Christmas In America And In United Kingdom Is Very Different

Christmas In America And In United Kingdom Is Very Different

Christmas in USA & UK Is Different Even The
Lights & Tree It’s that time of the year again. It’s getting colder outside, the christmas
lights are going up, the nights are getting longer, and children are eagerly writing their
wish lists for Santa Claus. You are starting to hear christmas songs on
the radio, and that only means one thing: The holidays are here! Those living in America might think that Christmas
is the same all over the world, however, there are some pretty big discrepancies between
the ways some countries celebrate it. This video will go over the differences between
a merry Christmas in America and a merry christmas in England. We compare everything from Father Christmas
to Santa Claus, Crimbo to Christmas, and other holiday traditions that are slightly different
depending on which side of the Atlantic you call home. Before we begin this video, make sure you
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our channel so that they can join in on the fun! Now, keep watching for some hilarious differences
between Christmas in America and Christmas in England! 12. Father Christmas or Santa Claus: During the
holidays, young children in England refer to Santa Claus as Father Christmas. While Father Christmas and Santa Claus weren’t
always synonymous during the last century, they have essentially become the same thing. Before Victorian times, Father Christmas was
more concerned with adult feasting and merry-making and had nothing to do with children or giving
gifts and Christmas presents. He also wore a green suit, not a red one. 11. Letters for Santa: During the holidays in
England, instead of sending your wish lists to Santa via the mail service, you instead
place your wish list of christmas presents you want for christmas in the fireplace and
set it on fire. How does Santa Claus see their wish lists
if it’s nothing but ash? Magic. What do you think of these differences between
the holidays in America and England so far? And are you curious about other strange Christmas
traditions from other countries all over the world? Well, if you want to learn more about weird
Christmas traditions, make sure you stick around till the end! 10. Crimbo: When someone wishes you a Happy Crimbo
they aren’t having a stroke, they are probably just English. Chrimbo is an English slang word for Christmas. According to the Oxford English Dictionary,
it is used when speaking in regards to the holiday’s more secular and commercial elements. 9. Boxing Day: The day after Christmas in England
is a holiday called Boxing Day. The day after Christmas in America (although
they do celebrate Boxing day in Canada) is called December 26th. There is no agreed upon theory as to where
Boxing Day gets its name, although the Oxford English Dictionary does give this definition:
“the first week-day after Christmas-day, observed as a holiday on which post-men, errand-boys,
and servants of various kinds expect to receive a Christmas-box.” Keep watching as we continue to count down
the top differences between Christmas in America and Christmas in England! And make sure you stick around til the very
end to learn about some strange Christmas traditions from other countries in the world! 8. Christmas Dinner: Like in America, Christmas
Dinner on christmas day in England is a big occasion, although there are a few subtle
differences. For example, roasted Turkey is a must for
Christmas dinner in England, while some American households might opt for ham or goose. Other slight differences that are reserved
only for Christmas in England include bread sauce, which isn’t a sauce for bread, but
a sauce thickened with bread, and bacon wrapped sausages. Yum. 7. White Christmas: While it is possible to have
a white Christmas in England, more often than not, it will probably end up being a green,
rainy Christmas day instead. While it doesn’t snow everywhere in America,
if you are in one of the Northern States or in Canada, you can pretty much guarantee you
will be getting a White Christmas. If you live in a warmer climate and have never
experienced a white Christmas, well, you have no idea what you’re missing out on! It ain’t a true Christmas day if there’s
no snow! 6: Home Decor: This isn’t to say that they
don’t put up Christmas decor in England, but when you compare the Christmas decor Americans
put up to the English, there isn’t really much competition. Like everything else, Americans do things
BIG – from christmas presents to Christmas decor, they do it all. 5: Christmas desserts: While Americans may
satisfy their post-dinner sweet tooth with a piece of pumpkin or pecan pie, residents
of England will quench their sugary urges with a helping of Christmas pudding or mince
pie. Christmas pudding is composed of dried fruits
held together with egg and suet and flavored with a variety of spices. 4. Christmas crackers and paper hats: It’s
customary in England to open your Christmas crackers and don your paper hat before you
eat dinner. What is a Christmas cracker exactly? Well, it isn’t the kind you eat with cheese. It is a small christmas present that opens
by pulling on its two sides. When you pull on the two sides, it explodes. Nothing helps you get into the holiday spirit
like a literal explosion before dinner. 3. Christmas Lights: If there is one tradition
that Americans would surely miss in England, it would be the lack of decorative christmas
lights. Some people in America really go all out when
decorating their homes during the holidays, and it really is a sight to see. It’s a little different in England, though. This is not to say that there are no Christmas
lights in England, they’re just not to the same extent as in America.Go big or go home,
right? 2. Treats for Santa: Kids in America often leave
some cookies and milk for Santa Claus, maybe even some carrots for the reindeer. Kids in England, however, treat Father Christmas
like the adult he is and leave him some brandy, cookies, and mince pie. Mmmm brandy. 1: Gifts under the christmas tree: There is
nothing that gives me that Christmas-time feeling like placing gifts under the Christmas
tree and opening them on christmas day. In England, however, gifts and christmas presents
are not placed under the christmas tree, they are placed at the foot of your bed in a big
stocking. Now that you know the major differences between
Christmas in America and England, here are some other strange Christmas traditions from
all over the world that may leave you scratching your head! Pickle Ornament. This one is pretty funny. German families have an interesting tradition
which involves decorating their Christmas tree with a Christmas pickle. The Christmas pickle is the last ornament
to be hung on the christmas tree, and is usually made of glass. According to Mental Floss, it is usually placed
in a hidden spot in the christmas tree, and the first child who finds the pickle on Christmas
day has good luck for the upcoming year. They also receive a special gift. Krampus: During the month of December in Austria,
people don the mask of a ghoulish, evil creature called Krampus, committing pranks and scaring
children. Krampus is considered the evil accomplice
of St Nicholas. According to Wikipedia, Krampus is a horned,
“half goat, half demon” who haunts and punishes children during the Christmas season. Creepy! Roller skates: On Christmas Day in Caracas,
Venezuela, hundreds of people can be see on the street roller skating to mass. According to, some children even
tie ropes to their toes that are long enough to dangle out of their window. Roller skaters tug from ropes they see hanging
from windows in the morning to wake up any children who want to watch the event. Shoe tossing: Every Christmas Eve in the Czech
Republic, single women stand outside of their front doors and throw a shoe over their shoulder. If the shoe lands with the shoes pointing
towards the door, it means that the woman will be married within one year. Single ladies, get your shoes ready! So there you have it! Some strange and funny differences between
a merry Christmas in America and and a merry Christmas in England, as well as some other
strange traditions from other countries around the world. So whether it be leaving treats for Santa
Claus or tossing your shoe over your shoulder to find out if you’ll get married within
a year, there are all sorts of crazy, fun, and strange Christmas traditions from places
all over the world. If you’re a fan of all things Christmas,
why not try some of the traditions in this video that you don’t usually do during the
holidays? So whether you like watching Christmas movies
all day and night during the holidays, singing Christmas songs at the top of your lungs,
going all out in your Christmas tree or Christmas decor or just like to keep it low key, you’re
probably familiar with at least some of the Christmas traditions in this video. Sometimes it can be a little strange to see
how other countries and cultures celebrate Christmas, but it’s also very interesting. The more you know, right? Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good
night! What are some Christmas traditions and Christmas
songs you hold close to your heart? Do you follow any traditions which may be
considered strange? Let us know in the comments section below! Enjoyed this video? Hit the like button and share with your friends! Also, subscribe to our channel for more videos
like this! Thanks for watching!

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  1. What are some Christmas traditions and Christmas songs you hold close to your heart? Do you follow any traditions which may be considered strange? Let us know in the comments section below! If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! 😊

  2. annoying prolonging and postulating unnecessary bullshit video with minimal content stretched thin without any further point

  3. I hate it when people think that anything that's not American is weird, unusual, strange or odd. No wonder people in other countries think Americans are self-centered and rude. I'm an American and honestly there are times I'm embarrassed to admit it. sigh

  4. 2.25 in. What do I think.? Crap. I live in the Uk (but with Canadian roots) . I’m in my 50s and never heard of burning a Santa letter. And yes he’s called Santa as often as father Christmas . Sorry can’t be bothered to watch any more

  5. I’m part American and part Scandinavian and I know more about the UK and it’s Christmas traditions than the ignorant loser who created this video. I also take offense to his disparaging comments about Christmas traditions in other countries.

  6. Number nine false information. we people in England have boxing Day from the Victorians. boxing Day come from the Victorians opening there gifts on the day after Christmas day (boxing day)

  7. This has to be the most inaccurate video I’ve ever seen explaining the differences between a British and American Christmas:

    1: Most brits say Santa or Santa Clause only some say Father Christmas
    2: Have you not seen all the Christmas lights and decorations in England at Christmas time
    3: There’s a difference between the UK and England
    4: Kids leave Santa milk and cookies and carrots and mince pies and sometimes Whiskey or Brandy stop trying to make us brits seem like the bad people
    5: What do you think happens to all the big presents a kid gets on Christmas Day? Do you think parents try there best to cram in all those huge presents into a few stockings? No they don’t because we put our presents under the tree just like Americans.
    If you’re going to do a video about this at least research things and know they’re 100% right. Us Brits know a lot more about how we spend Christmas more than Americans know about how we spend it thank you very much.



  9. And we have HAM AND TURKEY for our dinner.
    Lights inside and out, in fact every room in my house is decorated for Christmas.
    What a JOKE you are, trying to earn a living off of B******T.

  10. @Bestie where did you research this utter garbage from?
    You could do a better research job within China and their Great Firewall! (GFW)
    I couldn't even finish this video.

  11. Actually you're wrong on many of these points regarding Christmas in England. A lot of households put up lights inside and out of the house, have large trees and put gifts under the tree, I've never hung a stocking. We refer to father Christmas as both father Christmas and Santa. We leave milk, cookies and carrots out. You're a little misinformed on quite a few of your points.

  12. The short answer is your full of shit just talk to a British person to find out the real facts or is it just another American thinking that the Americans are better than the whole world

  13. Someone needs to do better research before making videos. So many of these are untrue or outdated at best. There is more to the UK than England, for starters. Kids do mail their letters to Santa, people do put decorations and lights up, some even go overboard and Crimbo is not a common term. Most of everything else you said was incorrect too.

  14. In England he's just Santa and we don't burn the letters. Most of us haven't heard of crimbo and we decorate so much and there is no lack of lights! We have plenty. And family&friend presents are usually placed under the tree.

  15. I'm Venezuelan and YOU ARE WROOOOONG!! Up till the 90's yes, there was a tradition of going roller skating around Christmas day but NOT to church, just around in parks. And there is NOTHING related to strings hanging from childrens windows or whatever you explained there. Unfortunately and because of the terrible crisis Venezuela has been in since the 90's, streets are very unsafe and nowadays no one skates or leaves home to be hanging around in the streets. Sad 🙁

  16. This is one of the most inaccurate videos I have ever watched! Most of the facts about Christmas in the United Kingdom are either not true or are older traditions which most people don't follow. Also England is not a synonym for the UK as England is only one part of the United Kingdom.

  17. This is quite offensive to us British. First it's the UK not just England. England is part of the UK as is Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. We do do Christmas lights and stuff. You should see some streets known as Christmas streets which people take the time to visit. We get gifts both under the tree and only one in a stocking. Most houses decorations are covered, everywhere is decorated. Your facts are complete lies. By calling fake traditions weird is highly offensive and I think you should do more research before posting stuff about other countries. I have noticed this in many of your videos

  18. Omg what an ignorant video. Inaccurate and laughable in its small mindedness! Something is done different in another country, it must be “strange” or “hilarious”

    We have a ham and a goose every Christmas, I never use the word “Chrimbo” because I’m not a chav, our house and the neighbours homes are all draped in lights! Gifts are under the tree when the children get up on Christmas morning, delivered by Father Christmas during that night.

    Wildly inaccurate in almost all its content, this video is embarrassing.

  19. You used the word “discrepancies” as a synonym for “differences”. I came to the comments to see who else picked up on this and found a bunch of people complaining about you getting your facts wrong. My God, you really need to put some effort into you videos"

  20. I live in Uk and i dont put my letter in the fire i give it to my mum and she said she will send it also we give santa milk and my presents are plased under the christmas tree i dont mean this in a nasty way i am just telling you that not all people in the uk do all these stuf oh yea and there are loads of christmas decorations where i live so ya you need to see christmas in the uk before you make this video also I call santa santa so see christmas in the uk before making this and i bet you were waching a movie about the old days in the uk so you think that it hasnt changed in 100 years bye

  21. You got the origin of Boxing Day wrong. It developed from the old Feudal system when the aristocracy would box up the remains of the previous days feast and give the boxes to the poor. Many other assumptions you made about how the British do Christmas were woefully inaccurate too.

  22. I read a lot of British mags and it's rare to read Father Christmas in print rather than Santa, although reader used it recently. Most might have phased it out around the time we did in Australia

  23. Ignorant on all counts, as per usual. You are talking about the differences between America and the UK….which is not just England. The UK is made up of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. It's easy to understand so why don't you get it?

  24. I know it sounds CRAZY but we, Americans, are really not so egotistical and moronic to believe that Christmas is celebrated the exact same way in every country and house on earth.

  25. British kids do send letters to father Christmas. The post office gets unindated with them. I've never heard of burning letters and I've celebrated 55 British Christmases sorry that's BS

  26. As an American living in England, you really get this wrong. That is why other cultures get upset with us. We are say things that we don't know what we are talking about 😏

  27. What a load of rubbish pretty much everything this man says is total twaddle. In England we don't do Christmas decorations,what? I have 4 Christmas trees in my house, hall and mantlepiece garlands all full of static warm white lights ! Turkey is the only option on the table? Actually goose is most traditional and actually I haven't had Turkey for 20years +, instead we have duck . Bread sauce? What. White Christmas, well we haven't had lots in recent years but I've seen a fair few,but then as this moron seems to think everyone lives in London, which I don't he hasn't got a clue. I could go on but I think it makes the point!

  28. For a more in-depth look at what life is like in England, please see historian Dick Van Dyke's cultural essay 'Mary Poppins'.

  29. You realize that some of us are ethnic Brits, right? Our holidays are more similar to theirs than anything you're calling "American". I'm also an ethnic German and I do, indeed, have a glass pickle ornament. I think my family might be a little weird, though. No presents are allowed under the tree or visible in any way until the 25th. It's a long standing tradition in our family.

  30. Next do a video on the differences between Thanksgiving on Earth and Thanksgiving on Mars. Maybe you'll get at least one of those right.

  31. ok point one we do not burn our letters to santa – our kids post them to north pole, we DO place our presents under the tree, kids put up stockings for santa which parents fill with small gifts so our kids in UK get twice the presents …. we do go over board with lights and decorations … my house looks like santa's grotto !!! …. and Father Christmas only got the red suit when Coca Cola gave it to him … i was born in UK and lived here my whole life … please get facts rights before making a video like this … thank you 🙂

  32. If your gonna make a video will you please actually do your research. So many mistakes. I'm British and have no idea what your on about for some of these things. Also England is just a part of United Kingdom.

  33. I like (not) the way he tries to make it sound like the US is bigger and better at Xmas. My favourite Christmases were spend in the UK.

  34. I’m a Brit and African American and I live in England and I have never heard of putting your letter in the fire and some brits May have different dinners it’s not always turkey and I have seen extreme lights when it was last Christmas but I’m not saying your wrong ,I have so many reasons to say your wrong if it it’s just England and not about Europe your wrong,hope u learned a little more about it thanks

  35. I come from England and I do not put a big stocking onto my bed and fill it with presents and I have trifle there are cakes Christmas cake mince pie and coconut cakes for the desert as my whole family comes round and the presents don't go under the tree until the morning we wake up

  36. I live in Ireland 🇮🇪 aka England some people have there Presents at the bottom of there bed but we have ours under our Christmas tree but Santa 🎅 puts ours on our sofas but some under the tree but the ones we get for each other goes under the Christmas tree 🎄

  37. We in the UK still call him Santa.
    And we don’t burn or wish lists.
    We don’t say Crimbo.
    And have you seen English streets during December? They’re full of lights.
    We give Santa cookies, carrots and milk.
    And our Christmas gifts are put under the tree.

    This list couldn’t be more wrong….

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