Christmas lights in London Oxford Street Switched On

Christmas lights in London Oxford Street Switched On

Hi guys welcome back to London tonight I have
an announcement to make now I know what you are thinking when YouTubers make announcements
it is normally one of two types a big announcement or an exciting announcement big announcements
mean we have got some new T-Shirts or some other tat to sell you exciting announcements
mean we have done a brand deal and everyone is excited to earn a big pile of cash but
this is neither so lets call it a phenomenal announcement so I thought I would start tonight
at one of London’s most famous landmarks instantly recognisable the London eye it has no relevance
to what we are doing it just looks cool so what is my phenomenal announcement Christmas
is coming it is coming to London it is coming to this channel and it is coming tonight tonight
London’s Oxford Street will be switching on this years Christmas lights so I thought we
would go and check out this years Christmas decorations and lights and along the way it
is pretty cold tonight in London I’am quite hungry so I thought we could stop off briefly
and get something to eat and something warm to drink now with this being one of the first
major festive events in town the Christmas markets that will eventually line the South
bank and other parts of town haven’t yet finished construction yet they will in the next few
days certainly in the next few weeks there are ice rinks already under construction Christmas
markets the shops are pretty full of stuff already but yeah we are going to have to improvise
on festive food and drink so one of the key food groups that will be available at the
Christmas markets are German Bratwurst sausages and I know somewhere where we can get them
all year round Herman Ze German so I’am going to quickly stop off at Herman Ze German and
get something to eat and then now if you’ve watched a few of my other vlogs you’ll know
I normally go for coffee we will go to a they serve coffee but we will get some hot chocolate
that is if they have some left it is quite late on a Sunday evening if they don’t have
any hot chocolate left we will get a coffee but yeah some of the best possibly the best
hot chocolate in this part of town now tonight it is November the sixth so from here on in
it is pretty much plain sailing all the way to Christmas if you are watching this outside
the UK on November the fifth here we have Guy Fawkes night AKA bonfire night AKA fireworks
night in sixteen hundred and five a chap called Guy Fawkes and his gang plotted to blow up
the Houses of Parliament and kill the then king assassinate the king with gun powder
the plot was foiled Guy Fawkes was found in the cellar of the House of Lords guarding
the gun powder and ever since foiling the plot have been celebrated rather ironically
by setting fire to things and blowing stuff up we generally have a big bonfire put an
effigy of Guy Fawkes on top and set fire to it and then have a big bonfire it kind of
overshadows it overshadows Halloween a little bit here that is why Halloween has probably
never become quite as big as it is in the States but yeah after well that was yesterday
fireworks night Guy Fawkes night bonfire night today is the six of November so after today
really the only other event is armistice day which is the eleventh day eleventh hour of
the eleventh day of the eleventh month and there will be a two minutes silence remembering
well traditionally remembering the war dead from the first world war but today it remembers
the dead from all conflict and followed by remembrance Sunday however other than that
plain sailing to Christmas it is actually if you are in this part of town at that on
the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month you can hear I wouldn’t say
you can hear a pin drop but you can hear Big Ben for a long way a lot of people stop exactly
stop whatever it is they are doing a lot of businesses will observe the two minute silence
so right I’am going to head to Herman Ze German which is just here then we will go and get
a hot chocolate in Soho and then the final destination is Christmas I’am starting to
get the snivels already it is freezing out tonight it has been raining a little bit as
well so hopefully it will stay dry just long enough to check out the lights being switched
on I think this year they are being switched on by the legend Craig David now many of you
are probably thinking who and I wouldn’t blame you for that he famously met a girl on Monday
took her for drink on Tuesday they were making love on Wednesday again on Thursday Friday
and Saturday and then they chilled on Sunday if it is still not ringing any bells he was
a pop star he shot to fame in the late ninety’s early 2000’s snivels and it turns out he didn’t
just disappear to wherever washed up pop stars disappear he carried on grafting and launched
his six album this year and it shot to number one and now he is turning on Christmas lights
as opposed to many of the washed up pop stars from his generation that will be entertaining
kids in panto this Christmas in town right Herman Ze German it looks like a joke but
beyond they obviously have a sense of humour beyond that they do actually take what they
do very seriously they import some of the best ingredients and yeah they are pretty
good OK standard Bratwurst from Herman Ze German how festive it smells like reindeer
tastes like Christmas I definitely recommend a trip there right now lets I’am going to
eat this walk up to Soho get some hot chocolate from one of the best places in town and then
Christmas lights so lets go as I was saying I’am going to have to improve a little bit
with festive food and drink tonight but if you can see that behind me that is Leicester
Square gardens and under construction is one of London’s Christmas markets so in a matter
of days that will be complete the hording will come down and it will be open for business
as a Christmas market right heading on to Soho OK this is Said I’am guessing it is pronounced
Said it is the oldest chocolate factory in Rome founded in nineteen twenty three the
Italian’s probably pronounce that word with a lot more passion and flair than us Brits
but yeah in English that word is pronounced Said a queue out the door right now hopefully
I can get a hot Chocolate to go if not coffee but yeah definitely the reason there is a
queue out the door best hot chocolate in town OK hot chocolate to go I got hazelnut the
queue has got even longer since I’ave been in there it is so cold out the camera is getting
so cold it is just misting over inside the chocolate shop lets give this a go but yeah
I think the queue speaks volumes for how good their hot chocolate is that is good shall
I tell you what it kind of tastes like chocolate sponge pudding that is delicious right yeah
whenever you are in town I mean that is open all year long but yeah obviously hot chocolate
is kind of festive and super popular especially especially with Italians can’t blame them
that is delicious right lets head over to Oxford Street the event starts about six fifteen
I’am not going to be able to share to much of the pop stars dancing and miming on stage
for copyright reasons but hopefully we can check out the moment the lights go live and
check out this years Christmas decorations I definitely recommend Said chocolate though
they have got a lot of fierce competition when it comes to chocolates in town but they
haven’t got any when it comes to making you a hot chocolate right Oxford Street first
Christmas trees I’ve seen this season first of many outside Liberty they haven’t got there
Christmas windows in yet but they’ve got Christmas trees oh they have they have got some what
looks like their Christmas windows in that side already I’ll check those out another
day Christmas windows is a whole another video right Oxford Street OK welcome to Oxford Street
obviously we haven’t missed the switch on because the lights are there but they are
not on yet I don’t know what the plan is I’am not sure where the stage is with the button
but there are screens everywhere so lets try and find something interesting to watch until
the lights go on I would guess and this is just a guess the main event bit will be up
by Selfridges it is the better end of the street whether we can make it up there or
not though is a different story I bet I cannot get anywhere near the stage that is for sure
just solid people I’am not even going to attempt that lets go the other way successfully made
it to the other side of that huge crowd knowing the back streets comes in handy but heading
towards the end where you can pop out was pretty thick with people definitely even when
this isn’t going on it is one of the busiest shopping streets in London a favourite with
tourists and for those two reasons loathed by Londoners because it is full of tourists
and one of the busiest streets in London people get run over all day everyday by bus’s and
taxis they are planning to pedestrianise it by 2020 I think but anyway that is another
story I want to head to Selfridges see if Selfridges have their Christmas lights in
and hopefully we can watch the lights go on from up there nice Aston Martin there yeah
it is an Aston Martin if you could like and subscribe I kind of like the idea of a super
car not that you can go very far here in town that is where I’am headed see Selfridges all
lit up lets go OK like I thought it is a lot calmer this end than the crazy Oxford circus
bit I thought the stage would be here but I’am guessing it is actually at Oxford Circus
and a mob of fans for the bands that are on stage so yeah it is pretty cool down here
I can watch it on it on the big screen here and then whenever they go live Selfridges
looks cool though but that is another video Selfridges Christmas windows that is Marks
and Spencer’s Oxford Street it looks like a normal building right now when they switch
the lights on it will be a whole different building I’am the Mayor of the greatest city
in the world and Christmas doesn’t really begin until the Oxford Street lights are on
are you ready for the lights to go on I’ve got three jobs to do before the lights go
on firstly to ask you to show your appreciation to Louisa Johnson and what about the bands
the second task I’ve got to do is to ask you this year we are trying to raise money for
the NSPCC OK they do an amazing job for children across London and around so please donate
towards a star dedicate a name towards a star and give money to the NSPCC now the third
thing I have to do is to ask you to show your love for the person who is going to be on
shortly to turn on the switch now are you ready for him now this guy is a singer a song
writer and record producer a rapper and he here to show the world that London is open
so I’am going to ask you if you can just with your noise turn the lights on are you ready
for Craig David what do you reckon we look they will be on shortly there was not a lot
of noise for Craig David it kind of went silent all the kids here to watch the bands were
probably thinking who it is easy to make light of Craig David especially for people like
myself who remember him from the first time around however it is impossible to dismiss
him on the grounds of hard work and tenacity so congratulations to Craig David for topping
the charts once again OK Craig David is on stage lets go and get a better longer view
of the street I can see Craig David on stage is great but I’am here to see the lights so
we should get a better view of the lights from further back perfect I can see Craig
David I can’t here him but he is not singing he is just chatting OK they are all back on
stage they are about to commence the countdown to this years Christmas lights being switched
on are you ready pretty cool huh now I told you that building would look completely different
once the lights went on it might not look like that many people turned out where I was
standing it was pretty relaxed but I don’t know if you can make out that sea of people
leaving from around the stage area that must have been somewhere just near Oxford Circus
I would imagine tens of thousands of people where in there I’am glad I was up there OK
back at Oxford Circus roughly where I began as you can see here the decorations are these
little stars at either end they are the gold and silver round orbs now a lot of you have
been asking me if I will be creating Christmas videos this year and some of you are so keen
you were even asking me before summer had ended so I guess this is your answer yes I
will and this will be the first of many I don’t know if you could see in this video
but all the streets off Oxford Street are still yet to switch on their lights New Bond
Street Regent Street there is markets under construction Ice rinks it is such a big celebration
in town it would be impossible to avoid in fact it is such a big celebration there is
so much going on it might be impossible to capture it all so yes there is going to be
plenty more Christmas videos from now on so I hope you enjoyed this trip to check out
the Oxford Street Christmas lights this year I’am sure it won’t be the last time they will
feature in a video so until next time Toodles!and I guess let me be the first to wish you a
merry Christmas Toodles! OK I need some new festive channel art the Rolex agent here on
could be perfect smile I should be able to get a still from that thank you Rolex

55 thoughts on “Christmas lights in London Oxford Street Switched On

  1. Another great video Robert. TY from Your friend in SoCal USA. London looks absolutely beautiful with all the lights. Yay! I'm excited to see more lights.

  2. Sooooo magical! We were in London last year for Christmas. But it's an Aussie one for us this year. So, I'll be looking forward to watching all your London lights videos! πŸ™‚

  3. How exciting! I started watching you last December, as I sprained my ankle and had to stay in bed. Fond memories. Would you say that Hyde Park is the largest Christmas rink in your opinion? I'm a pro skater, and need a large ice surface. Great to see you looking extremely dapper, and can't wait for the next video! xx

  4. Brilliant breakdown of Craig David's career timeline! (As well as excellent music & video of the area & its Christmas prep!)

  5. Robert,Thanks again for doing another London Christmas blog. I know it will be great again and thank you for doing this and listening to your subscribers!

  6. Love your Christmas videos! Loved them last year can't wait to see more this year, great outfit on today's video! 😊

  7. Will you please go back to that market when it's up and running. I really love your hat it makes you look so English. And I love that about you. It really makes me want to go to England even more so now that Trump is my new president. Cheers mate! Stay warm!

  8. Very good indeed – How do you keep the camera so focused on your face – whats the trick – is someone else filming or is it attached to you -which I think it is -but how ????

  9. Hello from Aus great news for the christmas season vlogs and looking forward to shareing your cheers t&e great loved the lights

  10. Rob, i love you videos, enjoyed so much see it.. for my, london is the best city in the all world. i was stay in london the last year. and i loved you city…. i can't wait back to london again. i hope return very soon. thanks for remember me the places i meet you in my trip to england. am fernando from mexico……

  11. Thank you so much Robert for these videos.I just discovered them recently… I am so glad people like me who haven't been to London can see( maybe even feel) the magic of Christmas there:)))I genuinly enjoy watching them.

  12. So nice ! I miss London I miss Oxford street I miss the kind British people I miss everything there and I wish to come back soon and thanks I really enjoyed the trip with you πŸ™‚

  13. Three days to go …. i will be in london … enjoying your videos …. you seems like an excellent tour guide ….

  14. This would have been a fantastic video of different parts of London had you not fast forwarded most of the city local city scene shots.

  15. Bakery products in England, as in Europe in general are pure heaven!
    The bread is to die for.
    It's gotta be the wheat.

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