, a
separate room for the beer. Look at this, look at this architecture. Cute little decorations. So clean, and fresh and inviting. Oh it’s a two basket trip. Yeah, actually. – [Maya] This is better. (they laugh) – [Raven] (mumbles) she has
no idea what’s going on. Look at this, look at this makeup section. See how nice it is in here, you guys? This is why I love Target. It’s just a nice vibe, you know? – I like these ones, they’re cute. – [Raven] Ooh! They’re kinda cute. Those are cute. They’re too small. – [Raven’s Mom] Do you
want them in size eight? – [Raven] Um..
– [Raven’s Mom] Or seven? – [Raven] She is currently
wearing size seven. Eight’s gonna be a little big on her, but, she’s really gonna
need an eight, I guess. So hard to buy clothing
for a growing toddler. ‘Cause she only wear the
stuff for like three seconds. Target always has cute kids stuff. These are cute too. Ziya would like this but
I try not to be too flashy with the stuff that I get for her. All the toys! – Oh my god. – [Raven] What? (Maya giggles) – [Raven] What? It’s soft but- – Feels like a marshmallow – [Raven] Mommy says that
you asked for a Giant monkey stuffed animal for Christmas. That’s all you asked for? – And a fan. – [Raven] A fan? – Yes, for my room, a ceiling fan. – [Raven] A ceiling fan? This is the stuff that
Ziya was asking for, Our Generation dolls. They got all the different types of dolls, and then they got all the
different play sets and cars, and horses, and outfits, and
food trucks that go with it so, I guess me and my Mom
need to decide which ones. – [Raven’s Mom] I guess
they’re supposed to be- they’re twins! Oh, they’re twins, but one has light hair. – [Raven] One of them’s a
little more light skinnedy – [Raven’s Mom] Oh no, I think
her hair is just lighter. – [Raven] I mean, usually when I like- – [Raven’s Mom] It doesn’t matter – [Raven] Get dolls for Ziya I try to get one that looks like her. So, I feel like the dark
hair looks more like her. – [Raven’s Mom] The twin
doesn’t have to be exact. Lots of people get dolls that are just- you know, all kinds of different dolls, some that look like them and some don’t. – [Raven] But for her first starter point, starter doll, for this Our Generation saga that I know is about to be
a whole thing I’m going for- Oh look at the car! – [Raven’s Mom] Shh, shh! – [Raven] Oh! Wow! Now I want this for myself. Somebody bought the Jeep, ’cause I didn’t see the car before. I was gonna get the Jeep
but that car is prettier. So you’re getting her the doll? – [Raven’s Mom] I’m gonna
get her the doll and an accessory. – [Raven] Okay I’ll get
the car, it has a real FM- FM radio. How much is this? Seventy dollars. You’re gonna buy her a whole beach set? A doll, a car and one of
the house type things. – (mumbles) like a school,
but not not to school. I guess this is it. – [Raven] Yeah. – We should buy this. Cecee needs another outfit
besides just her poodle skirt. Why’d they give her a neon purse? (Raven laughs) – [Maya] It’s trendy. – Oh my god! – [Maya] Oh this is like an explorer one, it’s like crocodile dundee. They all have- they’re all like jobs. Little snow boots. Summer time scooter! Cute to scoot. – [Raven] Yeah, I gotta get these ’cause these shoes are so cute. – I like the beach house best. I looked at the food truck
and the ice cream truck or something. There’s-
– The horse stable. – The stable, no. I like this ’cause I think she’d like the kitchen and the food. – This stuff is actually pretty- like its realer than like Barbie stuff. (they chat) – Oh, they’ve got an April Rose Barbie. (they laugh) It’s not really Amber Rose
but it looks like her. I feel like Barbie has lost it’s touch. I feel like there used
to be so many different- – [Maya] Children don’t like
to play with toys anymore. – I think there was
just so many play sets, like all the different
careers, and different pets and different members of the family, and really they haven’t
got that much stuff. Bathtub barbie. That kinda looks like
Ziya with her puff ball. – [Raven’s Mom] They have like
a limited Barbie selection don’t you think? – That’s what I just said, like, Barbie doesn’t seem
like she’s hanging out- – [Maya] All toys are dying out, that’s why Toys-R-Us got canceled. – I was just gonna say we
could have gone Toys-R-Us but- – There is no Toys-R-Us. – Princess curee. – [Raven’s Mom] Aww that’s cute. – For her kitchen, aww
you can use the curee, it has a little cup, put sugar in. They have real Hatchimals? – [Raven’s Mom] Yeah,
I thought about that. She was talking so much
about the Hatchimals. The Hatchimals. – [Raven] It’s a talking- Sixty Dollars! – [Maya] Huh.. it’s a robot. – [Raven’s Mom] Oh no. – [Raven] It’s like a Furby, I think. (they talk over one another) (children shout loudly) – [Maya] The dentist one,
isn’t that the funnest? I’ve always wanted that. – [Raven] Why is that the funnest one? – [Maya] ‘Cause you can like, do stuff. – This is fun, the hair dryer one? – [Maya] I guess. – [Raven’s Mom] I like
the good one, of course. – The toaster? – [Maya] Because I feel like after you- – It’s just a toaster. – [Maya] After you cut out all
the food it’s like, now what? But if you have like a haircut thing- – [Raven’s Mom] Back in my day we had to roll our own food out. (they laugh) – [Maya] What? – [Raven’s Mom] We had to
make a wiener for ourselves. – [Maya] (laughing) what? – From the Playdoh, we
can have it in bowls. – [Raven] I’m sure you
had plastic Playdoh molds, if ya’ll had Playdoh
– No, no. – [Raven] Ya’ll had the little- this, this is not that hard to make. Pretty sure you had these in the 1940s. – I used to make toast,
a fried egg, bacon. Free hand. – [Raven] Oh wow! – [Raven’s Mom] We didn’t have it. – [Raven] Well, I think she’ll
like the hair cut anyway ‘Cause it’s like- I feel like she’ll really
put the thing on there and push it down or whatever
you have to do, cut it off. The food one is gon- it’s just a toaster, you
just, it just makes bread. I feel like she’ll do this one. Does it come with Playdoh? It comes with- Yeah. A couple colors of Playdoh. Three pounds of slime. Don’t you dare. Guava Juice has his own toy thing? I guess that’s not surprising and this is also another YouTuber. The basket’s getting pretty full. (alarms go off) [Raven’s Mom] More alarms! (they laugh) – [Raven] What? What did you do? – I just pressed the button that said press for lights and sound. – [Raven] Oh that’s the school fire alarm. – That’s a bad sound. – What? – [Raven] For the school. – The school’s fire alarm? – [Raven] Yeah. – That is for a fire alarm sound. – [Raven] I mean, that’s
a sound that schools make. Teaches kids about fire safety. Oh they got a Christmas
set for the Our Generation. Yeah by the time she gets it, it’s not gonna be Christmas anymore. Well, mission accomplished, I still got a basket full of stuff and I’m probably still gonna like, order some stuff online as well. Okay, you guys, I am home from a long day of Christmas things. Today, like I said, we made the Christmas cupcakes with Ziya and we went Christmas shopping. But I’m splitting it
into two vlogs, I think at this point you will have already seen the Christmas cupcake vlog. I’m so tired and I just
wanted to come on here and admit to you guys that Vlogmas- Vlogmas is kicking my butt. This is my first time
ever attempting Vlogmas and I’m not even doing it right. I’m not even doing every single day like you’re really supposed to do. I’m only doing it every other day. It is kicking my butt. I mean, I didn’t think it
was going to be that hard because at one point I was
normally posting on my channel like almost every other day like three or four times a week, but, I think it’s also because like, I’m trying to remain active
in these vlogs and like, bring in some Christmas
cheer in every vlog and try to think of like
different activities and like, actual stuff to do, just so it’s not like super boring with me just like, I don’t know, sitting in the house. But at the same time I do like the whole you know, vloging thing. I like planning, you know, extra stuff to- I dunno, it’s just
sometimes it’s fun to vlog because, of course, you
don’t want your vlogs to be boring so you try to think
of extra stuff to do, so it like, kinda adds a little- adds a little extra spice to your life because, like, when normally, if I wasn’t vlogging,
maybe I wouldn’t have just wanted to randomly
make cupcakes with Ziya but it was actually a
really nice little activity to do with her and I’ve been wanting to do more things like that with her, just to spend more quality time together and just have fun together, teach her new things and stuff like that. And sometimes you just get so wrapped up into your normal routine and you just get so busy with other things that you don’t think
to like, stop and just do random fun stuff like that. So, vlogging helps me remember to do that. So, it has it’s pros and cons, but, I’ve definitely
been really exhausted, really warn out, like,
every hour of the day, it has to be utilized; I.e I have to be filming,
I have to be editing, I have to be doing other
stuff behind the scenes, I have to be obviously just being a mom and handling business and
going to doctors appointments and it’s just like- a lot. (she laughs) So I just hope you guys
are enjoying Vlogmas and I hope that I can
continue to finish out strong this month, I want to really try to finish Vlogmas without
skipping any videos. But yeah, I’m glad I got
some good Christmas shopping done today and a lot of good
toys, actually, for Ziya. Like I said, I’m probably
gonna get a couple more things, like just ordering it online, and then, of course I’m gonna have to get the rest of the presents for the rest of my family. But, I do a lot of my
Christmas shopping online, it just makes it so much easier. But yeah, let me know what
you guys think down below. But, also, like I said, get
ready for upcoming Vlogness things that I have planned. I plan on continuing out strong
for the rest of the month. Give this video a thumbs
up if you enjoyed it. Subscribe if you haven’t done already. And, I’ll see you guys in my next one. I am about to knock
out, ‘Cause I am tired.

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