CHRISTMAS LIGHTS in Austin, Texas – Vlogmas 1 🎄

CHRISTMAS LIGHTS in Austin, Texas – Vlogmas 1 🎄

Hello from Austin, Texas! I’m going to show you guys how the city gets ready for Christmas Austin is the capital of Texas and one of the main tourist attractions here is exactly the Texas State Capitol, which contains the offices and the chambers of the Texas Legislature and also the Office of the Governor Here they also have the most traditional Christmas tree in town Today it will be lit First, the Christmas songs set the mood Now it’s time! 3, 2, 1,… Right after the ceremony there’s a Christmas Stroll in the main avenue downtown I’d love to try something here, but I’ll actually go eat at another place that is so beloved here in Austin, especially during Christmas time This coffee shop here is one of my favorites because of its location During the day you have an amazing view to Lake Austin But at this time of the year they offer a great Christmas Lights show every hour Very cute! They open and close with some symbols of Austin, like the Capitol and the bats Austin also has one of the main events of Texas The “Trail of Lights” But it’s not on yet So in the next few days I’ll go to some different parts of the metropolitan area to keep showing you guys the Christmas spirit And then I come back downtown for the grand finale Did you like this first video in the series? Then give me a like and subscribe to my channel Come experience Texas with me!

8 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS LIGHTS in Austin, Texas – Vlogmas 1 🎄

  1. if you think Christmas is amazing in Texas make some plans to come out to Provo Utah we put on a really good Christmas and New Year's Eve show it is one of the best around if you do decide to come I'll be more than happy to show you around

  2. I bet your glad your not coming back to Canada for Christmas! It's -21 today and it's only going to get colder the rest of the week!

    If you get the itch your more than welcome to spend the holidays with us!

    boas festas

  3. مساء العطور و نسيم الزهور و اريج ريحان البستان من و الي القلب شكرا

  4. We were just in Austin this summer and got to see the bats. I would love to see it at Christmas though. That coffee shop is amazing!

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